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Spaced Out is the eighth and final graphic novel during the continuity of the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. written by Shea Fontana and art by Agnes Garbowska. A bonus chapter was added that features the G2 versions of the girls just in time for the paperback release, as suggested by Lauren Faust.

Official Description[]

Meet Super Hero High’s newest student… Jessica Cruz! Being the new kid is tough, but life gets a whole lot tougher for Jessica when she learns that she must travel through space to be sworn in as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Can she overcome her fears with the help of her classmates/travel buddies Supergirl, Big Barda, and Star Sapphire? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman agrees to dog sit Krypto while Supergirl is away!


Chapter One: OA Snap[]

The novel begins with Jessica Cruz wielding her green sword from her power ring as the giant Calliope is about the attack her. In the real world, Jessica was frightened from the virtual reality goggles she was wearing while Coach Wildcat was watching her and Calliope doing it, along with Batgirl, Beast Boy and Harley Quinn watching. Star Sapphire is about to go next as she puts on the goggles and help Jessica stop the monkey from attacking using the her power ring to trap her in a barrel. Coach Wildcat ended the test, asking the three to remove their goggles. He told her about the worst situation ever saw and Beast Boy cheers on Jessica. Moments later, Calliope was on top of Wildcat's head as Harley took her. He suggests according to Principal Waller about the "No pet policy" and tempered himself. Jessica's attention turned to Krypto, who was with Supergirl, as he licked her on the cheek. She grabbed Krypto away from her and grabbed by the hand until Jess noticed Principal Waller was calling her to meet in the office. As Jess was inside the office, Principal Waller handed her a glass of water and sat on her chair, reading the documents of Jess about taking her away. Jess was paranoid as she thinks she was suspended, but what Waller was saying that she wasn't suspended. She showed her the computer screen that Jess is going to the planet OA. The planet was the headquarters of the Green Lantern corps, where Hal Jordan was there. Jess was shocked as Waller told her there was nothing to worry about and thinks she never remember any names. Waller calms her down and asks to send her, Supergirl and Big Barda. Meanwhile, Star Sapphire strode in as she wants to go to OA according to her father to see Hal. She told Waller about Hal making the "cutest couple" in the planet and accepted while Jess was too nervous. She told Jess about the same induction ceremony on Zamaron and told Star Sapphire for the assignment about helping Jess for the ceremony. After Jess and Star Sapphire packed their stuff, they went outside the Super Hero High School to see Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda working on the Hyper-Drive Jump. Supergirl was asking Batgirl to take care of Krypto. Batgirl can remember everything except the fact that Ace was missing. She was going after him as Supergirl turned to Wonder Woman for dog sitting. All four girls went inside the jet and head straight to the sky as Wonder Woman waves goodbye to them and leaving Krypto whimpering. General Zod notices he was watching the jet leaving Earth, waiting for Superirl.

Chapter Two: Stay Clam, Krypton []

As the Hyper-Drive Jump travels on the way to OA, Jess was yammering herself for introduction while Star Sapphire was trying to get some sleep by grabbing her sleeping mask. They both convince flying inside the jet and Star was talking about her parents going to London. Supergirl activates the autopilot and Big Barda was talking Granny Goodness and Female Furies being hit as Supergirls snaps her voice. Jess was asking her about how the jet was built by her parents. In a flashback at Argo City, Krypton, Zor-El and Alura were walking on the way to the science museum as Kara followed them, holding an ice cream. Krypto called her, but she wasn't giving him a lick until an earthquake was involved, dropping her ice cream on the ground. Alura hugged Kara on impact while Zor-El told her it was okay. The three were on their way to the Kryptonian Government Headquarters as they ask Kara to go inside. All the people were watching a video presentation featuring a robot about asking many colonizers having a chance to assist the bots to turn the ruined future into a real world. After the presentation, Kara stopped by at the office of General Zod, introducing himself and Ursa. She was convincing Zod about going on a mission as they finish the conversation. Alura, Zor-El, Kara and Krypto went home as they ask her to get away from the planet before the danger happens. They had the jet there and Kara was on board, hoping that the autopilot was on. As the jet flies away, Krypto howls goodbye. Back to the present, Kara finishes the story about the jet and it was completely indestructible. Jess had realized about planets exploded and ships disappeared. Star Sapphire was talking about the Phantom Zone and is more of a prison in another dimension and saying about Jess getting hung up on all the wrong details and asks Supergirl about Krypto. She answered and looked at the photo of Krypto. Big Barda was talking about Parademon being separated by Granny Goodness and crossed six lakes and knows about good things. Back at Super Hero High School, Wonder Woman was trying to take control of Krypto by holding the leash. She wasn't gripping well as she lets go, slamming her body on the locker and the dog ran away. Meanwhile, at the cafeteria with Cyborg, Flash, Poison Ivy, Katana and Harley Quinn, Roz was on the table as Catwoman was going after her and Krypto busted himself in.

