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Super Hero Girls' Underground Base is a major location in the DC Super Hero Girls television series, located underneath the Sweet Justice cafe.


During the reconstruction of Sweet Justice, Barbara Gordon snuck into the construction site each night to construct the base as a surprise for the newly-formed Super Hero Girls.


The base can be accessed via one of the booths at Sweet Justice. One must first position a container of straws to the center of a table, then lift up and push down on it, which activates a slide leading into the base. It is currently unknown how the girls exit the base.

Regarding its interior, the base is a rectangular room divided into six sectors surrounding a main sitting area with a TV, three couches, and a refrigerator.

Batgirl's Sector[]

The area that Batgirl primarily uses. It is decorated with Batman memorabilia, along with a monitor with three screens, a workbench, and a toolbox. Batgirl's scooter is sometimes seen here as well.

Zatanna's Sector[]

The area Zatanna primarily uses. Objects relating to casting spells are primarily stored here, including a chest, spellbook, playing cards, a top hat, and a wand. An Amazing Zee Zatara poster, along with other posters relating to magic decorate the walls.

Green Lantern's Sector[]

The area Green Lantern primarily uses. Along the walls lie shelves of books and a string of star-shaped lights, while a bean bag chair, an acoustic guitar, and candles surround the area.

Supergirl's Sector[]

The area Supergirl primarily uses. The dominant objects here are a bench and a large barbell, most likely for Supergirl to work out. Other notable objects in this sector are a punching bag, two amplifiers and an electric guitar, and a water fountain. The walls are covered in graffiti.

Bumblebee's Sector[]

The area Bumblebee primarily uses. This area features a large desk with several high-tech computers and monitors, welding tools, and posters of boy bands.

Wonder Woman's Sector[]

The area Wonder Woman primarily uses. True to her Amazonian roots, this area is dominantly decorated with ancient Greek-inspired memorabilia, along with a shield, gladiator helmet, and a bookshelf filled with books.



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