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Worst! Text! EVER!
~ Star Sapphire, "Hate Triangle"

Carol Ferris (also known as Star Sapphire) is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She first appeared in "Hate Triangle," in which she serves as the main antagonist. She is a Violet Lantern, the girlfriend of Hal Jordan and a student at Metropolis High School.


According to Lauren Faust, each of the Super Villain Girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Star Sapphire's being envy[1].

  • Kari Wahlgren reprises her role from Young Justice.
  • This rendition of Carol is based on her early role as a villain, unlike in G1 when she was superhero attending Super Hero High.


Carol appears to be lovable, caring and dramatic, but in reality, she is envious, jealous, vengeful and obsessive and wants nothing more than to win back her ex-boyfriend, Hal Jordan, after he broke up with her. According to Hal, she is extremely clingy to him, causing him to break up with her over text, which he put a smiley face on, on Valentine's Day. Being solely focused on the idea of winning back Hal, Carol does not appear to care about anything, though she always hanging out with her friends when they are Super Villain Girls. Her mad jealousy of Jessica Cruz for always hanging out with her crush, and Hal's ignorant towards her occasionally drove her to murderous insanity. According to this, Carol will stop at nothing to obliterate anyone who having affections toward Hal and anything which stand between them. However, due to she and Hal got back together again after he apologized for what he did to her, Carol is possibly change herself and becoming nice. However, in the crossover Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse, Carol completely didn't reform herself and still remain evil.

Carol apparently dislikes Hal being with other girls, as seen when he gets into a fight with Jessica Cruz thinking she's his new girlfriend; or when Selina was assigned as Hal's teammate in "Scrambled Eggs". In the video game DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, when Carol sees Hal is with Diana Prince, she believes that he's trying to ignore her by hanging out with Diana, which caused her to chase him in anger.

As Star Sapphire, Carol has some of her personality traits, most her obsessive with Hal, keep intact. However, due to become a villain, Star Sapphire has also become villainous and ruthless. She also doesn't take advice from anyone, like Green Lantern. Star Sapphire does not easily forgive people who she feels getting in her way, as she believes Jessica/Green Lantern for stealing Hal from her, over time she will get over it but only time will tell. She is also hot-tempered and easily out of control, as seen when she confronts Jessica for being Hal's "girlfriend", which makes her surrounded by pink heart-shaped flame aura.


Carol is a slender-built and fair-skinned teenager with light violet eyes and long, voluminous and silky purplish-black hair which is kept into a high-ponytail by a pink hairbow. She also wears dark pink lipstick on her lips.

As a civilian, Carol dresses in a pleated, two-toned pink cheerleading dress with white trim on the top and around the waist, white calf-length socks and dark pink sneakers with white shoelaces and soles. In "Hate Triangle", her dress was a two-toned red, and her lipstick, bow and sneakers were also red. In the Graphic Novels, her dress is colored orange-and-dark blue, her bow is orange, and her sneakers are colored in a dark blue. She is also wears her Power Ring on the finger of her right hand.

As Star Sapphire, her body and eyes emit a pink aura, her hair is down and loose, and she dawned princess-theme clothing, which consists of a pink tiara with a white star on the center, and an extravagant pink dress with white-frilled trim around the skirt's hem and the short puffed sleeves, followed by a light violet upper section, a large white-frilled collar, and a belt which has a reverse color scheme as her tiara. She wears a set of white elbow-length gloves with small bows, along with matching knee-high socks with light violet ribbons tied into bows, and pink high-heels.

Depiction in series[]

Season 1[]

In "Hate Triangle", Carol first appears in the episode where she is a cheerleader on a school rival's team. When she sees Hal hiding in a garbage can, she walks angrily and transforms into Star Sapphire. Figuring out about Hal trying to get rid of her, she destroys the Football Field. When Jessica and Hal hide, Hal reveals that Carol is his ex-girlfriend. Before they went into the locker room, it is revealed that Carol is mad at Hal because he broke up with her over text. Carol is still furious at Hal for the way he broke up with her, and she manifests her powers as Star Sapphire and targets both him and Jessica, thinking mistakenly that Jessica stole him from her. Without using her own powers in aggression, Jessica shows Carol the truth, convinces her of Hal's flaws, and tells her that she needs to love herself first. Carol leaves, but vows to make Hal worthy of her love one day.

In "Frenemies", Carol transferred from the rival school to Metropolis High School and befriended Selina Kyle and three other girls: Leslie Willis, Doris Zeul, and Pamela Isley. She and the other girls befriend Harley Quinn by forming a villain team in Part 1. In Part 2, they vandalize the city by stealing jewels, causing chaos and fear, and destroying buildings and properties of the city.

In "Beeline," Star Sapphire is seen with the other girls, with Harley Quinn planning to destroy the bridge so Mrs. Johnson couldn't give her a math test the next day.

In "Soul Sisters," it was shown that Katana took her soul along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls. Not long after that, she was alive in Barbara's bedroom after Katana realizes that being a hero doesn't mean taking someone's soul away. Star Sapphire even compliments her new hairstyle which Supergirl playfully did, causing Catwoman to sigh.

In "Back In a Flash," she, along with Pam, Leslie, Garth, Hal and Oliver, laughs at Babs for farting at school, and a few seconds after Babs and Barry return from their time travel, Pam, Carol, Hal, Garth and Oliver look at both of them confused as if the world has taken a turn around them.