Chapter Three: Barry Foot in the Bark[]

As Krypto was chasing after Roz while breaking the table in half, Wonder Woman was trying to stop him and Catwoman asks her. He jumps on the shelf with the carton of milks on top and stomped as the white liquid splattered Frost's face. Her face got covered with milk as Harley took one of the milky lollies. Roz opened up the window and jumped out followed by Krypto breaking the glass. Batgirl and Ace were on the bench reading their books as they noticed Roz was running ahead from Krypto. Batgirl and Ace saw Wonder Woman flying as they were going after the two. They stopped in front of the school and Ace noticed the hole was on the front door, meaning Krypto broke in. Roz was behind the locker and turned to Krypto. When he charged himself forward to her, Catwoman grabbed Roz as he missed and got hit on the locker. Wonder Woman found Krypto and told him not to do that again. She was completely worried about dog sitting situation until Flash took advantage. At the Centennial Park, Flash was playing catch on Krypto and had a race until Krypto was chasing after the squirrel. They both looked at the hot dog vendor as Flash ordered 27 hot dogs. Krypto notices that a blonde girl in pink suit walked by, believing she was Kara and ran after. After Flash ordered the hot dogs, he looked as Krypto was away. As Krypto was going after her, she turned around that it wasn't Kara. It was a girl with bangs and had four ear piercings on her left ear. He was so worried until he noticed another Kara was there, riding a skateboard. He followed and Kara wasn't real because it was a girl wearing a red hoodie and had a hoop earing. Krypto senses a man called out shouting at a dog stealing his carne asada and goes after it. They chased all the way to the alley and Krypto looked at the mother dog feeding the meat to her puppies. The man complained and Krypto senses again as he scared him away, thinking that he blamed Krypto. All the puppies were about to eat one last piece of meat and Krypto was about to take a bite. The puppy whimpered because he wanted more. So Krypto decided to get another meat. This time, a strand of sausages. The puppies ate all of it and the mother dog thanked him for it. Meanwhile in outer space, Kara was about to activate one last Hyper-Jump until they reach the planet when something is going on. The girls noticed the noise was coming from the crate.

Chapter Four: Space Walk With Me[]

As the girls were trying to take advantage when they open the crate, they noticed that Beast Boy was inside as a turtle. Big Barda grabbed him and asks what was he doing here. He answered that he was taking a nap in the jet and turned himself back into a human. Star Sapphire was nervously complained and Beast Boy calms them down when he asks about seeing the planet. Supergirl told him he could have asked and he was saying about how Principal Waller could have said no at all. The girls were confused and had nothing else to do as the five were back into their seats and Supergirl activates the hyper-drive to OA in a really fast way. They past through the sky full of asteroids and Beast Boy was really scared of those. One of the asteroids hit the left side of the ship as Supergirl initiate evasive maneuvers. She was unable to take control of the path and Big Barda asks Jess and Star to blast the path. They both got out from the emergency hatch and Star Sapphire activates the ring as Jess wasn't doing it. She asked her to activate it as the body glows green. Now that the ring had worked, it's time for them to destroy the rocks. Star Sapphire uses the giant hammer from her ring and pounds it out of the way. Jess saw another rock coming as Star activates into a cat purring on the rock. Another rock came by and Jess dodged. It was no use for Jess to destroy all of the asteroids and had plans to do it. Jess needs to recite the catchphrase and goes after the rocks. First, uses the ring to destroy the rock with an arrowlike missile, then next with bubbles, then with sharks (with Star Sapphire destroying those with shooting stars), then sucking with a vacuum cleaner, then more with arrows, and lastly, the big fist. As the path was cleared, the ship and the two Lanterns were headed for the planet OA and landed. Jess was asking where are all the Lanterns and Beast Boy was shrugged. It seems that the planet was completely empty.

