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Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Star Sapphire makes a background appearance talking to Miss Martian while levitating over Super Hero High School. She later asks Hal Jordan if he will ask her to Harley Quinn's Semester Finals party at Capes & Cowls Café. When he does, she replies that she'll think about it. They later appear attending the party in Harley's room together.

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Star Sapphire appears at a theater department rehearsal in the Super Hero High auditorium, asking Ravager why she always gets to play the queen. Ravager replies because of seniority and talent. When the rehearsal is disrupted by the Metropolis Junior Detectives Society, Ravager orders her and Mammoth to go after the intruders while continuing to act, with Star Sapphire chasing Bumblebee with a ring construct of a wasp before eventually capturing all of them in a cage construct. When they show Ravager a sample of one of the department's wigs they believe to have been stolen, Ravager orders Star Sapphire to release them. Star Sapphire, the other theater department members and the Junior Detectives Society follow Ravager into the costume closet as she tries to prove that nothing has been stolen, only to find the closet ransacked.

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Star Sapphire appears attending Metropolis Theatre Camp during summer vacation. Later, Green Lantern throws a picnic for her in the park, delighting her. When Strife casts a spell on them to sow discord between them and empower Ares, she spills salad dressing on Green Lantern, complaining that she likes ranch rather than blue cheese, while Green Lantern complains of her nagging. Later, when Hal gets seduced by Aphrodite, Star Sapphire angrily shoots arrow constructs at him. Hal and Star Sapphire later both participate in the battle against the brainwashed Olympian Gods and Goddesses with their classmates outside Super Hero High School, in which she encloses Aphrodite in a giant clam construct. After the Gods and Goddesses are defeated, she and Hal stay behind to hold the defeated Olympians in giant hand constructs while their classmates leave to battle Ares and Strife and break the spell the Olympians are under.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Star Sapphire appears in an alternate timeline walking to her battle station with other Savage High School students asking Bumblebee why she is not doing the same. Bumblebee replies that Principal Savage first ordered her to put up a propaganda poster for him. Star Sapphire later appears with the Cheetah escorting Liberty Belle to the Insurgent detention after they capture her. When Batgirl and Harley Quinn arrive in the future and are shown Vandal Savage's holo-story propaganda video, Star Sapphire appears as part of his Savage Army defeating insurgents who opposed his rule, specifically using her ring on Bumblebee. When Harley and Batgirl return to the altered present to look for the missing pterodactyl egg, Harley briefly appears searching under Star Sapphire's bed in her room as she talks to the Cheetah and Frost and asks them if they "just love Principal Savage's plan to take over the world". Cheetah and Frost both agree.

Date with Disaster[]

In Date with Disaster, Star Sapphire appears in Catwoman's flashback using a hair dryer construct while other students crowd around Catwoman, making her feel uncomfortable as she recalls that the dorms in Super Hero High can be crowded. Later, Star Sapphire appears attending the dance in the SHHS gymnasium with Green Lantern.

Out of the Bottle[]

In Out of the Bottle, the living Supergirl and Comet drawings from Supergirl comics project appear searching through Star Sapphire's room, throwing away her jewelry. Star Sapphire arrives and notices the jewelry being thrown, and is then taunted by the Supergirl drawing, who remarks that she has both halves of a best friends forever charm while stealing it while riding on Comet. Star Sapphire fires constructs at the drawings saying that she is her own best friend.


She sat near Cheetah during the assembly, and comments on her failed attempt to trip Wonder Woman.[1]