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The Super Hero Girls are the main characters of the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. They are a team of female superheroes that defend the city of Metropolis from criminals.


The Super Hero Girls appear in the first episode of the first season Welcome to Super Hero High introduced by the Principal of the school: Amanda Waller. The first members of the team to appear are: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Barbara Gordon, Catwoman, Frost, Cheetah, Hawkgirl, Hawkgirl, Lady Shiva, Miss Martian, Star Sapphire and Starfire. They go to Super Hero High School as students alongside other superhero teenagers in order to learn how to be a superhero.

In the second episode it's presented Wonder Woman. Principal Waller greets Wonder Woman, who then introduces Bumblebee, the ambassador to new students, to Wonder Woman. Bumblebee gives her a tour of the campus, meeting Cheetah, Hawkgirl, Starfire, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Katana, Poison Ivy and Barbara Gordon, until to bring her in her to her dorm where she meets her roommate Harley Quinn, who joybuzzes her while shaking hands.

During her permanence at Super Hero High, Wonder Woman picks up a thing or two about being a superhero and teenager's life, but also gains a rival: Cheetah.

In the special Super Hero High the Super Hero Girls welcome a new student: the Kryptonian Supergirl, the Superman's cousin. During her time at school, Supergirl became more close to Barbara Gordon,a member of the school's IT department, who helps to become a better superhero. Inspired by Supergirl's heroism, Barbara become a superhero herself, acquiring the name of Batgirl and after helping the SHG to stop the invasion of the Female Furies both of them became part of the Super Hero Girls squad.


Wonder Woman[]

Main Article: Wonder Woman (G1)

The Leader of the team. A natural born leader, she comes from paradise island of Themyscira, a place full of warrior women. She has super strength, can fly, is nearly invincible and is the glue that holds her crew together. Wondy, as she is called, uses her modified Themysciran steel shield, bulletproof bracelets, and the Lasso of Truth to make the world a better and safer place. She is known to be courageous and competitive. A crusader for truth and justice, Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Diana Prince) is always looking to stop evil in its tracks with courage and supreme confidence, while excelling at Super Hero High in both academics and sports.


Main Article: Supergirl (G1)

The Kind One. Supergirl is a kind and noble person, she is always ready to save the day and to help others. Her powers include heat vision, super-strength, ice breath, flight, x-ray vision, super-speed, and a sonic yell. She's adga clumsy and optimistic person, but always ready to protect others, even when it means risking her own life in the process. Just like her cousin, her planet exploded and landed into the planet Earth. When she arrived on Earth, she received superpowers from the sun, and was adopted by the Kents.


Main Article: Batgirl (G1)

The Techno Wizard of the group. She was accepted to Super Hero High solely based on her intelligence. She more than makes up for possessing zero super-powers with her smarts, her well-honed detective skills, and her computer genius. Before being accepted as a student, she was the tech assistant working at the school. Supergirl -who quickly would become her best friend- encouraged her to become a hero and even stitched up a costume for Barbara. From that point on, Barbara claimed the "Batgirl" name.

Harley Quinn[]

Main Article: Harley Quinn (G1)

The Class Clown of the group, she's a quick-witted mischief-seeker who dedicates herself to spectacular pranks and endless puns. Her abilities including unpredictability, gymnastics and acrobatic skills.

She and her superhero friends are very close, but her superhero friends does tire of Harley's constant pranks. She's Poison Ivy's best friend.


Main Article: Bumblebee (G1)

The Social Butterfly of the group, she uses her abilities to spy on super-villains to ensure that her team is always prepared for any scheme. Her powers include shrinkability, sonic blasts, and enhanced strength, making her the perfect hero to find out what villains are up to. Because of her work the heroes on her teams are never surprised by villainous attacks.

Poison Ivy[]

Main Article: Poison Ivy (G1)

The Garden Variety Misfit. Poison Ivy is a shy but idealistic science genius and ally both of her friends and plant-kind who can not only summon and control plants but accelerate their growth as well. She's Harley Quinn's best friend.


Main Article: Katana (G1)

The Artist with An Edge. Katana is a fearless stealthy ninja, a skilled martial artist and swordswoman. She considers her blade a part of her and often speaks to it. Katana has a deep fondness for art, in fact she loves to blend her love of art and fashion to create a killer look.

