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This article is about Star Sapphire (G2). For the generation one version, see Star Sapphire (G1).

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Worst! Text! EVER!

—Star Sapphire, "Hate Triangle"

Carol Ferris (also known as Star Sapphire) is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. First appeared in "Hate Triangle," in which she serves as the main antagonist. She is a Violet Lantern, the ex girlfriend of Hal Jordan and a student at Metropolis High School.


According to Lauren Faust, each of the Super Villain Girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Star Sapphire's being envy[1].

  • Kari Wahlgren reprises her role from Young Justice.
  • This rendition of Carol is based on her early role as a villain, unlike in G1 when she was superhero attending Super Hero High.


Carol appears to be lovable, caring and dramatic, but in reality, she is envious, jealous, vengeful and obsessive and wants nothing more than to win back her ex-boyfriend, Hal Jordan, after he broke up with her. Being solely focused on the idea of winning back Hal, Carol does not appear to care about anything, through she always hanging out with her friends when they are Super Villain Girls. Her mad jealousy of Jessica Cruz for always hanging out with her crush, and Hal's ignorant towards her occasionally drove her to murderous insanity. According to this, Carol will stop at nothing to obliterate anyone who having affections toward Hal and anything which stand between them. However, due to she and Hal got back together again after he apologized for what he did to her, Carol is possily change herself and becoming nice.

As Star Sapphire, Carol has some of her personality traits, most her obsessive with Hal, keep intact. However, due to become a villain, Star Sapphire has also become villainous and ruthless. She also doesn't take advice from anyone, like Green Lantern. Star Sapphire does not easily forgive people who she feels getting in her way, as she believes Jessica/Green Lantern for stealing Hal from her.


Carol is a teenage girl who has purplish black hair that tied in a large ponytail with a pink bow, a pale fair skin, and dark pink eyes. She dresses a pink pleated cheerleading dress that colored by pink and dark pink, and a pink sneakers. She wears her violet lantern power ring on her right hand. In the debut of "Hate Triangle", her cheerleading dress is colored by red, and in the graphic novels, Carol wears a cheerleading dress that is colored by orange.

As Star Sapphire, her body and eyes emit a pink aura. Her hair is down and loose, and she wears her lantern power ring on her right hand. She wears princess-themed clothing, including a pink tutu with puffy sleeves and white high collar, along with white elbow-length gloves and matching knee-length socks, and pink high heels.


  • Ring Empowerment
  • Love Construct
  • Super-Flight
  • Lantern Scream
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Heart-Bomb Generation
  • Light Generation
  • Weaponry Constructs
  • Enhanced Strength/Speed
  • Sword Proficiency
  • Space Survivability (via Lantern Ring)


  • In Hate Triangle Carol used to attend a different school but as it was shown in Picture Daze and Frenemies she now attend Metropolis High. Only because she knew Hal attend Metropolis High, she decided to transfer to the school in order to win him back again.


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