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DC Super Hero Girls: Summer Olympus is the third graphic novel based on the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. It was published on July 11th 2017.


Chapter One: Gimme a Summer Break[]

On a rooftop in downtown Metropolis, Bumblebee and Wonder Woman pursue the Double Dare Twins after they steal Silver St. Cloud’s collection of designer purses for the “greatest handbag heist of all time.” Aliki shoots Wonder Woman with a bow using her feet, but is disarmed when Bumblebee stings her foot, causing her to drop it. The Twins jump off the rooftop, pursued by the heroes, and the pursuit continues on foot on the street, where Aliki is captured by Wonder Woman’s of Truth, and Margot is stung by Bumblebee before also getting tied up in the . They return the handbags to Silver. St Cloud before taking the Twins, who admit under the ’s influence of their other stolen loot in their hideout at a circus tent off Centennial avenue, to Batgirl. Meanwhile, Batgirl has Cheshire, Solomon Grundy and Killer Moth are arrested and wait in a Metropolis SCU truck, and reminds Killer Moth of his right to remain silent, when he mentions that he thinks they “had a real spark” when she tried to stop his plans of putting Metropolis in a cocoon. After the Twins are also locked up in the truck, Wonder Woman asks if there are other villains on the loose. Supergirl flies in and reports to her that all known villains in Metropolis are accounted for, having checked with Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve Juvenile Detention Centre, and the SCU. As Batgirl also reports that there are no open police bulletins, Bumblebee, Batgirl and Supergirl celebrate the beginning of summer break. As Wonder Woman remarks that summer break means leaving Super Hero High School, a blur swiftly passes them by. The four heroes pursue the blur, passing Steve Trevor as he sweeps outside Capes & Cowls Café, back to the school. Supergirl eventually catches the blur, who is revealed to be Hermes, the messenger of the Greek Gods and Wonder Woman’s half-brother from her father’s side. Hermes gives Wonder Woman a message from her father, inviting her to spend summer vacation with him at Mount Olympus. As her friends remark that her father is Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods, Wonder Woman explains that she has only been to Mount Olympus for weekends every once in a while, never for a whole summer, and tells Hermes that she will need to think about what reply to give Zeus. Hermes tells her that everyone on Olympus, especially her little sister Siracca, who is also staying for the summer would also like to know her better. Back in her room, she talks to her mother Hippolyta on the phone, telling her that she has always been curious about her Goddess side, and she will miss her friends by staying an entire summer on Olympus. Hermes then shows up at her window, telling her that she can bring whatever friends she likes, before leaving upon admitting that he forgot to pay for a beverage at Capes & Cowls. In the school hallways, she asks Supergirl if she would like to go to Mount Olympus with her, but she declines as she already promised her Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Martha Kent that she would help out at their farm with Big Barda and Lady Shiva, who report to her that Principal Waller signed off on her locker clean-out. She then asks Batgirl, who also declines in favor of a summer tour of Europe with Katana and Beast Boy. Wonder Woman asks more of her friends, including Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, the Flash, Frost, Miss Martian, Starfire, Cyborg and the Cheetah who all decline for various reasons and other plans. Bumblebee is the only person who agrees to come, and Hermes teleports them to Olympus, cancelling their need to use Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Upon arriving on Mount Olympus, Hermes leaves them to attend to business, and Wonder Woman and Bumblebee feel a gust of wind and hear someone loudly yell “I hate Ambrosia!”.

Chapter Two: Summertime Madness[]

