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Spring Prison Break Transcript

Spring Prison Break is the sixth webisode of Season 3 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


The webisode starts off in the Super Hero High theatre with Frost about to start reading her "How I Spent Spring Break" essay to the class. She explains that it began with a special assignment from Principle Waller to do with a "Task Force X" task.

A flashback then occurs, taking us back to the events, as Waller explains the details of Task Force X's mission, explaining that Lashina is planning to break the Female Furies out of Belle Reve. In one of the guard towers at Belle Reve, Frost and Katana are going over there strategies, with Frost pointing out that a special mission is all about expecting the unexpected, just as a portal opens up on the prison wall and Lashina comes barging out in her tank, ramming into the Belle Reve prison wall.

As Lashina breaks through the prison wall, the prison alarm begins to sound, with her jumping out and making her way round the prison. Outside in the guard tower, Frost creates an ice slide into the wall and the two girls slide down and quickly race into the hall, just before hearing Lashina over the speaker. She introduces them to the prison warden, Brian and attaches the agony matrix to him, threatening to blow it in two minutes if the girls don't find him. While the girls ponder, Big Barda calls from across the hall in her cell, saying she could help them. Big Barda tries to explain why she wants to help, remarking she likes Brian. After this the girls let her out, with Katana using her blade to slice the locking mechanism on Big Barda's cell.

Big Barda then leads the girls to the warden's office to find Brian tied up with the Agony matrix attached to him. Big Barda begins work on the device, just as Frost see's Lashina freeing Stompa and Mad Harriet from their cells. Katana exclaims they can't let the Furies escape, with Frost telling Katana to stay with Big Barda, as she went out and stopped the Female Furies. Frost then manages to confront Lashina and the escapees in front of the damaged wall, telling them to go back to their cells. Lashina, surprised orders Stompa and Mad Harriet to get rid of Frost.

As Stompa begins to charge, Frost manages to freeze her in place, using her icy winds. Mad Harriet then tries to attack, but to no avail with Frost, fixing her in place on the wall. Lashina then decides to make an attack, managing to wrap her coil around Frost, electrocuting her, however the others then arrive, forcing Lashina to flee, just a Frost finishes reading her essay, explaining how Big Barda helped out.



  • The title is a reference to the TV series Prison Break.