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This article is about Sinestro (G1). For the generation two version, see Sinestro (G2).

Sinestro is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the headmaster of Korugar Academy and a Yellow Lantern.

Depiction in the series

Season three

In Intergalactic Games, Sinestro arrives on Super Hero High School on a spaceship with his students from Korugar Academy holding a torch, using it to light the cauldron and proudly boasts how he has coached Korugar to victory in the past eight Intergalactic Games. He attends the banquet, sitting with the Ambassador and the other administrators of the competing schools, which turns into a food fight, with whom he also spectates the Games' events. During the team bot battle event, he reminds his student Blackfire where Korugar's seating section is when she chats with her sister Starfire and tells her that she is more powerful at Korugar than her Starfire as she fancies herself a superhero, which he finds abhorrent. At the final and determining heroball event, he and his students leave when the event is disrupted by Lena Luthor and her Kryptomite army, finding that Super Hero High could not secure itself long enough for the Games, and refuses to have his students help battle Lena. Blackfire disobeys his orders in spite of his threats of consequences and helps the Super Hero High Students battle Lena. He the flies off. As Korugar Academy ran away before the last competition, they are declared to have forfeited, and Super Hero High is declared the winners of the Games.

Season four

In Ring Me Maybe Part 1, after Hal Jordan leaves Earth with Supergirl to complete his training on Oa, Sinestro's spaceship turns from invisible to visible, and flies to Earth. Inside, he remarks that finally, Earth no longer has a Green Lantern. In Ring Me Maybe Part 2, he arrives on Earth to kidnap Super Hero High students, hoping to create a dream team to bring to Korugar Academy. He uses ring constructs to capture Starfire, the Flash, and Wonder Woman and taking them aboard his ship before brushing away Batgirl when she tries to confront him as she does not have superpowers, and waits to capture Supergirl. In Ring Me Maybe Part 3, Batgirl and Jessica Cruz use Jessica's camera footage to find the passcode for his ship; he appears in footage from the camera. When Supergirl returns from escorting Hal to Oa, she gets captured by Sinestro, who intends to make her his dream team's captain. In Ring Me Maybe Part 4, Jessica Cruz, now the new Green Lantern of Earth confronts him as he is about to leave. He offers to help her learn to use her ring if he comes with him to Korugar. She refuses, and they battle. He quickly gains the upper hand, using a bear construct, and later a dragon construct to defeat her lion construct. Jessica defeats his construct with her own constructs of Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, her personal heroes. She then slams him into the roof his ship is paked on and takes away his power ring, leaving him in his underwear, while Batgirl infiltrates his ship and frees her classmates. Defeated, Sinestro runs back into his ship and flies away.


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