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The Super Hero Girls are the main characters of the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. They are a team of female superheroes that defend the city of Metropolis from criminals.


The team was first formed in the episode "Sweet Justice," in which Barbara Gordon, who moves to Metropolis from Gotham City, orchestrated a plan to get herself and four other students of Metropolis High School, into detention in order to prove her suspicions that they are superheroes. During her plan, a sixth girl joins them, which leads to a fight. After Barbara reveals her plan to the other girls, they agree to teach Wonder Woman how to pose as a mortal teenage girl in exchange for Wonder Woman training them to be true heroes.


Wonder Woman[]

Main Article: Wonder Woman (G2)

The de facto leader of the team. Having left Themyscira in order to protect the world of man, Wonder Woman uses her leadership skills to guide her friends through each mission. She dreamed of being a hero, and felt blue for not being one.

She is shown to have escaped in her hometown in order to save the "World of Man." During "Sweet Justice," she finds 5 other girls that would help her in her quest not only to save everyone in Metropolis, but also learn how to fit in and be a normal teenager.


Main Article: Batgirl (G2)

The comedic relief of the group. Though she lacks superpowers, she more than makes up for it with her numerous gadgets and analytical abilities.

She moved out from Gotham City to Metropolis, therefore leaving everything and everybody she knew behind, since her father knew that the former is not a place for a family. However, she eventually forms her dream superhero team which becomes a wish-come-true for her.


Main Article: Supergirl (G2)

The brawn of the group. From the planet Krypton, Supergirl possesses numerous superhuman abilities that come in handy in times of extreme stress.

Just like her cousin, her planet exploded and landed into the planet Earth. She is now under the care by Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers. She was once framed at her former school, due to her Bizarro counterpart, but she becomes touched as Bizarrogirl just wants to be better than her cousin.

Green Lantern[]

Main Article: Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) (G2)

The pacifist of the group. Despite having the likes of the Green Lantern Corps power ring to create anything she desires, Green Lantern prefers to distance herself from physical violence to solve problems.

She is sometimes seen with Hal Jordan, since the both of them are among the Green Lantern Corps. In "Sweet Justice," Hal gives her the Green Lantern ring so she could use any weapon she wants.


Main Article: Bumblebee (G2)

The shy one of the group.

Like Batgirl, Bumblebee excels in technology, which can allow her to discover weaknesses in machinery. Bumblebee additionally has the ability to shrink herself, making her useful in situations that involve squeezing into small places.

She is depicted to be shy at times, and tends to be intimidated from her tough classmates, especially Doris, since she usually picks her a lot. But she knows how to become courageous when she is the only one fighting, examples which are "Beeline," and "She Might Be Giant."


Main Article: Zatanna (G2)

The adviser of the group. Zatanna's ability to create and manipulate magic is often useful for tight situations.

Her origin is most prominently shown in the episode "Abracadabrapalooza." She once lived in a trailer with her dad, Giovanni Zatara, where they performed magic acts while gradually getting better. One day, she―when she was young―finds a pimple on her face and attempts to remove it, but more are popping up. She is seen performing magic acts uncontrollably, all the while not telling her dad about it. When John gets accepted to perform at the Abracadabrapalooza, Zee tells him that she doesn't want to be in the act, making her dad sad. As he leaves the dressing room, Zee cries as her magic begins to wreck everything in there. Her dad hears the chaos, but manages to control it, and the dressing room is back to normal. He gives her a spell book given by his grandfather so she can learn how to control her powers. She now resides at the penthouse of a casino where her dad regularly performs his magic acts there.

Harley Quinn[]

Main Article: Harley Quinn (G2)

Despite being an enemy of the Super Hero Girls and a member of the Super Villain Girls in the beginning, Harley Quinn proved to be more of a good person than bad. Harley is Batgirl's best friend outside of the hoods and capes, and she has also been an ally of the girls on various occasions, such as when she had to team up with Supergirl to pass a assignment in pairs, she helped Wonder Woman find a new Batman ear to replace one that was destroyed for a used-in-combat Batarang, and when she accompanied the team to trick-or-treating for Halloween in Gotham.

She officially joined the team in the movie Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse where she became the seventh member.

Recurring Members[]

  • These characters don't appear quite as often unlike the main group, but they are allies of the Girls, and possibly their backup when they are needed most. Their appearances include those from episodes of the show, or in the comics.


Main Article: Katana (G2)

Katana is an main ally of the Super Hero Girls. She is a Japanese-origin vigilante who fights crime using the Soul Taker, a powerful mystical sword that takes the souls of his enemies. Initially, she believing it than hero's duty was punish and avenge the crimes placated by the wicked, to the most extreme of degrees. It wasn't until Wonder Woman gave her the true lesson in heroism that she decided to pursue.

In "Am Batgirl", she was chosen by Wonder Woman to join the team as a replacement for Batgirl, but she quickly resigned after her first mission. Nevertheless, is possible that in the future of the series she will join the team permanently, since one of the official photos includes her within the Super Hero Girls as the seventh member. But now that Harley Quinn is on the team, it's possible that she will join permanently as the eighth member.


Main Article: Lightning (G2)

Lightning has not been part of the team, but she is a friend and ally of the Super Hero Girls in the graphic novel Powerless.


Main Article: Ravager (G2)

Rose Wilson appeared in the episode "Dinner for Five". She befriended Batgirl, and as of yet has not sided with the team.


Main Article: Starfire (Teen Titans Go!)

The TTG counterpart of Starfire isn't a member of the Super Hero Girls; but she has shown that she wants to be with that team despite being a member of the Teen Titans from her universe.


Main Article: Raven (Teen Titans Go!)

The TTG counterpart of Raven isn't a member of the Super Hero Girls. However, she helped Zatanna accept dark magic from her.


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  • Zatanna does not have an actual counterpart in the web series.
  • Batgirl and Harley Quinn are the only in the group that doesn't have superpowers.
    • However, technically Bumblebee and Green Lantern don't have superpowers either, because without their ring and necklace they would be powerless.
  • So far, the show hasn't shown any of Bumblebee's and Harley Quinn's parents.
  • In Superhero Feud and Space House, it was believed that the Superhero Girls were the same ones that the Teen Titans (from Teen Titans Go!) encountered and befriended, However it was confirm in the Next Crossover that they are not the same ones as they claim to not have met them, which Green Lantern is calling them Tween Titans.
  • Their crossovers with Teen Titans from Teen Titans Go! could not be a coincidence as they're effectively similar in many ways:
    • Both are the main superheroic characters of the 2nd generation;
    • The Teen Titans meet their original counterparts in the crossover special Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans.
    • It's unknown if the Super Hero Girls will meet their Original Counterparts just like the Titans; Anyway in the chapter 13 of Spaced Out the original Super Hero Girls discover their existence and, if the Comics are canon, this would imply that the SHG from first and second generation will meet in a possible future crossover movie.
  • The team disbanded twice, the first in "Sweet Justice" and the second in "Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse". And on both occasions they joined again through motivating speeches.


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