Chapter Five: Planet of the Bots[]

The girls and Beast Boy were trying to find and search all the Lanterns and had failed to do with. It looks like everybody was gone the five are about to back to the ship to go home and Jess have to do the silly ceremony. There was a strange whirring noise when Supergirl heard coming from the rocky hills. They didn't noticed that there are many Kryptonian robots appeared, filling up the landfill. Supergirl hugged the robot and other four went in. The robots had saw them because they are not Kryptonians and think they're aliens. They were approaching close to them and Supergirl told one of them to stop. The first bot was going after Jess as Star Sapphire kicked it. Big Barda whack the second bot with her club and Beast Boy horse kicked the third. The fourth bot was approaching Star Sapphire and Jess activates the ring in the shape of a golf club, whacking it. The bots were unstoppable for the heroes to fight and when Jess activates the ring, the bot knocked her out with its laser. It also did the rest of them. They took the bodies and were sent to General Zod's office. The four heroes woke up, cuffed, as Zod and Non show up. Meanwhile, Supergirl was reuniting with Ursa and talked about everything in the past. Ursa was talking about Supergirl's parents refused to to let her participate for the program. She was shocked. As she was inside the office, Zod told her that Captors was her gift and somehow it wasn't. He was saying about how people were remained on Earth, keeping her from finding her company. Supergirl unlocks the cuffs on the four and Zod apologizes them. They were welcomed inside the New Krypton. Big Barda was asking a question to know where are the Lanterns and Jess says that OA was their planet. Zod explained about the Lanterns building a new planet and agreed. But to have this conversation going, he and Ursa were taking Kara to the visitors' quarters while Non escorts the four somewhere else. Back on Earth, at the Centennial Park, Flash was trying to find Krypto everywhere. First, he looked at the picnic basket from the elderly couple, then at the dodgeball from two boys. As soon as he stopped at the water fountain, he shouted and looked at the water until Hawkgirl shows up. She asked him something bad happens and he pleaded that Krypto was lost. With the help of her detective skills, she was in to find him. Back in OA, Non told the four to go inside this weird place. They ended up too dark until Non pressed the "Launch" button. It turns out the four were inside the escaped pod by looking the window to see Non waving goodbye. It's happening.

Chapter Six: Cash Cabbie[]

The pod with Jess, Big Barda, Star Sapphire and Beast Boy were flying nowhere in space. Jess was calling Supergirl for help, but was no use. Star Sapphire was asking Barda if there are controls and somehow didn't have it. The only thing they know was the looking at the screen, heading back to Earth with no chance of escape. Star brought out her phone and called her father. But it doesn't have any reception to show. Jess caught her eye out the window and noticed a space cab appeared. The driver didn't notice his cab crashed pod as he got out of it. Star also got out of the pod. They had a conversation about damages and the driver wanted to make a deal to cover it. The four were inside the cab and wanted to call some backup in order to get Supergirl. The driver stepped on the acceleration pedal and the cab was spiraling fast. Back in Metropolis, somewhere in the alley, Krypto was having a good time with the mother dog and her puppies. He played a tug of was with a tiny rope and remembers he missed Supergirl. He told them to go back as he saw the direction sign saying they're heading straight to Super Hero High. A van mysteriously appears with the Animal Control on the back and the catcher saw him and the other four running. It's up to Krypto to save the day as he jumped the hood, which also breaks the engines as the catcher was unable to start up. He got out of it, wielding a net, as the five dogs ran away. He was about to catch Krypto and instead of that he kickback the fire hydrant, soaking him. When the dogs were about to cross the street, the catcher calls for backup as Krypto flies up the traffic with the puppies. As he landed heading for the school, the catcher was chasing after them and he told the dogs to hide in a shrub. He notices the last pup was there and the catcher was able to do it. Krypto was about to rescue when his collar with cape snap off from the branches. He barked at him while the mother dog grabbed her pup. But before that, a backup appears from nowhere with a special collar on Krypto. They took him away as the homeless dogs watched him. There is a message coming from the collar says that if it's lost, it will return to Supergirl. At space, Jess asking to go where and the driver knows about the Phantom Zone. The only way to get there was the Phantom Zone Projector. He asked them that the projector was at the trunk of the cab. Star Sapphire and Jess got out as she grabbed the projector from the trunk. Now that the projector is the hands of Star, it might be ready.

