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Super Hero High School, also known as simply Super Hero High, is a school for teenagers with either superpowers, high IQs, or strong personalities,[1] and is the central location for the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. It is located in central Metropolis.


The school is shaped like a giant golden spire that has golden plated windows and multiple blocks attached to it, featuring different classrooms. The school also has the Amethyst from Gemworld [1] mounted at the top of it's main building.


There are presumably a variety of classes that can be taken; however only a few are known.

  • Combatistics [2]
  • Intro to Super Suits [3]
  • Flyer's Education [4]
  • P.E .[2]
  • Poetry [5]
  • Weaponomics [6]
  • Art
  • Magic
  • Lock Picking
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Forensic Science
  • Task Force X
  • Algebra
  • Theatre
  • Hero History
  • Advanced Catchology


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  • The hallways have two sets of lockers, ones on the ground and ones higher up. Students who can fly always get the higher set.[1]
  • Super Hero High School is somewhat based on Marvel Comics' Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.
    • Both are special institutes founded to train teenagers with either superpowers, high IQs, or strong personalities to controlling their powers and help others. In both the schools reside the main heroes (The Super Hero Girls and The X-Men).