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Spring Prison Break Transcript

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Election class.

Frost: My spring break by Frost! It all started with the special assignment for Principal Waller's Task Force X class.

Scene: Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Amanda; narrator: We've intercepted machinist plans to break the Female Furies out of Belle Reve! If she succeeds, the Female Furies will certainly enact revenge on Super Hero High.
Frost: Let's go over our strategies again. Remember, a successful mission is all about expecting the unexpected!
(Frost and Katana see a portal)
Katana: The unexpected?
(Lashina arrives)
Frost: Lashina!
Lashina: (crashes Belle Reve) Female Furies, come out, come out, wherever you are!
(Lashina breaks inside)
Frost: This way!
(Both superhero girls slide down and break inside Belle Reve and in the hallway.)
Lashina: Hello, supers! Let me introduce you to my old pal— um— I'm sorry, what was your name?
Brian: B-B-B-Brian?
Lashina: Buh-Buh-Buh-Brian's gonna learn all about the agony matrix! Unless, you find him. You have two minutes. Tick tock!
Katana: What do we do?
Big Barda: I can help!
Frost: Big Barda?
Big Barda: I know how to disable the agony matrix.
Frost: But you're a Female Fury! Why would you help us?
Big Barda: I like Brian! He always gives me mashed potatoes. Come on! If you don't let me out, Lashina will! But there's no way you can make the agony matrix without me.
(Katana uses her sword and slice/open the door.)
Big Barda: This way!
(Three of the superheroes are about to run away.)
Brian: Please hurry! I'll give you all the potatoes you want!
Frost: The Female Furies!
Katana: We can't let those villains escape! No offense.
Big Barda: None taken.
Frost: Katana, stay here with Big Barda! I'll stop the Furies!
(Lashina, Stompa and Mad Harriet run in the hallway just as Frost appears.)
Frost: Furies, go back to yourselves!
Lashina: What? You were supposed to be occupied with Bri-bri! (to Stompa and Mad Harriet) Girls, get her out of my way!
Stompa: Stompa 'bout to catch blue girls!
Frost: Stompa is about to catch a cold! (freezes Stompa up)
Mad Harriet: (sinister cackle)
Frost: Freeze! (freezes Mad Harriet)
Lashina: Fine! I'll do it myself!
(Lashina then decides to make an attack, managing to wrap her coil around Frost, electrocuting her, however the others then arrive, forcing Lashina to flee.)
Frost; narrator: We told Principal Waller about how Big Barda helped us, and the rest is history!

Scene: Election class.

Frost: (continued) Or a least, better suited for my next history of heroes' report.
(Katana and Big Barda become happy.)