The gust of wind turns into a twister revealed to be from Siracca, one of Wonder Woman’s half-sisters, who coldly dismisses them when Wonder Woman notes how her wind powers have improved and tries to introduce herself to her. Zeus then appears and hugs Diana, showing off his powers to Bumblebee and announces that they can now feast as they have arrived. The feast is attended by several other Greek Gods, including Aphordite, Goddess of love, Apollo, God of music, Demeter, Goddess of agriculture and Hermes. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake as Ares, the God of war suddenly appears. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee briefly battle him before Zeus breaks up the fight, introducing Ares as Diana’s brother. Ares cheerfully socializes with Wonder Woman before leaving and doing the same with the other Gods. Wonder Woman begins to feel out of place, seeing how Zeus socializes with the other Gods. As she writes about this in her journal, she calls Supergirl. Meanwhile, Supergirl, Lady Shiva and Big Barda perform farm chores at the Kents’ farm in Smallville. Big Barda accidentally drops Supergirl’s farm in a bucket of milk, and Supergirl tells her that she will call Wonder Woman back later. She proceeds to teach her two classmates how to perform the various remaining farm chores. Meanwhile, Batgirl, Katana and Beast Boy attend the British Museum in London, where Batgirl gets a phone call from Wonder Woman, but it is abruptly ended by a security guard. An alarm goes off in the Museum alerting for a burglary in the Greek hall, and the heroes follow the guard into the security office, where they see CCTV footage of a suspicious woman carrying a bag from a souvenir shop from the London Eye after the theft the Golden Olive Branch from the museum. They begin interrogating people at the London Eye if they have seen the suspect. Katana eventually recognizes the suspect in the crowd of people and the heroes begin chasing after her. Batgirl saves Beast Boy transformed into a gazelle from being hit by a bus as cars are driven on the other side in England. After passing the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Buckingham Palace, the heroes chase the suspect inside Big Ben, where the suspect puts Katana and Beast Boy to sleep with a sleep grenade as they pursue her in a staircase. Batgirl escapes the gas and runs outside, where she uses her Batrope to climb up the tower. The suspect then kicks Batgirl off the Batrope, leaving her holding on from the side of the tower with the clock’s minute hand.

Chapter Three: Fun in the Sun[]

Beast Boy, transformed as a bird rescues Batgirl and brings her to the ground. Katana then arrives to tell them that the suspect is gone, but that she also found a map. Batgirl however notes that it she does not know what the map is of. Back on Mount Olympus, Wonder Woman continues to feel out disconnected with her family. Siracca then comes over, and they bond over their mutual alienation with their families. Siracca describes feeling weird that she is half-human and half-God, before telling her backstory, having left her previous home in Syria with her mother due to the war. While on a boat to Greece with other refugees, a storm hit, threatening to sink the boat. Siracca used her powers for the first time to magically end the storm. The other refugees did not appreciate her, only remarking that she was different. Continuing to feel isolated at a refugee camp, she received a letter from Hermes inviting her to spend the summer on Mount Olympus with Zeus, expecting to fit in better with them, only to have her expectation dashed. She remarks that it would not be so bad if she had a friend like how Wonder Woman has Bumblebee. Wonder Woman then replies that she now has both of them and they can be weird together. At a Fish and Chips restaurant in London, Batgirl and Katana discuss the theft while eating. Figuring the thief to be a collector trying to find more things to collect, Batgirl suspects that they should look at museums and galleries with Greek antiquities. Finding the Louvre in Paris on Batgirl’s computer, the three heroes decide to go there to pursue the thief, much to Beast Boy and Katana’s excitement. Back on Mount Olympus, Wonder Woman practices in archery with Bumblebee, and Siracca uses her wind powers to shoot a bullseye without a bow. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee then socialize with the other Gods, with Wonder Woman showing Poison Ivy Demeter’s rare Mythiosa Orchid via her phone and receives romance novels from Aphrodite for her book club, while Bumblebee enjoys Apollo’s music before Wonder Woman races Hermes. In Metropolis, at the end of Professor Etrigan’s drama camp Harley Quinn checks on her friends’ updates on her phone, and begins to miss them as she finds herself on the outside of their many inside jokes. Back on Mount Olympus, Zeus shows Bumblebee and Siracca pictures from a family photo album and tells Ares that they will play chess later. When an unknown Goddess appears in the album, Zeus explains that that is Strife, the Goddess of discord an d conflict, who did not come for the summer as they had a falling out and he has not seen her for many years. At the Louvre museum in Paris, Batgirl, Beast Boy and Katana search for the missing artifact, while Batgirl calls Hawkgirl for her archeology expertise. As most of a museum’s collection is held in storage, Batgirl hacks into a forbidden room, allowing them to enter. In the dark of the storage room, they are suddenly caught by French police who arrest them under suspicion of stealing the Shield of Ares, while the suspect from earlier taunts them in the shadows of the room and is revealed to have stolen the shield.

