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Space House is the second crossover special between the DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go!. It was premiered on May 31, 2021.


Part 1[]

The Titans set off on an adventure in space, only to find out they'll be sharing their Space House with the DC Super Hero Girls.

Part 2[]

After Beast Boy steals the power ring and jumps into Zatanna's hat, Green Lantern must deal with being powerless as she and her friends give chase.

Part 3[]

A giant meteor is heading toward the space house, so Starfire, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Cyborg takes turns in the holographic chamber to see whose plan will work.

Part 4[]

The free vacation in space was just an elaborate plot by Brainiac to collect every hero and villain in the DC Multiverse. The Titans and Superhero Girls agree to help Brainiac become an adult in exchange for letting them go.


Part 1[]

As the Titans are settling in with their Space House, Raven tells her teammates that no one knows where they are going, let alone know who invited them for their free vacation. Somehow, Cyborg finds a 3D snack printer that basically creates any food within a push of a button. However, Beast Boy and Cyborg couldn't decide what to eat first, and while printing the food, they kept on pushing the Burrito and Burger buttons, respectively. As the machines finishes, it combined both foods, allowing the two to call it "Burgerrito." Beast Boy thanks the House for the tech, and a voice replies to him saying, "You're welcome." Alarmed, Robin asks the Space House to identify itself. A smart speaker next to the TV names itself as the Space House Artificial Domestic Intelligence, or simply S.H.A.D.I. He tells the Titans that he is voice-activated, which proves to be true as Raven asks the cabinet doors to be opened, which it did. He informs that the other guests have arrived. With ominous music, they prepare themselves for whoever would walk in front of their door. And, it's the DC Super Hero Girls!

With this, Starfire is immediately relieved that she wouldn't need to destroy their roommates, so is Wonder Woman, accidentally crashing the former after giving her a strong high-five. However, Batgirl and Robin think either one of their teams would win if ever there was a fight. As usual, they compete against each other. Supergirl and Green Lantern are amazed with the 3D snack printer, with Beast Boy commenting that they're speaking his language. Wonder Woman tells both groups that nothing will ruin their free vacation, while she grins to Batgirl and Robin, who are both arm-wrestling. Bumblebee claims that a meteor could possibly ruin it, which Supergirl replies that they shouldn't listen to her, thinking it wouldn't happen and that she has a lot of irrational fears. As S.H.A.D.I. welcomes all the guests, Wonder Woman draws out her sword, thinking they are ambushed with bewitchery, but Starfire clarifies that it isn't, but that it is AI. As he informs that they can pick their bedrooms, they race to get their own bedrooms. These were what they picked:

  • Green Lantern: Room with a view
  • Batgirl: Anti-gravity room
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy: Room with toilet beds
  • Robin: Room with a water bed.
  • Supergirl: A room with thick metal walls.
  • Zatanna and Raven: Room with massage beds
  • Wonder Woman and Starfire: Room with an entertainment system
  • Bumblebee: Room next to a cryotube.

As Bumblebee looks into her room, she is dissatisfied with it, but Robin introduces it to her anyway. However, he fails to notice the dangers of the cryotube and the orange smoke coming from a leaky pipe. She is worried about it, but Batgirl tells that it is another one of her irrational fears, also failing to notice the dangerous stuff that is in the room. Batgirl encourages her to face her fears, also stating that a Caped Crusader had taught her the ideal. However, Batgirl and Robin continue bickering against each other because of Batman. As Bumblebee looks closer into said cryotube, she sees a tentacle in it, surprising her. Unfortunately, Batgirl and Robin walk out of the room having a thumb war.

