Steve Trevor is a character in the webseries.


Steve Trevor is a teenage boy who has peach skin, black eyes and blond hair. He wears a grey t-shirt, with a white apron around his waist. He wears blue denim jeans and black and white sneakers, as well as a brown arm-band.


Steve Trevor is voiced by Josh Keaton in the English version of the cartoon. He makes his first appearance in the webisode, Franken-Ivy.

He is a waiter at Capes and Cowls Cafe, which is owned by his father. He serves Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy milk but gets attacked by Poison Ivy's new pet plant, Franky.

Graphic Novels

In Hits and Myths, he appears in one panel where he is standing outside Capes and Cowls Cafe and waits for Wonder Woman to fly by on her way to school so he could give her a breakfast muffin.


  • In the regular DC continuity, Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman's most prevalent love interest. Here, however, outside of being friends, his relationship with her is unknown but it is implied lightly he may have a crush on her.
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