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Shiera Sanders is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls.


Shiera is a very supportive and social character. She's come along to have a very friendly attitude when she talks with people. She can be feisty when provoked.

Physical Appearance[]

Shiera is a beautiful, tan-skinned teenager with a slender-yet-athletic, hourglass figure, followed by sage-green eyes and wavy, arm-length berry-red hair with a single lighter-colored streak on her bangs. She also wore makeup which consists of pink blush and berry-red lipstick. Her eyebrows are colored in a dark maroon, and her eyelashes resemble that of an ancient Egyptian, as a nod to one of her past lives.

For clothing and apparel, Shiera wears a set of large golden ankh-shaped earrings, and a thick, black choker around her neck. She wears a cropped yellow sport tank top, three golden bracelets on both her wrists, a viva-magenta sweatshirt tied around her waist, deep-green leggings and yellow high-top sneakers with white shoelaces and soles.



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