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Shield Defense is a game inspired by Wonder Woman, that you can be played in DC Super Hero Girls. Playing earns you shields to use elsewhere in the app.

Official description[]

A good shield is her best defense! Use Wonder Womans shield to defend an onslaught of hazardous projectiles!


The player starts with three lives and must rotate Wonder Woman to defend her from incoming projectiles. Blocking them earns the player points, and completing missions gives them shields. If hit by a projectile, the player loses a life. Deflecting projectiles fills a meter, that when full, allows the player to press a button in the lower-right corner that causes an explosion that destroys all projectiles on the screen. The shield upgrades upon leveling up by completing missions. Level 2 grants the player an extra life.


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Shield Level Shield Name Description Reward
1 Basic Shield Score 100 points 5 Shields
Score 500 points
Stop 25 lasers
Stop 50 lasers
2 Novice Shield Use blast 5 times
Block 1 of all laser types
Earn 10 close calls
Block 25 slow lasers
3 Intermediate Shield Block 25 fast lasers
Stop 100 lasers
Earn a super rare critical hit
Earn 2000 points without using