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Solomon Grundy Don't Fight Girls is the fifth and final episode of DC Nation: Super Best Friends Forever.

Synopsis for "Solomon Grundy Don't Fight Girls"[]

Wonder Girl, Supergirl and Batgirl tell Solomon Grundy to fight girls, but he doesn't. They lost it.


Solomon Grundy is terrorizing the city! The zombie monster picks up a police car and chucks it at a group of nearby citizens.

Luckily, Supergirl swoops in and catches the car. She regroups with the Super Best Friends Forever, and they prepare to fight the villain.

Grundy picks up a street light from the ground and growls at the heroes. He then drops his weapon and yells at the top of his lungs, "SOLOMON GRUNDY NO FIGHT GIRLS!"

The girls are astonished. They are offended that Grundy won't even humor them with a fight. All the zombie does is walk away in protest.

Supergirl gets an idea. She yells to the monster, asking if he is leaving to go eat brains. Grundy gets angry about the zombie comment. Batgirl catches on. She begins to insult the monster as well. Wonder Girl stops the comments and states that they are being immature. Then, she makes a zombie joke herself, proving she was simply kidding. Despite his anger increasing dramatically, Grundy continues to protest fighting the girls.

The Super Best Friends Forever begin to follow the fleeing monster. They suggest that the fight would be fun. Solomon Grundy again refuses.

On the ground, disappointed. Wonder Girl suggests they be bigger than the monster. They are equal opportunity superheroes and will not be verbally beaten by a sexist.

The superheroes beat Solomon Grundy to the ground and leave him to the police. On the floor, defeated, Grundy states that he will reconsider fighting girls.




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