Chapter Seven: Zone In[]

Before Star activates the projector, the driver grabbed it from her and talked on how they get to the Zone. He never done this before. Star was asking him if it can. He accepted and now it's his turn to activate. Before that, Jess stopped for a while and says that she should go first. She was terrified of how hero wasn't good. Barda, Beast and Star were talking about how they wouldn't go so well with their ways. Even the driver really missed tonight's game and decided to do it. Star and Jess team together as the driver activates the projector. They all went inside as he told them to rescue in ten minutes. They stood on a rocky platform and wander around if nobody was guarded. As Big Barda about to take the first step, an Olympian voice was heard. They turned around to see a giant eyeball going after them and ran. Back on Earth, at Super Hero High, the mother was out from the bush and saw Krypto's cape. One of her pups got out for and she told him to go back inside. She sniff it and bite the collar and headed somewhere else. At the streets, Flash, Hawkgirl and Bumblebee were investigating the scene of the damaged hydrant. Bumblebee shrunk herself to see inside but empty. The three are about to head for Super Hero High and Bumblebee says that Krypto was going back to find Supergirl. Flash stopped himself from running and asks if he went to OA to find his owner. Lucky enough, Hawkgirl puts on her mask to track down and she noticed the mother dog was carrying Krypto's collar. As the three confronted her, she was so scared as she believed Krypto was lost. In favor, Bumblebee handed the dog a sandwich from her bag and ask where to find him. She spits the collar and took a bite of the sandwich. At OA, Zod was showing Kara a beautiful waterfall he was talking about. But before he asks Kara for help, he showed her a strange device in his hand: the Groundbreaker.

Chapter Eight: Breaking Out[]

Kara recognizes the device her parents made years ago. Zod and Ursa asks her on how to work this sucker as Kara was telling the story about how. On the last days of Krypton, Kara was on bed when she heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. Her parents were working the Groundbreaker device as their attention turned to her. Kara asks her mother about how the device works on terraforming robots. Zor-El shows Kara the Holo-Sim that features that the machine can work on barren planets into a friendly land. After Kara finishes her story, Zod angrily asks where's the key. But Kara didn't know anything about the key. Ursa might have suggestions. In order for Kara to jog up her memory, Non was bringing some food as he opened up the cover and Kara was looking at the mashed horkensnorks. He opened another cover as Kara saw a bowl of Slurp-O-Swap ice cream in different flavors. She was completely satisfied with these creamers. At the Metropolis Animal Control Shelter, the catcher locked Krypto up in the cage, making him so much whimpering. Flash, Hawkgirl Bumblebee and the mother dog found the shelter as they need to come up with their plans how to rescue him. Flash wants to go first and Hawkgirl told him not to. He has a secret weapon to use: the Smile. Flash flied inside to shelter where asks the catcher for Krypto. He told him an identification card is required and refused when he dragged him out. The weapon was no use as Flash went back to Hawkgirl and Bumblebee. But Hawkgirl has a plan on her own. Bumblebee shrunk herself with the collar in hand and head inside the vent. Hawkgirl opened the door asking the catcher a wild dog is out there. He grabbed the net and headed outside to see Flash and the hound until he runs too fast from the catcher to do it. Bumblebee sneaks inside to rescue Krypto and removed a power-stopping collar from the neck then puts him back on his collar. He breaks free with his paws as he, Flash, Bumblebee, Hawkgirl and the hound went back to the school with Vice Principal Grodd sitting on the bench. When they get help as the catcher was approaching, Grodd scares him away with a very loud King Kong yell. The three celebrated and Grodd heads back to the bench. Back at the Phantom Zone, Jess, Big Barda, Star Sapphire and Beast Boy are running from the eyeball as it zap Beastie. Barda told the three to find the Lanterns while she takes care of the eyeball. She swings her club on the left side, flips herself, and smashed the eyeball, totalled. Jess, Beast Boy and Star Sapphire made it to the Zone to find the Lanterns as the Cerberus boy appeared. They were in the wrong direction because left is the correct one. As the Cerberus boys calls for backup, the three were being surrounded by a group of monsters.

