#StreetStyle is the fifth short of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts that was released online on YouTube. 


Supergirl puts on a new dress for picture day at school, only to shred it piece by piece as she deals with a string of emergencies on her way to class.


It's "Special Picture Day" at Metropolis High School, and Kara Danvers's adoptive parents have left her a beautiful dress to wear. Kara despairs at being forced to wear ridiculously feminine clothes, but she reluctantly puts on the dress and walks to her school. On the way, she deals with a string of emergences (an out-of-control baby carrier, an unleashed dog, a bank robbery...), during which her dress gets shredded and stained. Nonetheless, she actually cheers up when she notices her ruined clothes before getting her picture taken.


Starring the Voices of


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