Starfire, born as Koriand'r, is a supporting character, and the younger sister of Blackfire and the older sister of Darkfire.


  • Alien Physiology:
  • Solar Energy Absorption:
  • Solar Empowerment:
  • Aerial Adaptation:
  • Atmospheric Adaptation:
  • Vacuum Adaptation:
  • Levitation:
  • Flight:
  • High-Speed Flight:
  • Interstellar Travel:
  • Ultraviolet Manipulation:
  • Solar Energy Manipulation:
  • Energy Manipulation:
  • Energy Attacks:
  • Solar Attacks:
  • Solar Blast:
  • Energy Blast:
  • Solar Bolt Projection:
  • Energy Bolt Projection:
  • Supernaturally Dense Tissue:
  • Supernatural Strength:
  • Strength Combat:
  • Linguistic Assimilation:
  • Contact-Based Power Activation:
  • Powerful Touch:
  • Supernatural Combat:
  • Enhanced Combat:
  • Enhanced Unarmed Combat:
  • Ergokinetic Combat:
  • Heliokinetic Combat:
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Speed:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Space Adaption:
  • Starbolts:
  • Starblasts:
  • Eyebeams:

The Feisty Fashionista

Starfire is a warrior princess from the planet Tamaran, despite her exotic alien beauty, she is a down-to-earth girl. Since arriving on Earth she’s travelled as a part-time fashionista and recently enrolled in Super Hero High. With super-strength, the power of flight the ability to project starbolts, she truly is a SUPER DUPER model.

High Fashion Flyer

As a model, Starfire’s seen all the great cities on Earth––and a few that are out of this world! When she’s not in the seat of a luxury jet, she’s flying to meet her besties at Capes and Cowls Café.

Friendly but Fierce

She’s got a good heart and tries to say a kind word, but it doesn’t always come out exactly as she means (because of her not understanding Earth grammar). She brings out the best in her friends and when they’re in danger you might get a glimpse of her fiery side.



Starfire is an alien princess from the planet, Tamaran. She has long flowing red and orange hair in a fiery ombré pattern (yellow on the dolls), orange skin, and green eyes. She wears purple eye shadow, purple lipstick, and pink blush. She also wears a purple flame dress with metal shoulder pads with a green gem on the chest, and a metallic belt with another identical green gem. She also wears metallic elbow-length finger-less gloves and purple knee-high boots.


She is friendly, feisty, and a sweet fashionista. She does not understand Earth grammar very well, often using redundancies and overusing the word “the”. The other students describe her as quiet. She’s friends with Cyborg and fellow alien Miss Martian.



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