Chapter Nine: Light the Way Home[]

It was no use that Jess, Star and Beastie were surrounded by prisoners so Jess decided to fight them all. Star whacked the Cerberus boy with the stick from her ring while Beast Boy fights back Starro with his lion form and Jess shoots every prisoner. Jess had recited when she powers up her ring and the prisoners were unable to escape. It exploded. And all the prisoners are down. They celebrated and heads for the Lanterns. The four had made it to the Lanterns while Star kicks the guard in the face and reunited with Hal. They rescued all of them and head for the ceremony until one member knows Ruffians. Jess had realized the Ruffians were Kryptonians. When the countdown stops, they all headed back to the same place and where the driver appears and celebrated. Star thanked him as he showed a picture of his daughter from his wallet. She was telling Beast Boy and Big Barda to get in the cab while the rest of the Green Lanterns fly by themselves. Back in OA, Kara was about to eat every food she gets after Zod prepared those. But before Supergirl gets Big Barda and the rest, Zod wasn't happy. Non grabbed her in the wrist as Zod tells her the Krypton impact. In fact, Ursa was saying about her parents. Days before the impact, Alura activates the launch sequence as Kara was about to get on to the ship. She handed her daughter the necklace while Zor-El drops the Groundbreaker. The impact was so dangerous Kara couldn't handle it. As Zod finishes the story, he was asking Kara if she was true Kryptonian. She accepted and will not obey him until she completely trapped inside the Kryptonite cage!

Chapter Ten: Moon Doggie[]

By the time Flash saw the puppies, the hound reunited with them only because he wants to keep them. Hawkgirl needs to find out where the owners were. If not, they get to keep it. In fact, Bumble already had a pet, Honey. She a photo of her pet scaring Roz away. The three were sporting the pups as Krypto didn't notice he heard Kara from above before they head back inside the school. He flies himself up in the sky and Hawkgirl saw him go. She and Bumblebee asked Flash to hold these pups while they were going after Krypto. Bumblebee was unable to get control of her oxygen levels because she could have built the pack and she has to call Wonder Woman for help using her wrist communicator. At her dorm, Wonder Woman was doing some bent ups when her gauntlet communicator squawked. Bumblebee was on the line saying that Krypto was lost in the sky and Wonder Woman needs to do it when she grabs her helmet and fly in the sky. As she approaches to Krypto, she grabbed him and somehow broke free. Then she was calling Batgirl that she and Krypto were in outer space. Batgirl finally finishes up her Batwing and talked to Wonder Woman saying that Krypto was heading to something. The call ended as Batgirl needs to take the Batwing for a spin and told Ace to watch the Bunker. Flash rans to Vice Principal Grodd, who watches the Batwing rising, and asks to take care of the pups. He handed them to him and head for the Batwing, with Hawkgirl and Bumblebee. Grodd was looking at the cute pups, awing them. As soon as the Batwing was in outer space, Wonder Woman finally catches Krypto with her Lasso of Truth. Both went to the Batwing and Krypto was completely sad just before they were heading back to Earth. Batgirl didn't notice on her GPS they there was an alert saying that they heading straight to OA. Krypto was trying to tell the truth because the lasso on him. Bumblebee was asking if Supergirl was okay. Batgirl was curious about and Wonder Woman was able to call her with her gauntlets. Nothing responded. The girls and Flash decided that they are going to OA. Supergirl was still trapped inside the Kryptonite cage and a voice from her mom notices that the necklace is the key. Non caught his attention when he looked at Supergirl holding it. After he opened the cage, Supergirl underkick him and ran away. When he was going after her, he grabbed her as she uppercut punches him. But it didn't as he grabbed her, throw back in the cage, grabs the necklace, locks the cage and walk. Supergirl is still stranded.