Chapter Four: The Hunt[]

Back on Mount Olympus, Zeus organizes a hunt of a Chimera as a Family Game Day, clarifying it is his pet and that the hunt is only to capture it. He will give a reward to the winner. After the chimera is given a head start, Ares tells Wonder Woman that no tracking devices are allowed due to classic Olympus rules, and all electronic devices are given to him in a basket. The hunt begins. In a police station in Paris, Commissioner Gordon scolds Batgirl over the phone for now having to the call Paris police to have her released. When he reminds her that she and her friends are not supposed to be “super heroing outside of Metropolis”, Batgirl replies that they are “onto something big” and that she gets her “inability to quit a case” from him. She ends the call upon getting an incoming call from Hawkgirl. While on an archeology dig, Hawkgirl tells her that she researched the artifacts she mentioned, and that the Shield of Ares grants its user invulnerability, while certain items like the branch from the British museum and the Amulet of Harmonia are known to render the shield useless. Batgirl deduces that the thief would also need to steal the Amulet to ensure that no one could stop her, while Hawkgirl tells them that the Amulet is in a private collection in Themescyra. While riding on motor scooters, Batgirl tells her friends that they will have to warn Wonder Woman that the thief will strike Themyscira, before they leave for Greece. At Themiscyra, Strife attacks Queen Hippolyta], and uses her conflict-inducing powers to make the other Amazons fight each other. With Hippolyta distracted by the conflict, Strife steals the Amulet of Harmonia, and runs away, ending her power over the the Amazons. On Mount Olympus, the Gods all participate in the hunt for the chimera. Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and Siracca try to find it together, and eventually do so using Siracca’s wind powers. As they approach the chimera, it attacks them and they engage it in battle. Eventually, Bumblebee shrinks and lures the snake head to bite the goat head, causing the chimera to be knocked out by its own venom. They bring the creature back to Zeus, who says his friend Panacea can heal it, and that conflict amongst its heads causes all of them to lose. For winning the competition, he gives cancelling headphones that cancel not only noise, but also magic to Bumblebee, an enchanted wind chime that can warn of danger to Siracca, and the choice to become a full Goddess to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman expresses uncertainty over such a big decision, so Zeus summons her two headed brother Janus, God of choices to help her decide. Janus shows her that by accepting, she can become even more powerful, immortal and indestructible, making her no longer a “half-God freak” and able to be a better superhero who can help more people.  He also shows her that accepting will also require staying on Mount Olympus and leaving Super Hero High to learn how to be a Goddess rather than a Super Hero. While she remarks that she has enjoyed her stay on Mount Olympus so far, she and Janus are knocked off their feet by Strife and Ares as Siracca’s chimes blow. Ares pushes Janus and Siracca out of the room, while Strife says they only want Wonder Woman.

Chapter Five: Midsummer Night’s Scream[]

Batgirl, Beast Boy and Katana arrive at Mount Olympus to warn Wonder Woman, but arrive too late, as Strife already gives Ares his shield and uses it to attack Wonder Woman right before their eyes. Zeus arrives to investigate the commotion, and Ares and Strife tell him of their plans to bring war to Metropolis as they only agreed to not attack Diana’s residence when she was born as they were weak without the shield and now with the shield, branch and Amulet, they are unstoppable. They battle Wonder Woman and her friends with the other hypnotized Olympian Gods. Zeus jumps in front of a thunderbolt thrown by Ares at Wonder Woman and collapses, before telling her that he is unharmed due to his immortality, but he must stay on Mount Olympus and cannot help her protect Metropolis. Ares, Strife and the other Gods then leave for Metropolis, while Bumblebee writes a message for Hermes to deliver to their friends in Smallville for the battle. Bound to deliver messages, he does so, while Wonder Woman and her friends hang on to him for a ride. Ares’ army arrives in Metropolis, where Strife orders the other Gods to spread hate, violence and discord in the city. Strife uses her powers to start an argument between two construction workers over trivia night, Principal Waller and Vice Principal Grodd, and Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, causing Ares to grow in both sizer and power. At Capes & Cowls Café, Frost struggles to prepare drinks, as she freezes them in her hands. As she and Steve discuss her employment at the Café, Frost stops an arrow fired by Apollo from hitting them. Frost quits the job, to Steve’s relief, as there is now a day to save. At the school’s theatre department, Harley Quinn is attacked by Siracca while reciting Hamlet’s monologue, while Poison Ivy is captured and gagged by Demeter in the school greenhouse. At Centennial Park, Aphrodite infatuates Green Lantern, causing Star Sapphire to attack him while Lois Lane reports about the chaos on the city. Strife uses her powers to make her rage against Super Hero High students for “partying on their summer vacations” while the city suffers. At Smallville, Supergirl, Lady Shiva and Big Barda continue their farm work as Hermes and the other students suddenly arrive with the message. They explain to them that there is war in Metropolis due to Ares and Strife, and Wonder Woman apologizes that her siblings are causing this crisis. Her classmates reassure her that she is still their friend despite her association with her villainous siblings. Batgirl then gets a call from her father who tells her about the chaos in Metropolis caused by new supers. Deducing it as caused by the Gods and Goddesses under Strife’s spell, the students race to Metropolis to confront them. With the Save-the-Day alarm ringing in Super Hero High School, the students inside spring into action upon learning that Metropolis is under attack, and Harley Quinn frees Ivy as she is hanging in the greenhouse. Meanwhile, other students around Metropolis, including Catwoman, Starfire, Thunder and Lightning also prepare for battle to confront the Gods and Goddesses as they approach the school. The students work together to battle and incapacitate Ares and Strife’s army. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and her friends arrive at the school in Metropolis and race to the school upon learning that they are there due to Supergirl’s enhanced hearing. Siracca then attacks Wonder Woman, blowing her onto a rooftop, but Wonder refuses to battle her sister and tells her that she still loves her, making Siracca return to normal and apologize to her. Strife and a giant Ares then appear, trying to bring her back to their side, while Wonder Woman vows to protect her.

