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The Super Villain Girls are a group of female super villains in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise that causes mayhem across the city of Metropolis.

Development and design

According to Lauren Faust, each of the villain girls is associated with a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins[1]:

  • Catwoman: Greed
  • Giganta: Violence
  • Livewire: Sadism
  • Poison Ivy: Hate
  • Star Sapphire: Envy
  • Harley Quinn: Chaos

Livewire is the only one that does not have a real counterpart in the original 2015 web series. Giganta is the only member who shares the same villain role as her first generation counterpart.



Main Article: Catwoman (G2)

Catwoman acts as the group's leader and would sometimes make cat noises, and she acts like a juvenile delinquent teenage girl in her secret identity.

Harley Quinn

Main Article: Harley Quinn (G2)

Harley Quinn is shown as the silliest of the group, and she laughs whenever she can. She loves pranking, and she is usually very hyper and energetic. She uses a mallet as her main weapon. However, in "Nightmare in Gotham", since Harley and Batgirl now know both of each others' indentities, it is unknown that they still remain friends and that Harley still joins the group.

Poison Ivy

Main Article: Poison Ivy (G2)

Poison Ivy is the quietest of the group. When she's Pam, she speaks in a soft and shy voice, and she prefers to be isolated and only be friends with plants. When she's a villain, she's shown to look and act a lot more confident, and despite controlling plants to her command, she cares deeply about them.

Star Sapphire

Main Article: Star Sapphire (G2)

Star Sapphire has a deep desire to reunite with Hal Jordan, despite how much he doesn't want to. She is willing to attack anyone who she thinks gets in her way, as shown when she attacked Jessica, thinking she stole him. Because of this, Hal is so scared of her that he often hides behind Jessica, and his power ring won't work. Star Sapphire is extremely clingy, and because of this, she is shown to be rather psychopathic. It is unknown if she will continue to be a member of the Super Villain Girls in season 2, as the only reason she was a villain was because she was angry was because Hal Jordan had broken up with her and since the two of them returned in the episode of It's Complicated it is unknown if she will remain a member of the Super Villain Girls in season 2.


Main Article: Livewire

Livewire desires to post embarrassing videos of people online to make everyone love her. Even as a high school student, she acts like a bully, and she secretly shocks anyone at school who stands in her way. Like Harleen, she loves pranking others.


Main Article: Giganta (G2)

Giganta is brute of the group, both as a villain and at school. She acts as a bully jock that everyone fears, and who enjoys others suffering.

Recurring Members

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Main Article: Cheetah (G2)

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  • Although she wasn't part of the team, her civilian appearance was on the dodgeball team in "The Bee Stands Alone."

Episode Appearance


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