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Stompa is a recurring villain in the DC Super Hero Girls web series and a member of the Female Furies.


Stompa is a large muscular alien girl with brown hair done in bangs, brown eyes and peach skin. She wears a yellow helmet with a skull insignia on it, with a large red and yellow jump suit, as well as a yellow cape, black belt and large yellow gloves. She also utilizes an orange visor on her helmet.


  • Shockwave Stomp
  • Supernatural Leap
  • Immortality
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Supernaturally Dense Tissue
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Earthquake Generation
  • Seismokinetic Combat
  • Geokinetic Combat

Depiction in the web series

She is voiced by April Stewart in the English version of the cartoon.

Season two

In the special Super Hero High, Stompa appears training on Apokolips with the other Female Furies. They participate in the invasion of Earth when Granny Goodness opens the Boom Tubes to Apokolips and they take control of Super Hero High School with mind control. Granny then sends her to keep post outside the school with Big Barda and Artemiz. The three are unsuccessful at stopping Supergirl and Batgirl from disabling the mind control. In the ensuing fight with the SHH students, Stompa breaks into the lobby and knocks into Beast Boy as an elephant trying to extinguish the fires from the fight before engaging Lady Shiva. She manages to throw her by her hair before engaging Poison Ivy and chasing her outside the school. After attempting to stomp on her, Ivy defeats her by ensnaring her with grass from the school's front lawn. As Granny and the other Furies are defeated, they are thrown into Belle Reve Penitentiary through a Boom Tube by Vice Principal Grodd.[1]

Season three

In Spring Prison Break, Stompa appears being broken out of Belle Reve with Mad Harriet by Lashina. They engage Frost when she attempts to stop them. Frost defeats Stompa by freezing her to the ceiling before defeating Mad Harriet while Lashina escapes. In A Fury Scorned, Lashina succeeds in breaking Stompa and the rest of the Furies out of Belle Reve and they escape to Apokolips. In the film Intergalactic Games, Granny and the Furies arrange with Lena Luthor to participate in the titular event as Apokolips Magnet School. They taunt Big Barda as a traitor during the banquet and participate in a food fight. During the first day of the Games, Stompa wins a hand-to-hand combat event against Lady Shiva. Granny and the Furies then try to break into the school to steal the responsometer to build combat robots, and are confronted by Super Hero High students. They almost manage to escape, but Big Barda intervenes and helps defeat them, with Stompa getting captured by Wonder Woman's lasso. They are then disqualified from the Games and driven off to prison in a Metropolis SCU truck.

Season four

In Truth of the Lasso Part 1, a standee of Stompa appears as a target along with those of other villains for a Super Hero High School student target practice exercise where it is ensuingly destroyed.


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