Hours later, Bumblebee, in her pajamas, gets up in her bed, saying that the smoke is making her dry, unbeknownst to her that the cryotube had been opened. She gets a glass of water from the fridge, as she sees a monster, causing her to wail "Danger Alert! Danger Alert!" Batgirl and Robin rush to her asking what happened, as she described what she saw. They are oblivious to her statement, until she shows them a trail of slime in the hall. Batgirl is excited as she sees this as a chance for Bumblebee to master her fears. The latter suggests to hide from it, but Babs wants her to face it head-on. She makes a bee pun saying, "I bee-lieve in you!" Batgirl finds a clue, which shocks Robin (since they are still competing, duh). He suggests to taste it, but he gets pink spots on his face. Batgirl finds another one while teasing Robin that she is the greatest detective ever. Supergirl wakes up and asks why Robin is tasting slime. Bumblebee answers saying he wants to be a better detective, all the while causing unnatural deformities to his own face. Batgirl finds that the trail leads to a door with a small round window in it. A tentacle slams into it, surprising the three Girls. Batgirl states that armor is needed until a handy Power Lifter Suit is located next to them. Unfortunately, Supergirl wants to try it on but it wouldn't fit her. Batgirl's eyes sparkle toward Bumblebee as she is the only one who can fit in it, hence defeating the monster. With no other choice, she reluctantly goes in it.

As Batgirl and Supergirl push her to the room, they see a mutated Robin who looks like Starro. When Bumblebee tells herself to master her fears, she begins to shiver as the monster is next to her. It is shown that it is the real Starro, as he asks what is happening. However, she, while closing her eyes, fights Starro by slamming him into the floor, despite that he isn't attacking her. As Robin is terrified with what he has become, Bumblebee grabs him too, thus beating the both of them out. The lights were turned on as the others were disturbed by the noise. As Bumblebee couldn't tell who to throw to space, Robin defends himself while the others think it through. In the end, Starro was thrown out, though he actually got an invite for the free vacation as well. Robin then gets to sleep inside the cryotube with Bumblebee, with Robin blabbering about his mutation and the fact that he can breathe underwater, which annoys Bumblebee regretting to throw Starro out.

Part 2[]

As the Titans and the Super Hero Girls are watching the latest episode of Muffin Wars, S.H.A.D.I couldn't believe that the teens would rather watch TV instead of experiencing their once in a lifetime space-cation until Cyborg told S.H.A.D.I to turn off. As the credits roll, Raven suggest someone to give her the remote so she can skip to the next episode but Batgirl replied that she couldn't reach the remote (despite being one arm-length away). Green Lantern fixes the problem by using her power ring to skip to the next episode. As Raven is impressed with Green Lantern's ring, she tells that she can create anything she thinks of with her mind, when suddenly Beast Boy becomes mesmerized with it and asked if he could try it, only to be stopped by Robin and Cyborg who told him it's rude to ask someone he barely know to borrow their stuff (even though Cyborg is clearly seen with Wonder Woman's tiara and earrings, making it ironic). Green Lantern explains that the ring can only be worn by members of the Green Lantern Corps. However, Beast Boy begins to act strange such as talking in the third person and adding extra "S's" in his sentences.

Green Lantern explains that her ring is so powerful that she has to say a certain oath everyday to remind herself of how powerful it is. Robin is interested hearing it that she decides to do so. Green Lantern starts to recite it, all the while making Beast Boy becoming continuously crazy with his greed for power, he grabs it. Green Lantern and Beast Boy began to fight over the ring but in the end the ring fell into Zatanna's magic hat, who tries to reach down to get it, only instead, she can only pull out numerous bunnies. With no other choice, Green Lantern decides to go into the hat, which Zatanna warns her she can't as she showed the others that it has a warning that no one can enter but Beast Boy refuses to listen and instead jumped into the hat, with Green Lantern falling behind. Not wanting her friend to get hurt, Zatanna goes inside it, followed by Raven (only because she wants to see what inside a magical hat) and lastly both Robin and Wonder Woman as they ordered both of their teams to follow along. But rather than following their leaders, Cyborg, Starfire, Supergirl, Bumblebee and Batgirl decided to stay behind and continue to watch Muffin Wars.