Recurring Members[]


Main Article: Starfire (G1)

An optimistic, benevolent, feisty and clever warrior princess from the planet Tamaran, but is a down-to-earth girl. Her natural Tamaranean abilities include flight, superhuman strength and bright green-colored circular bolts of pure ultraviolet energy called starbolts that she generates from her hands and eyes. With her exotic alien beauty, she is truly a supermodel. She usually teams up with her friend Cyborg. In the Intergalactic Games movie, she fights against and eventually, alongside her cynical elder sister Blackfire.


Main Article: Frost

The Cool Girl of the group. An metahuman with cryokinetic powers. She is a good friend of Poison Ivy as both are scientists. Despite her ice-powers, she needs to warm herself to restore her powers.


Main Article: Hawkgirl

She, as hall monitor, ensures that students always follow the rules. She plans her day to the minute. Not only does she keep order among her classmates, but her superb detective skills are useful all throughout the city. Has trouble with making Cheetah follow the speed limit in the Halls.

Miss Martian[]

Main Article: Miss Martian


Main Article: Catwoman (G1)

An orphan from Gotham City, she is a feisty feline who learned that she can only count on herself. While she has been mean, she's not as mean as her friend Cheetah, although she is quite manipulative. She may not hesitate to get what she wants through underhanded means, yet she's also just as willing to help others. She's also good friends with Frost.

Lady Shiva[]

Main Article: Lady Shiva


Main Article: Cheetah (G1)

Wonder Woman's arch-rival. She is a mischievous, anti-heroic student at Super Hero High School. Hot-headed, conniving, treacherous, petty and jealous, Cheetah has an antagonistic attitude towards Wonder Woman and her classmates, though she often helps them during fights. Her powers including transforming into a cheetah-like creature with super-speed, agility, reflexes and sharp claws.

Star Sapphire[]

Main Article: Star Sapphire (G1)

She is the misunderstood, always attractive (if she says so herself) resident diva. She can often be self-righeteous and overly dramatic, but is a fierce justice-fighter when duty calls all the same. Like the Green Lanterns she wears a violet power ring, that allows her to flight and create energy constructs.

Big Barda[]

Main Article: Big Barda

Formerly a member of the Female Furies, who reformed while in prison and is willing to lend her enhanced strength to her superheroine friends.


Main Article: Raven (G1)

A demon-human hybrid who possesses extraordinarily powerful psionic and dark magical abilities, all inherited from her inter-dimensional demon father, Trigon. She has more of a Gothic personality, but is always there to help her allies and friends in danger.


Main Article: Mera

Before she joined Super Hero High, Originally the partner in crime of Siren to steal the Book of Legends from Super Hero High until her sister turned on her, but later on she reformed herself when Bumblebee saved her and teamed up with her and Wonder Woman to stop Siren from taking over Atlantis.

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)[]

Main Article: Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) (G1)

Originally Lois Lane's shy camerawoman, Jessica Cruz gain her own Green Lantern ring during Sinestro's attack: when Sinestro appears and kidnaps Starfire, The Flash and Wonder Woman, she flees and hides in the Capes & Cowls Café where she encounters the new Green Lantern ring who selects her to be the new junior Green Lantern for Earth to replace Hal. Initially reluctant due her shy and fearful personality, Batgirl encourages Jessica to accept in order to defeat Sinestro, managing to save the kidnapped heroes. Soon after, she accepts to become a new Super Hero High student, embracing her role as superhero and new Green Lantern.


Main Article: Zatanna (G1)

Zatanna "Zee" is an Homo Magi (The Ones with magic powers) who only appears in "Teenage Crisis", the bonus chapter of the graphic novel Spaced Out.

When the Super Hero Girls ask why they cannot go to normal school and not being heroes all the time, Zee uses a spell to open a portal to show them another dimension of the multiverse where they see the different versions of themselves. As the Super Hero Girls of Generation 1 realize that being super heroes while maintaining secret identities as students of a normal high school as their Generation 2 counterparts do is difficult, Zatanna closes the portal.


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  • The Super Hero Girls are based off of Bombshells from the DC Bombshells.


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