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This article is about Silver Banshee (G2). For the generation one version, see Silver Banshee (G1).

Siobhan McDougal (also known as Silver Banshee) is a minor character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series, with her only major role to date being in the episode "School Ghoul".


Siobhan was the firstborn of the McDougal clan in the past. When her father died, she became the leader of the clan, but her cruel younger brother Bevin did not want his sister to give him orders and one night, he took Siobhan to the clan tower and he killed her by throwing her from the tower into the sea.

Siobhan, unable to rest in peace, returned from her death as a ghost and wandered the world until she found the remains of her home in Metropolis.

During the events of "School Ghoul," Katana unsuccessfully tried to hunt down Silver Banshee, which has been terrorizing all the students of the school she is in. In the end, she had to call Diana but she was not there, so Barbara and Kara had to go help her. Kara, being the skeptic that she is, spent her time making fun of the two for believing in ghosts until she met the Silver Banshee in the kitchen and she began to attack them. Katana managed to capture her and she took the opportunity to possess her through her sword and tell her her tragic story.

Katana and the girls take Siobhan to the director, who is the descendant of her brother Bevin, who has the relic that belongs to Siobhan. She chases him to the bell tower where she died. Full of hate, it seems that she is going to kill him just as Bevin killed her, but instead possesses him and show him everything that really happened. The repentant director returns the relic to Siobhan and full of satisfaction, left for the other world.


  • Sonic Scream:The power that most stands out in Silver Banshee is her chilling and loud scream capable of destroying walls and crystals.
  • Possession :Siobhan can possess people
  • Flight: As a ghost Siobhan can fly
  • Intangibility: Siobhan can walk through walls and people.
  • Pyrokinesis: Siobhan can control fire to a certain extent since whenever she gets angry or attacks she is always engulfed in blue fire.
  • Telekinesis: Siobhan can levitate things with her mind.


In life, Siobhan was a tall, slim young woman with pale skin, cerulean eyes, freckles, and fiery red hair, wearing the ancient garments of the Scottish era, that is, a dress with jewels.

As a ghost she had the same clothes but torn and white hair loose and white and everything except her eyes were ghostly white.

In cursed ghost form, her body is extremely thin skeletal, her hair flutters in the air, her eyes are electric blue, and her face looks like a skull.


She is shown to be scary, although she is simply trying to take back what is hers, as she's trying to take back her family heirloom that was stolen by her brother.


  • She attends McDougal Academy.
  • In her G1 version, she is a human and has legs. Technically, in this version, she doesn't have legs ever since she became a ghost.


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