Chapter Eleven: Fight and Space Flight[]

The Batwing sensors are picking a situation coming the planet OA. Batgirl looks at the GPS to see a bunch of dots as Bumblebee looked out the window of the cockpit to see the entire Green Lanterns. Zod, Ursa, and Non were looking at the screen to see a bunch of dots meaning the Green Lanterns are approaching. With the necklace in hand, Zod told those two to test with the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. Ursa has the Groundbreaker in hand while Non salutes. As Zod and Non were about to go in, she didn't notice all the Green Lanterns and a Batwing appear. The ramp of the Batwing opened as Krypto was going to break in to find Supergirl. A sad expression of Supergirl being trapped in the Kryptonite cage rose when she heard Krypto's barking voice. She reunited with him and ask to deactivate the cage. Krypto shoots lasers from his eyes as the cage opens with Supergirl escaped. Meanwhile, all the Green Lanterns, Star Sapphire, Beast Boy, Big Barda, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Bumblebee and the Flash were having a standoff against those nasty robots Zod made. As the battle begin, Flash was running around when the bots turned their attention to him by shooting lasers. Wonder Woman and Big Barda were breaking the bots as she wraps it with her lasso and throw it against the other bot, knocking themselves out. Barda blocked her path with her club from the bot shooting lasers and Hal and Carol were about to trash them for good. Beast Boy, in bird form, was flying up and then turned into a whale as he crushed the bots. Hawkgirl uses her mace against the bot and Jess took one out with her blade while Bumblebee stings the bot from her cuffs. As the battle continues, Non shows up as Star Sapphire was about to stomp him with the boot. Instead of doing it, he underkick her and fall down. Non is approaching toward as she elbow jabbed his knee then Star wraps him in thorned vines. Zod and Ursa are looking at the situation in the battlefield as they were both on top on the building. Just as Zod was able to test it, Supergirl and Krypto were behind them. Krypto pushes Ursa down and the necklace was dropped to the ground while Supergirl battle against Zod as he kicked her and sends her flying. Supergirl was asking Krypto to destroy the machine before it's too late. Zod caught his eye as he and Supergirl were about to get the machine. Angrily, he shoots lasers from his eyes and was about to hit her. Krypto wasn't lucky enough when he saved Supergirl and the lasers hit him. He was falling down the building and Supergirl screams.

Chapter Twelve: The Final Frontier[]

Supergirl flies down to see Krypto saying it's going to be okay. The lasers had too much damage against him as she cried all over. Zod ordered Ursa to find the necklace while Supergirl brought tears. She heard Zod's voice from above saying about the past. That's why Supergirl needs to save the day by destroying the Groundbreaker. While Ursa found the necklace, she climbs back up and handed to Zod when Supergirl kicks him behind and Ursa grabbed her. Zod is about to end the planet as he put the diamond from the necklace into the machine. The Green Lanterns caught their attention as they saw the Central Power Battery making an impact. Jess was riding on a dinosaur from her ring and headed for Zod. Ursa still holds Supergirl while Zod completed his mission. Supergirl saw Jess riding on the dinosaur biting Zod out of it and she broke free from Ursa. The dino threw Zod and then to Ursa. Supergirl was in the Groundbreaker device as she replaces the diamond with the other diamond, causing a self-destruct sequence to initiate. She and Krypto celebrated and thanked Jess for all the help. Batgirl picked a piece of the device and asks Supergirl to fix it, but Kara decided not to. After all, it was a victory! But before they go home, Carol was asking the driver for the projector to send these three nasty Krypto baddies to their cells. All the Green Lanterns congratulate Jess for all the hard work. Later, on Earth at the Ferris Mansion, Carol reunited with her father and told him to meet the driver. He cost him about $4,673,937 with no tip on it. But Mr. Ferris had wrote down and the driver flies away. As punishment, Mr. Ferris told his daughter to do chores in order to pay back. Back at Super Hero High, Supergirl told Krypto to keep his cone on without causing too much damage. She saw Flash and Hawkgirl naming the pups. And for Vice Principal Grodd, he told Flash to play with it or else he will get detention. Meanwhile, Jess got a call from on the Green Lanterns saying a new mission was assigned. But someone wants to take care of her pet dog. First, she went to Wonder Woman punching the big bag and somehow left after asking. Then Star Sapphire asks Jess to do the job. Jess flies out from the entrance of the school, going on a new mission.