In "Scrambled Eggs", Carol gets to team up with Doris to take care of an egg based on a pairs task, but because Doris skips class, she has to take care of the egg alone, offending her and much to her anger. She names her egg "Hal Jordan Jr.", and later tasks Hal with looking after it for her after Selina quit and broke the egg the two of them had to look after. But Hal accidentally placed the egg in the blender as he created a protein shake. Hal arrives at Sweet Justice and asks Oliver and Barry if the egg looked okay as he showed his failed attempt to fix it and realized that not only is he going to fail, but Carol is going to kill him.

In "It's Complicated", Carol apparently got over her love for Hal, and made a new boyfriend, Thaal Sinclair. This makes Hal jealous, who announces that he is getting back together with Carol, but she laughs and explains she decided to stay with Thaal. Hal secretly trying to sabotage Thaal and Carol's date, but Thaal turns around the sabotage attempts into romantic gestures and impressive feats. But later, Hal tries to win her heart back with romantic gestures, but Carol rejects him over and over again. She asks Jess for help in avoiding Hal. Jess tells Hal she needs to talk to him, but before she says anything else Hal begs and cries at Carol's feet for her to take him back. Carol takes him back and explains that she got a new boyfriend to make Hal jealous and better himself. She tells Thaal that she never loved him, only for Thaal reveals too that he never loved her either, and he was trying to get to Hal; and he reveals himself as Sinestro. Sinestro attacks Hal, but Star Sapphire helps Hal defeat Sinestro. Hal promptly breaks up with Carol, and she attacks him. Sinestro and Dex-Starr join the attack, and Star Sapphire attacks Jessica too, accusing her of stealing Hal from her. Jessica convinces Hal to apologize to Carol and Thaal. Hal apologizes "for being so awesome", "charming, "irresistible", "super-cool", and "fun to hang out with". Carol sees this as a "vulnerable, sensitive side" of Hal, and Sinestro sees Hal as a "true bro" who would "humble himself". Carol, Sinestro, and incidentally Dex-Starr accept Hal and the four of them sail in the sky toward the moon Together as bests of friends. This episode is Star Sapphire's last appearance in the first season.

Super Shorts[]

In "Picture Daze", Carol sends several text messages to Hal, to which the latter asks Jessica to help him block her contact on his cellphone. An enraged Carol accuses Jessica of blocking her out and attacks her. And during their fight, they indirectly hit Hal, causing him looks horrible on photo, leaving a bad image of him in the yearbook.

In "Star Struck", passes the episode "Hate Triangle" from the perspective of Lois Lane, and Star Sapphire appears only a few seconds before leaving.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

Star Sapphire appears along with the Super Villain Girls during a fight against the Super Hero Girls on top of a moving train. She fought Wonder Woman, who blocked her attacks with her bracelets; until she was tied up along with the other villains. Suddenly, the team was teleported and rescued by Lex Luthor for join to the Legion of Doom alongside him and other villains. It's then that Lex tells his team that he has the power to get rid of the superheroes by using the Amulet of Cythonna to lock them in the Phantom Zone. Sapphire, along with Poison Ivy, confronted Katana who was locked up in the Phantom Zone.

A little later, the Legion locked almost the entire Justice League in the Phantom Zone, where Star Sapphire locked Aquaman there. She along with the Super Villain Girls corner Wonder Woman, but Harley Quinn lunges at her only to secretly help her escape from the Hall of Doom. After that, Sapphire along with the Legion was controlled by Cythonna, and they fought against the superheroes, but were defeated by them. She at the end appears to be tied together with the rest of the villains, who were left out of the control of the evil Kryptonian goddess.


Season 1[]


Super Shorts[]

Video Games[]

Graphic Novels[]


  • Ring Empowerment: The Star Sapphire ring is directly empowered by emotions in Carol's case, it is love.
  • Love Construct: Carol can create solid violet constructions like bazookas, shotguns, heart-shaped grenades etc.
  • Super-Flight: Carol can use her ring to fly great distances.
  • Lantern Scream
  • Pyrokinesis: Carol's most distinctive power is that whenever she gets angry she is always engulfed in violet heart-shaped flames and she can use those flames to attack.
  • Heart-Bomb Generation
  • Light Generation
  • Weaponry Constructs
  • Enhanced Strength/Speed
  • Sword Proficiency
  • Space Survivability (via Lantern Ring)


  • In "Hate Triangle", Carol used to attend a different school but as it was shown in "Picture Daze" and "Frenemies" she now attend Metropolis High. This implies that because she knew Hal attend Metropolis High, she decided to transfer to the school in order to get closer to him.
  • According to Hal, she was just a normal girl when they started dating, which would confirm that Carol received the power ring after he broke up with her.
  • Star Sapphire's villainous decline due to just Hal breaking up with her over text is very similar to Killer Frost's motivations against Ronnie Raymond in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series.
    • Unlike most of her animated and comic incarnations, this version has violet eyes instead of blue, although this may be due to her ring.
  • It is unknown why Star Sapphire turned bad again in Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse after resuming her

relationship with Hal in "It's Complicated".

  • Concept art shows that Star Sapphire initially wasn't going to have her sleeves puffed out like it ended up being in the final version.


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