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Solomon Grundy is a villain in the DC Super Hero Girls web series.


Solomon Grundy is a large, grey skinned zombie man with white, untidy hair and grey eyes. He wears a dirty, ragged black suit that is unbuttoned, with a white shirt and torn black pants and he also has large feet with black toenails.


  • Zombie Physiology
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Supernatural Stamina
  • Supernatural Regeneration
  • Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Invulnerability
  • Immortality

Depiction in the web series

Season two

In License to Fly, Batgirl attempts to capture a cut-out of Grundy on Super Hero High School premises as part of the “Save the Day” requirement for her flyer's license test. She fails and the net from her jet instead captures the Lady Justice statue and knocks it over.[1] In Hero of the Month: Frost, Grundy appears fighting Frost at a construction site, throwing an I-beam which destroys her ice platform and sends her falling. He is defeated when she throws ice at him as she falls, freezing him to a wall.[2] In The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, Solomon Grundy shows up at a senior center and scares the residents away. The Cheetah arrives and defeats him by tying him up with knitting yarn, but releases him when he admits to only intending to recite a poem for Senior Center Open Mic Night.

Season three

In Stealth 101 Part 1, when Batgirl and Poison Ivy test out stealth gear, they encounter Grundy in a nighttime alley and end up fighting him.

Season four

In Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Solomon Grundy appears fighting Hal Jordan on a nighttime rooftop in a video being played at Hal's going-away party. Grundy manages to knock Hal off the roof, but is defeated when Hal saves himself and subdues him using giant hand constructs. He later appears crashing the party at Capes & Cowls seeking revenge on Green Lantern, only to be defeated by Hal's schoolmates attending the party. In Ring Me Maybe Part 2, he makes a cameo appearance under arrest and being escorted by Batgirl into her truck to be sent to prison. In Ha-Ha Horticulture, Grundy appears jumping onto Harley Quinn's ATV when she travels with Poison Ivy through a swamp to collect flowers to undo the effects of Ivy's sleeping poppy experiment. Intending to eat them, Harley knocks him off with a spring-loaded boxing glove in her ATV. Poison Ivy then defeats him by restraining him with vines.

Depiction in comics

Finals Crisis

In Finals Crisis, Commissioner Gordon receives a phone call that Solomon Grundy has appeared downtown Metropolis while grading papers in the faculty lounge at night and leaves to go there. Earlier that day, Grundy robbed a bank in front of Harley Quinn as she searches for her missing friends. Upon exiting the bank, she subdues him by throwing a glitter bomb at him. When she asks him what he has done with her friends, he replies that he "don't know about any friends" and that he just wants to rob the bank. After she notices grown vines outside the bank, she deduces that Poison Ivy has been there and leaves him.


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