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Showdown is the fifth LEGO DC Super Hero Girls short that was released on April 12th, 2017.


On the Super Hero High campus, Wonder Woman fights three of the Female Furies - Artemiz, Lashina and Mad Harriet, sharing snarky comments and confusing jokes. After Mad Harriet lifts Wonder Woman and throws her into the school wall, and the Furies make an escape on their tank. Wonder Woman uses her invisible motorbike to chase them through the streets of Metropolis. Lashina uses her electric whips to cause a nearby water tower to collapse, causing Wonder Woman to abandon the chase and save the civilians. She later catches up with Furies though, relentlessly battling them until they have her trapped. As Artemiz is about to deliver an arrow through WW, Katana arrives in the nick of time, figuring WW "could use a slice of help". By working together, they are able to defeat the Female Furies one by one, retrieving the envelope they stole from Principal Waller's safe. Katana is eager to open the letter, but they eventually decide to give it back to Waller without any look at what's inside. As the two leave the office, with Wonder Woman thanking Katana for her help, Waller opens the envelope to reveal what's inside - a ticket to an Opposite Direction concert.






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