#SofaSoGood is the forty-third short of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts that was released online.


Batgirl and Bumblebee run into one problem after another while trying to carry a discarded sofa across town and into the hideout.


As Barbara is walking down the street looking at her phone, she notices a sofa couch on the street. She sends a picture of it to Karen and asked if it's good enough for the hideout, to which Karen replies "YES!"

Later, the two carry the couch to Sweet Justice, only to have a hole torn into it by newspaper boxes, followed by a pizza delivery boy bumping into it, causing his pizzas to hit the couch. The couch then gets soaked with water by a passing car, soaked by a woman's latte that she complained wasn't the one she ordered, covered in dust, and defaced with graffiti when Babs decides to take a shortcut.

They eventually reach Sweet Justice, where Barry distracts the customers by announcing that he has created a new dessert, allowing Babs and Karen to use the secret entrance to the hideout. (but not before giving Barry a Tip)

As they place the couch in the middle of the room, they turn on the TV, only to be greeted by a news report revealing that the couch wasn't actually being thrown away but moved and the original owner blamed the movers for her couch's disappearance. Realizing that they did something wrong, Babs and Karen now realize they need to return the couch, only to figure out how to get it out from the hideout since the only entrance is the slide.



  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "Candy Crushed" on its original release date.
  • The title of this short is a pun on the phrase, "so far, so good."
  • PAC PIZZA is possibly a parody/spoof of Pac-Man.


  • When mama hit the hat in victim, that inaudible hit can't be heard.


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