The Super Hero Girls are a group of female superheroes that defend the city of Metropolis from criminals.


The team was first formed in the episode "Sweet Justice," in which Barbara Gordon, who moves to Metropolis from Gotham City, orchestrated a plan to get herself and four other students of Metropolis High School, into detention in order to prove her suspicions that they are superheroes. During her plan, a sixth girl joins them, which leads to a fight. After Barbara reveals her plan to the other girls, they agree to teach Wonder Woman how to pose as a mortal teenage girl in exchange for Wonder Woman training them to be true heroes.


Wonder Woman

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The de facto leader of the team. Having left Themyscira in order to protect the world of man, Wonder Woman uses her leadership skills to guide her friends through each mission.


Main Article: Batgirl (G2)

The comedic relief of the group. Though she lacks superpowers, she more than makes up for it with her numerous gadgets and analytical abilities.


Main Article: Supergirl (G2)

The brawn of the group. From the planet Krypton, Supergirl possesses numerous superhuman abilities that come in handy in times of extreme stress.

Green Lantern

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The pacifist of the group. Despite having the likes of the Green Lantern Corps power ring to create anything she desires, Green Lantern prefers to distance herself from physical violence to solve problems.


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Like Batgirl, Bumblebee excels in technology, which can allow her to discover weaknesses in machinery. Bumblebee additionally has the ability to shrink herself, making her useful in situations that involve squeezing into small places.


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Zatanna's ability to create and manipulate magic is often useful for tight situations.

Episode Appearances


  • Zatanna does not have an actual counterpart in the web series.


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