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Super Hero Match-up is a strategy game that can be taken on DC Super Hero Girls. The goal of the game is to make rows of gems and earn more points than the computer.


The game is played on a six-by-six grid of gemstones marked with symbols of the main characters. Each turn has the player swap a gem's location with another on the board to make a row of three or more gems. Making rows of a character's symbol will fill their power meter. A game is won by winning two out of three rounds. A round ends when a player reaches the score goal or when time runs out. When the power meter is filled, they can use a power unique to each character:

  • Wonder Woman: X3 Points
  • Bumblebee: Extra Turn
  • Supergirl: Gem Blast
  • Katana: Line Clear
  • Batgirl: Gem Burst
  • Poison Ivy: Column Clear
  • Harley Quinn: Reshuffle Board

There are two gameplay modes: vs. battle and freeplay.

In vs. battle, you choose a character to play as and fight a random opponent. Beating an opponent allows the player to play as them next round. Only Wonder Woman is available at the beginning of vs. battle mode. The score goals against Bumblebee and Supergirl is 1000, the score goals against Katana and Batgirl is 2500, and the time limit for Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn is 45 seconds.

In freeplay, two characters are chosen, along with any power-up for each and a difficulty. The two players can then take turns playing against each other. Only Wonder Woman and Bumblebee are available at the beginning of freeplay mode. Easy has a score goal of 1000, medium has a score goal of 3500, and hard has a time limit of 45 seconds.