Chapter Thirteen: Teenage Crisis (Bonus Chapter)[]

After Jess left the school and goes on new mission, the girls were inside the common room after their weapon class for a huge discussion about their personalities when not going to a normal school. Then, a new student, Zatanna, came by for a little suggestion and decided to open a portal to a different multiverse. She stopped halfway to the portal of the 2019 counterparts of themselves. They were inside the cafeteria of Metropolis High School, where 2019 Babs was fixing up her communicator earpiece and 2019 Karen wanted to take a bite of her muffin. When the earpiece was triggered, the 2019 girls were about to bolt out as 2019 Zee told 2019 Kara to know who was watching them. She used a quick-changing spell on the counterparts as both 2015 Batgirl and Supergirl were suggesting about themselves. Somewhere at the jewelry store, the 2019 counterparts of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy had stolen a huge diamond and headed for the rooftop, as 2015 counterparts of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn believe were villains! Well, Frost didn't see that coming as she never saw this counterpart of herself. As the Gotham Sirens were halted by 2019 Jess' stop sign ring, the Hero Girls show up for a big battle. 2019 Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth against 2019 Catwoman with the big diamond. As she swings, Catwoman jumps upward while 2015 Catwoman watch her counterpart doing and 2015 Wonder Woman "hmph" herself. 2019 Supergirl was up in the sky, standoffing against the Sirens. 2019 Poison Ivy throws a super-sneezy pollen and Supergirl blows them away. The pollen went to 2019 Batgirl, Zatanna and Jess and sneezed really hard. 2019 Supergirl apologizes to them while 2015 Supergirl face-palmed herself. 2019 Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were about to get away until 2019 Bumblebee flies to get the diamond. 2019 Harley Quinn was chasing after it as 2019 Catwoman and Poison Ivy hold her that their plan failed. They escaped from the roof and are about to be late while 2015 Poison Ivy asks. 2019 Zatanna uses a sinus-clearing spell as the pollen flies away. 2019 Wonder Woman believes that they were late for class. But before they go back, 2019 Bumblebee was still holding the big diamond and 2019 Jess uses her ring to send the diamond away. As they watch, 2019 Zatanna uses the change back spell to their regular clothes while 2015 Wonder Woman and Batgirl watched. 2015 Zatanna closes the portal and experience how their counterparts were even if Poison Ivy says they weren't villainy. Their attention were turned as Principal Waller interrupts and told them to get to class. Meanwhile, in the 2019 world, Zee realized they nobody was watching them anymore. Harleen shouts at them saying that they were about to go inside the class just as the bell rings. It was no thing that Algebra just their thing.



  • On March 2019, DC announced that there will be a bonus chapter in the comic that features the counterparts to commemorate the premiere of The Super Hero Girls.
    • Before the paperback release, Lauren Faust reacted to the comic, so she talked to Shea Fontana to add a bonus chapter of the comic.
  • This book takes place during season 4
  • This book marks the only appearances of General Zod and Zatanna in G1.
  • This is the final G1 graphic novel before G2.
  • While Beast Boy says "To Boldly Go Where No Beast Boy Has Gone Before", the phrase was a reference to Star Trek.


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