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Star Sapphire, whose real name is Carol Ferris, is a female human student at Super Hero High. She is a Violet Lantern.[1] Her parents own Ferris Airlines.

Official Description

Star Sapphire always looks good (if she does say so herself). The resident diva, Star’s a bit misunderstood, and though she doesn’t always show it, she just wants to be loved. But hey, who doesn’t? And she does not like dirt.


  • Love Empowerment
  • Love Constructs
  • Energy Constructs
  • Ring Empowerment
  • Energy Attacks
  • Love Aura
  • Energy Aura
  • Ergokinetic Combat
  • Aerial Adaptation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Vacuum Adaptation
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • High-Speed Flight
  • Interstellar Travel
  • Aerial Combat Mastery


Star Sapphire has light colored skin, with long dark blackish purple hair and purple eyes. She wears a tiara with a crystal star in the middle over her head, a magenta pink top with a white collar and a star in the middle.


  • Frost 


  • Star Sapphire seems to have a crush on Hal Jordan, which has been implied on some occasions and she is usually seen standing next to him, hugging him for safety when something perilous happens. However because of this it’s unknown how Well she took hal leaving to continue his training on oa.
  • She appears to have mysophobia (pathological fear of contamination and germs), as seen in Ring of Mire.



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