DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[theme song playing]
♪ Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! ♪
♪ Wow! ♪
Lois: Welcome, Sports Fans, to the biggest day of the year. Lois Lane here, coming to live from our beautiful Lombard field where our own hamsters are getting ready for a dust-up that's sure to be out of this world.
Hal: Yeah, Kilowog’s right, you know. You’re gonna have to hit someone, eventually.
Jessica: Oh, Hal, must you be so wrong about so many things?
Girl: Go get him tonight, Jordan!
Girl #2: Nibble on, Hamsters!
Trio: Whoo!
Hal: Nibble on. Whoo! Hey.
Lois: That's right, Metropolis High, our hamsters are about to lay it all on the line. With stakes this high, the drama on the field is sure to be... Aw, nuts. I can't do it, Jimmy, I said I just can't do it! Football's about as new as the other bobby socks, bobby socks! Where's the drama? Where's the human interest? Where are the stakes?
[crowd gasping]
Lois: I need action to get my keys clicking!
Star: [sinister voice] Thought you got rid of me, didn’t you, Hal Jordan?
Lois: Good versus evil, hero versus villain!
Star: ...Well, now, you’re mine!
[all screaming]
Lois: Why is everyone so worked up? Did someone steal the mascot's head again? Jimmy, where you going?
[all screaming]
Lois: What gives? The stadium's clearing out faster than a minnow can swim the difference. Oh, now that's a story. Looks like I better look out for my own human interest. And fast! On second thought, I could do a little less drama. [screams] Jimmy! Jimmy. Are you getting any of this? Attaboy, Jimmy, get that scoop like a kid in an ice-cream shop! Or... not. [sighs] Have those brakes, Lane, human interest, drama, stakes, this could be the story of the century! Get back out here, you butter knock shutterbug! We got awards to win!
Boy: Girl! Again!
[all screaming]
Lois: OK, Lane, this is it. The biggest moment of your career. Nail this and the cakewalk destiny. Swanky parties award ceremonies, trophy shelves as far as the eye can see. Keep your peepers peep and click that shutter. Ready, teddy? Excelsior!
Lois: Hey, what gives? The joint's empty! Bye-bye, human interest. Bye-bye, drama. Bye-bye, story of the century.
Jessica: Oh, hey, Lois. That was quite the, uh, football match, huh?
Hal: What? No, it was-- Ow! I mean, yeah, yeah, huh? We totally destroyed him. Go hamsters! Whoo!
Lois: [sighs] Go hamsters.
[theme music playing]