Upon entering the hat, the Girls and Robin found themselves in a magical world as Zatanna told them to be careful as this place is so magical, they don't know what will happen if they touch something. Green Lantern then starts to panic, trying to find her ring until Wonder Woman sees it on top of a giant mountain of cards. Beast Boy, now acting cuckoo because of his greed for power, gets a headstart as the Girls and Robin race to catch up to him. While walking through a forest of wands, Green Lantern tells Robin that she feels worthless without her ring. However Robin (who is known to not have any powers at all) tries to give her a uplifting speech about how powers doesn't define a hero but before he could finish it, he and the others are attacked by a giant chest with multiple tongues made up of tied handkerchiefs. Raven manages to free herself, Wonder Woman and Zatanna as they prepared to subdue the creature by closing its mouth and locking it with magical chains and a lock. As Green Lantern apologizes for not helping due to losing her ring, Raven uses her magic to create a sword, thus cutting the rope that she and Robin are tied on (as Robin continues his speech.)

Zatanna then spots Beast Boy as she runs towards the mountain as they chase him over a stone bridge. Unfortunately, Green Lantern steps upon a booby trap which is a magic symbol which not only cuts off their access from the bridge, (somehow, Beast Boy manages to escape just in time) but also traps them inside a magic box, the kind magicians use to stick swords into their assistants. As the Girls and Robin are trying to figure out how to escape with their lives at stake, Green Lantern once again wishes to have her ring back until Robin (once again) tries to give her a speech about not having powers but was stopped when he was attacked by a sword. After dodging other swords, they found themselves trapped in the middle as the final sword prepares to stab them, only for Raven and Zatanna to combine their magic and escape the box. Green Lantern is thankful for saving them but is still regretful not being able to help because of her powerless situation. Zatanna notices that they're at the Mountain of Cards as Beast Boy (who has completely deformed looking like a grandpa) climbs upward to get the ring. Using her magic, Zatanna summons two giant doves named as Hocus and Pocus so they can rush to the top, eventually being ahead of Beast Boy.

As Green Lantern is about to retrieve her ring (which is in a card with the face of the Green Lantern logo), she jumps out of Hocus, but Beast Boy grabs it first and like before, both of them fight for the ring, which causes the Mountain of Cards to be unstable and therefore topple over, as Green Lantern and Beast Boy falls unharmed. As Green Lantern wondered where's her ring, Beast Boy finally has it and puts it on. However upon putting it on, the power of the ring causes to alter Beast Boy's powers, changing him into a hybrid creature with the head of a rabbit and the body of a dinosaur. Green Lantern explains that with the ring, he can make anything he think of. To everyone's disappointment, he creates a giant tater-tot but uses it as a mallet and he started to hit them with it. Green Lantern then started to blame herself about being useless until Robin tries to give her a speech once again but was unable to do so since he was smashed with the Tater-Tot. However upon hearing the motivational music, Green Lantern began to remember all the worthless things Robin said while in their journey before realizing that he's right then she comes up with a plan.

Green Lantern told Raven to create a portal so she could reach into the Hat. She places her hand inside of it, reaching down and grabbing Beast Boy, telling Wonder Woman to use her Lasso of Truth to take the ring off Beast Boy's hand, which she did. Finally, Green Lantern gets her ring back as she pulled him out of the hat, making him a small version of his monster form. Back in the Space House as Cyborg and the others sees Beast Boy in his small monster form, Starfire rushes towards him and starts to hug him. Robin and the other girls return to the Space House as Green Lantern admits Robin was right that a true hero isn't defined as one with powers but she also admits having the ring doesn't hurt either and after she recited the oath from the beginning, she vows to never let anyone, specially not Beast Boy to take it, which wouldn't be a problem as Starfire starts to act like him from before as she refuses to let him go.

Part 3[]

While relaxing in the living room watching TV, S.H.A.D.I informs Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Cyborg and Starfire that a giant meteor is about to crash into the Space House. At first Starfire at first thought that a giant ball of meat would come until Wonder Woman and Supergirl explain that it's not, only for S.H.A.D.I. to reveal that the Meteor is made of meat. Cyborg came up with an idea; to re-enact certain scenes from the 1998 live-action film "Armageddon" but they dismissed the idea since they did not want to copy something from a movie. S.H.A.D.I then suggest they use the holographic chambers and use virtual simulation to figure out how to stop the Meat-eor.

The first was Supergirl, who plans to simply punch the Meat-eor. However the force of her fist caused it to be in the shape of a butt. Then she tries to use her heat vision but instead it becomes cooked and finally she tries to freeze it, only for it to be incased in ice instead and thus destroying the Space House and ending the simulation.

