#SuckerPunch is the forty-sixth short of DC Super Hero Girls that was released online.


Barbara Gordon is desperate to win a prize on a punching game at the pier, but just doesn't have the skills.


While eating cotton candy at the Metropolis Pier, Barbara spotted a plush bat doll in a punching machine and is determined to win it. However in order to get the prize Barbara much score 500 points by Punching the punching bag, which resembled Joker's face. In her first attempt, she manages to only score 1 point, then after taking another swing, she manages to only get 2 points. Just then Kara arrived and offered to win that prize for her but Babs declined as she wants to win it herself.

In attempting to win against the machine, Babs tries to tackle it only to reach 4 points. Furious that the machine is mocking her, Babs decides to use one of her Batgirl's gadget but once again failed to win the prize. enraged Barbara tries a barrage of punches and kicks but no use as she still can reach the 500 point mark but she refuses to give up. Kara returns and wondered if Barbara won the prize yet, only for her to come up with an idea; Barbara borrowed Kara's skateboard then appeared on top of the highest point of the rollercoaster track, ride around the track and use the momentum of the track to gain enough speed to punch the machine and win. Unfortunately, she misses the target and fell in the water.

After seeing Babs getting back up, Kara decided to give her a hand but using her super strength and launched Babs towards the machine, gaining enough momentum to not only gained the 500 points and win her bat but also to accidentally destroyed the machine in the process but she doesn't care as she and Kara celebrated, ending with them jumping and freeze up in the air.



  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with the previous short on its original release date.
  • Although this is the first short to premiere in 2020, it was produced in 2019 according to the end credits.


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