#StarStruck the forty-eighth short of DC Super Hero Girls that premiered online.


Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen find themselves pinned in the middle of a battle when Star Sapphire attacks Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz at the Metropolis High homecoming game.


Before the start of the homecoming game between Metropolis High and their rivals, Lois Lane began to fast talk about the upcoming game, only to stop herself as she admits that she can't do this as she wants to report much better. Meanwhile, from the distance, Jimmy notices a violet light from the side as it was Star Sapphire as she began to attack Hal Jordan and cause havoc on the field. At first, Lois seems to be unaware of what happening, until she spots Star Sapphire and her powers and runs for her life. Finally getting her wish, Lois asked if Jimmy is recording any of the action but instead he's in fear as he rushes into the locker room and Lois is forced to follow him

After making it to the locker (and scaring the boys as this was the second time a girl entered the locker room) Lois found Jimmy and took his camera to take the action. Unfortunately, she took too much time talking to herself as she missed the action as she sees Star Sapphire flying away. Disappointed that she didn't get the scoop she wanted, Jessica and Hal tried to pretend that the whole ordeal was just the game with the Hamsters winning, with Lois giving a sadden cheer.



  • Although this short premiered in 2020, it was produced in 2019 according to the end credits.
  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "Vegecide" on its original release date.
  • This short takes place at the same time as "Hate Triangle".
  • Although Jimmy and Garth appeared in this short, they do not have any speaking lines.


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