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This article is about Steve Trevor (G2). For the generation one version, see Steve Trevor (G1).

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Steve Trevor is a supporting character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He studies at a military academy and is a former student at Metropolis High School. He was the leader of the Invinci-Bros and Wonder Woman’s love interest.

Depiction in the series[]

Steve Trevor is the love interest of Wonder Woman. In his first appearance in "Crushing It," he was the first boy she met when she landed on Metropolis. Throughout the episode, Steve's mere presence caused Diana to go all goofy around him and lose focus. With no other option, Batgirl suggests to take him out, which the others Super Hero Girls misunderstand and tried to literally "Take him out". But Batgirl revealed she hacked into the military academy's database and got Steve accepted, all so that Wonder Woman could be more focused. However, a picture of him is shown on Wonder Woman's Locker.

In "DC Super Hero Boys," Steve is revealed to be the leader of The Invinci-Bros, despite not having any superpowers or special abilities, although he makes up for it with military tactics. During the battle against Zod, Hal told Steve to go to get donuts, so that Wonder Woman would snap out of her daze and organize a plan to send Zod and his team back to the Phantom Zone. Later, as the Super Hero Girls and the Invinc-Bros are eating the donuts Steve bought, Flash realizes that if it wasn't for Steve not being in the way, then Zod would have won.

In "Space House Part 3" While not having a physical appearance, Steve did appear in Wonder Woman's Virtual Simulation as she would go on a date with him, get married to him and buying a house rather then coming up with a plan to destroy the Meat-eor.

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  • In the DC Comics, Steve was an intelligence operative and officer from the US Army Corps who crashed on Themyscira and first encountered Wonder Woman as he woke up.


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