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Spaced Out is the eighth and final graphic novel during the continuity of the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. written by Shea Fontana and art by Agnes Garbowska. A bonus chapter was added that features the G2 versions of the girls just in time for the paperback release, as suggested by Lauren Faust.

Official Description

Meet Super Hero High’s newest student… Jessica Cruz! Being the new kid is tough, but life gets a whole lot tougher for Jessica when she learns that she must travel through space to be sworn in as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Can she overcome her fears with the help of her classmates/travel buddies Supergirl, Big Barda, and Star Sapphire? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman agrees to dog sit Krypto while Supergirl is away!


Chapter One: OA Snap

Chapter Two: Stay Clam, Krypton

Chapter Three: Barry Foot in the Bark

Chapter Four: Space Walk With Me

Chapter Five: Planet of the Bots

Chapter Six: Cash Cabbie

Chapter Seven: Zone In

Chapter Eight: Breaking Out

Chapter Nine: Light the Way Home

Chapter Ten: Moon Doggie

Chapter Eleven: Fight and Space Flight

Chapter Twelve: The Final Frontier

Chapter Thirteen: Teenage Crisis (Bonus Chapter)

Back at Super Hero High, at about morning after Jessica Cruz battled against Zod, the girls were inside the common room for a huge discussion about their personalities. Then, a new student, Zatanna, came by for a little suggestion and decided to open a portal to a different multiverse. She stopped halfway to the portal of the 2019 counterparts of themselves. They were inside the cafeteria of Metropolis High School, where 2019 Babs was fixing up her communicator earpiece and 2019 Karen wanted to take a bite of her muffin. When the earpiece was triggered, the 2019 girls were about to bolt out as 2019 Zee told 2019 Kara who was watching them. She used a quick-changing spell on the counterparts as both 2015 Batgirl and Supergirl were sugg3sting about themselves. Somewhere at the jewelry store, the 2019 counterparts of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy had stolen a huge diamond and headed for the rooftop, as 2015 counterparts of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn believe were villains! Well, Frost didn't see that coming.



  • On March 2019, DC announced that there will be a bonus chapter in the comic that features the counterparts to commemorate the premiere of The Super Hero Girls.
  • Before the paperback release, Lauren Faust reacted to the comic, so she talked to Shea Fontana to add a bonus chapter of the comic.
  • This book takes place during season 4
  • This book marks the only appearances of General Zod and Zatanna in G1.
  • This is the final G1 graphic novel before G2.


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