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#SuperWonderBatBeeZeeLanternMobile is the 5th episode of the Season 2 of DC Super Hero Girls. This is the 57th episode overall.


After two bank robbers managed to rob a bank and made their getaway, Batgirl pursued them on her scooter but because her scooter is much slower than their car, the Bank Robbers eventually escaped, leaving Batgirl behind as it rained. Later at Sweet Justice, each of the girls complained about not having the freedom to have their own car until Babs pitches in an idea to buy their own car. Karen tells them that owning a car has a lot of responsibilities. With this, they all agreed to not argue with it, and that they must decide what to do with it collectively, as a team. Karen has second thoughts about this, but decides to comply with them.

They managed to find a broken-down car in the junkyard, since that was all they could afford. Babs believes that it can be fixed, so she urges the Girls to go with it. A short montage shows them washing the car, fixing the doors, and decorating it with spray cans. As their car is finally completed, Babs tells them that she and Karen added some extras in the car. Bumblebee cosplays as a bad guy with a toy blowgun. Babs demonstrates by pressing the "Danger Mode" button, activating laser blasters capable of disintegrating any stuff, in this case, the toy blowgun. Other features are shown such as hydraulics, oil slick, and the invisibility mode, which makes the car invisible.

Barbara suggests a name for the car. Unfortunately, she, Kara, Jess, Zee, and Karen named it after themselves. Diana reminds them of their vow to agree as a team. Babs is confident that naming it would take 2 seconds. 9.5 hours later, it's afternoon, and they've come up with "Super Wonder Bat Bee Zee Lantern Mobile." Jess thinks that it is too long, and asks that it would be shortened. Barbara thinks that it should be an acronym, thus coming up with SWBBZLM, and pronouncing it, which sounds gibberish. Because of how long it took them to come up with such a lengthy name, Babs loses her sanity, Kara becomes sarcastic, and etc. Zee tells them to come down so she thinks of a shorter name as HERO. She expands it as high-tech equally rationed automobile, which Karen questions that automobile begins with an "A" not an "O", so it's technically called HERA instead. Nevertheless, they agree with it, but they race to the door. Diana suggests that the oldest among them gets to drive the car first, which is downright biased since she over 317 years old. Anyway, they took their car for a ride.

While on their drive, the Girls get stuck in a traffic jam, as Karen asks for the restroom. Eventually, they made it to Big Borger where they all get food to eat. As Babs was driving the car, she unknowingly hits a speed hump, thus splatting Karen's burger all over Zee's dress made out of silk. It was Zee's turn to drive. As Kara finds a blue car, she punches Diana out of their car. Next was Jess. She is listening to ambient music when Kara suddenly changes it to rock music. They fight over what station should they play, as Diana intercedes, saying they should enjoy the silence instead. Babs finds a large cargo truck, and gives a signal to its driver to honk the horn, thereby surprising the others, prompting Jess to make an emergency stop on the road.

Just then, the same car that belonged to the Bank Robbers passed by, which means they'll have to chase them. As Batgirl suggests to go faster, Green Lantern can't do so since she is going to the maximum speed limit. Supergirl and Zatanna argue along as Bumblebee activates "Danger Mode" which tosses a net to the car and ties it.

At Sweet Justice, the others are angry at each other due to not equally sharing the car to one another. Barbara comes in, trying to ease everyone, with a driving chart that would allow each girl to share the car at given times. She hopes that this would be possible "this time tomorrow." On the contrary to what she said, Babs comes really late, saying that Kara used up all the gas, which she blames Jess for using the gas money for air fresheners because she filled the car with compost. With continued arguing, Diana asks the Girls about their vow... to be broken??? At this point, everyone is heating up with arguments, to the point that everyone is fighting it for themselves. At one point, they were all grabbing the car in mid-air, until they let go, thereby causing the car to be in ruins. A police officer passes by the car, and instead of asking what has happened from it, he simply gives it a parking ticket. Realizing their actions not only caused its demise, but also nearly ruined their friendship, they all take a vow to "not not argue" ever again. The episode closes as Supergirl asks if they got insurance as the car suddenly burns down to ashes.




  • Wonder Woman "Is anyone three-hundred and seventeen or older?"


  • Aside from Burrito Bucket and Big Borger, the other fake franchise depicted here is a "Huge Chug" drunk by Batgirl.
  • This makes "Fantastic Beasts and How To Mind Them" to be the second longest episode title in the show, with this one being the longest.
  • Jess' moms are mentioned in this episode.
  • This episode confirms that all the girls, except for Karen, can drive a car. Also, it's worth noting that since Karen is only 14 years old in this episode, she isn't eligible for a driver's license.
  • Even though Zee has a chauffeur in "Crash Course," she can still drive on her own.
  • It should be noted that most of them can fly, so owning a car would make it pointless for them.
  • Screenshots of this episode were revealed long before this episode, if not, Season 2 started.


  • Diana asking how the car is invisible but Barbara isn't is a reference to Wonder Woman having an invisible jet in the comics.
  • How Batgirl's ear pokes Wonder Woman's eye is based from several episodes of Tom and Jerry.
  • The car that Kara sees from her seat is a colour-blue Volkswagen New Beetle. Curiously, both the color and the car do a play on words with Blue Beetle, character whom she met previously in "Double Danvers".


  • TBA


  • Despite that Jess is a vegan, she is seen holding a hamburger, although it could be likely that she has ordered a vegan burger.