Chapter Six: Back to School[]

With Ares’ army defeated, Green Lantern and Star Sapphire stay behind to hold the defeated Gods and Goddesses with giant hand constructs while the rest of the heroes leave to battle Ares and find a way to break the spell. The supers arrive as Wonder Woman battles Ares and work together to defeat him. However, their efforts are in vain as the more they fight, the stronger Ares becomes, as their efforts cannot scratch his shield. Strife retaliates by casting a spell on the heroes, causing them to fight amongst themselves, Bumblebee escapes it by shrinking and hiding inside a Capes & Cowls cup on the ground, and observes that “when we fight ourselves, we all lose”. She unsuccessfully tries to break up the fighting between her many classmates. When Supergirl throws Wonder Woman into a wall, Wonder Woman continues to refuse to fight for Ares and Strife. Enraged, Ares attempts to destroy her, but Bumblebee jumps in front of the attack, leaving her severely injured and weakening Ares. Wonder Woman carries Bumblebee out of the battle when she is called out to by Siracca, who found Hawkgirl who knows how to defeat Ares. Hawkgirl explains to her that she has been researching the Shield of Ares, and that Ares’ wars can be stopped by the Amulet of Harmonia and the Golden Olive Branch, which were both stolen by Strife, but they can also be stopped by Philia, which Wonder Woman identifies as the Love of Friendship or the sisterhood of the Amazons. Wonder Woman realizes that Bumblebee’s friendship is what freed her from Strife’ spell and also her friendship is what freed Siracca. While Ares and Strife enjoy the battle between the Supers, Wonder Woman flies up to them with her hand tied in the to ensure that she is telling the truth. She tells them that she will sacrifice anything for her friends, including joining their side so that her friends will survive, breaking the Shield. She praises her friends, who she expects would have done the same. As the heroes stop fighting and become free from the spell, Ares becomes progressively weaker and shrinks, much to his and Strife’s surprise. With the spell broken and Ares now shrunken to only a foot tall, he runs away, abandoning the broken Shield of Ares abandoned while being chased by Strife. As narrated by Wonder Woman, Apollo gives Bumblebee a bowl of chicken noodle soup to help her heal back on Mount Olympus, and the stolen Amulet of Harmonia and Golden Olive branch were recovered and returned to their rightful owners in the museum and on Thesmiscyra. Her mother also opens Themiscyra’s palace to a few refugees, including Siracca and her mother until their own home is safe to return to. She tells her father that she has decided to remain a half-Goddess and waves her siblings, now free from the spell, goodbye as the summer ends and she leaves Mount Olympus, and later watches a sunset on Thesmiscyra with Bumblebee and Siracca. She notes that her Goddess side gave her the strength to fight and her Amazon side taught her to love her friends as sisters, which was the only way they defeated Ares and Strife. Wonder Woman ends the narration while giving her report on the summer vacation for class, which receives a warm applause from the students watching and an unseen teacher. The teacher then calls Beast Boy to give his report, but feeling that he cannot follow-up such a good report, he transforms into a dog and eats his own report, telling the teacher that his dog ate his homework.

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