Next it's Starfire's turn and she suggests that rather than destroying the Meat-eor, they would simply turn it into their new home which they did and created a few buildings and such. Unfortunately, the Meat-eor began to smell, which attracted meat bears, ending the simulation before getting eaten.

Wonder Woman came up with an idea to destroy said Meat-eor but not by herself but rather with the help of Steve Trevor. However she used the simulation as an excuse to live out her fantasy of going on a date with Steve, which later turned into a wedding for them (with one of the Meat Bears performing the wedding) and finally buying a house. When Supergirl asked her about the plan to stop the Meat-eor, it was too late as the Meat-eor crashed into her and Steve's new home, which ends the simulation.

With no other way, Wonder Woman, Starfire and Supergirl agreed to do Cyborg's re-enactment of the movie "Armageddon," resulting in them doing some of the infamous scenes shown in movie such as: Drilling a hole to find oil, walking slowly towards the ship (mostly because Beast Boy was mopping the floor), Cyborg saying a tearful goodbye to his little buddy and finally riding the ship into the Meat-or. However due to Cyborg riding the bomb rather than driving the ship, it crashed into the Meat-eor and even though the bomb is intact, the remote control is destroyed. Wanting to have his plan work like in the movies, Cyborg agreed that he should stay behind as the girls all fly back to the Space House just as the Meat-eor exploded thanks to his plan.

As the girls arrived safely back to the space house, Beast Boy mourns the lost of his best friend when they revealed that they saved Cyborg's head as it was his robot body the stayed behind and blew up the Meat-eor.

Part 4[]

As the Superhero Girls and the Titans are relaxing and watching another episode of "Muffin Wars", Robin proclaims all of them vacation together at the space house is great and Zee added that while they still don't know who invited them, she also proclaims this place as the best. Suddenly an alarm went off as S.H.A.D.I. explains that they are near their destination as Cyborg couldn't believe that their spacantion is also a space cruise and the others try to figure out where they are heading. To their surprise it's Brainiac's ship and after being sucked into it, they spot similar homes to their space house and see other DC Heroes and Villains (ones from other DCAU series, plus Batgirl became sad that she could have been on vacation with Batman).

After finally arriving at their stop, S.H.A.D.I got the teens outside and revealed itself to be none other than Brainiac himself as he revealed that he has been collecting other DC heroes and villains from the multiverse and with the Superhero girls and Titans being here, his collection is complete.

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  • Teen Titans
  • Robin
  • Beast Boy
  • Cyborg
  • Raven
  • Starfire
  • Super Hero Girls
  • Wonder Woman
  • Supergirl
  • Batgirl
  • Green Lantern
  • Zatanna
  • Bumblebee
  • Brainiac
  • Brainiac's Mom
  • Starro
  • S.H.A.D.I.
  • Batman (cameo)
  • Kaldur'ahm (cameo)
  • Superboy (cameo)
  • Miss Martian (cameo)
  • Jinx (cameo)
  • Gizmo (cameo)
  • The Brain (cameo)
  • The Joker (cameo)
  • The Penguin (cameo)
  • Mr. Freeze (cameo)
  • Martian Manhunter (cameo)
  • Deadman (cameo)
  • Swamp Thing (cameo)
  • Booster Gold (cameo)
  • Steve Trevor (cameo)
  • Cheetah (cameo)
  • Hawkman (cameo)
  • The Flash (cameo)
  • Superman (cameo)
  • Más (cameo)
  • Menos (cameo)
  • Doctor Light (cameo)
  • Control Freak (cameo)
  • Monsieur Mallah (cameo)
  • Blue Beetle (cameo)
  • Black Canary (cameo)
  • Red Tornado (cameo)
  • Black Lightning (cameo)
  • Detective Chimp (cameo)
  • Krypto (cameo)
  • Negative Girl (cameo)
  • Robot Man (cameo)
  • Steel (cameo)
  • Catwoman (cameo)
  • Hal Jordan (cameo)
  • Sinestro (cameo)
  • Peacemaker (cameo)



  • Like their last crossover, this will be a Teen Titans Go! episode but this time, this is expanded into four 11-minute parts.
  • This is their first crossover to be a multi-part episode of four parts.
  • Batgirl and Robin's rivalry is shown once again, despite the two being from different universes.
  • The other Titans and Superhero Girls break the fourth wall when they think if they go with Robin, Wonder Woman, Jessica, Zatanna and Beast Boy, it'll be way too overkill and it'll be way too many characters to keep track of.
  • Irony: Despite Cyborg telling Beast Boy not to borrow someone's stuff whom he barely knows, he himself is basically wearing Wonder Woman's tiara and earrings.
  • Foreshadowing: Bumblebee predicts that a meteor would come heading to the Space House, which it did in Part 3, but Supergirl initially ignores it, because of her knowledge that Bumblebee has irrational fears.
  • Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy have appeared in all 4 parts of the crossover.
  • Steve Trevor appears with no lines.
  • In Part 1, Batgirl and Robin are the only heroes not seen in their pajamas, as it would make sense since neither of them are aware of the other's secret identity.
    • Although Robin would be safe as he is seen sleeping with his mask on.


  • In Part 2, Beast Boy's characterization is similar to that of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings as his obsession with Jessica's ring causes him to lose his hair, speak in the third person and turned feral. He even says Gollum's famous line "My Precious!'.
    • Starfire also says "My Precious!" in a creepy and unhinged way when she becomes obsessed with Beast Boy in his hybrid animal form.
  • In Part 3, Cyborg's plan is a reference to the film, Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis.
    • The band Aerosmith is even referenced.
  • In Part 5, the purple dress Supergirl wears to help Brainiac mature is the same one Roxanne Ricci wore in Megamind.
    • Also, the idea of Supergirl going on a "pretend" date with Brainiac is a reference how in the Comic where Supergirl had a relationship with Brainiac 5, who was descended from the original Brainiac.


  • Cyborg and Beast Boy argue about burgers and burritos, which is a nod to the TTG episode "Burger vs. Burrito."
  • This is the second crossover episode in which the Teen Titans meet with the DC Super Hero Girls after "Superhero Feud."
  • Bumblebee forcibly having to sleep in the reactor room is very similar to her TTG counterpart doing so in "Communicate Openly."
  • Green Lantern's fear of worthlessness is once again explored in this episode since "All About Zee."
  • Diana in love with Steve Trevor is shown once again since "DC Super Hero Boys."


TTG's Loose Continuity[]

Just like any other episode from the show, this crossover displays its loose continuity among all the characters, events, places, etc.

  • In Part 1, despite Robin mutating into a Starro-like creature, he turns to normal in the next episode.
  • In Part 2, although Beast Boy became a hybrid creature (which may imply that he may not be able to turn back to his normal self), he turns to normal in the next one.
  • In Part 3, despite all that remains in Cyborg is his head, he gets his robot body back in the next episode, regardless of what happened in this episode.
  • In Part 4, the superheroes decide to stay and live in the Space House forever, but in future episodes in both shows, they're back to their respective universes.

Part 1[]

  • In Part 1, when Kara is shown in her pajamas, it was shown that she has a hole on her right sock that only shows her big toe but in the other appearances, it was all five of her toes being shown in her pajamas. However, in the next few frames, she has one hole again
  • Batgirl's room is an anti-gravity room, so everything inside it should be floating. Instead, Batgirl is the only one floating, while everything else is just sitting in their places.
  • In a TTG episode "Don't Press Play," Robin couldn't do a double backflip, but in here, he can do a triple backflip. (Logically, one must master the double backflip before doing the triple one.)
  • When Green Lantern was looking at the view of her room, her Green Lantern ring isn't seen in her hand.

Part 2[]

  • In Part 2, when Jessica loses her Power Ring, she remains in her Green Lantern costume rather than transforming back to her normal clothing.

Part 3[]

  • Starfire had drips of juice over her face. When the alarm was activated, said drips disappeared all of a sudden.
  • Also, the glass that had the juice completely vanished out of thin air.

Part 4[]

  • In Part 4, the Space House dome closes, but Wonder Woman's hand phases through it.


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