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Superhero Feud is a crossover special between the DC Super Hero Girls television series and Teen Titans Go!. It aired on December 19, 2020.


In Sweet Justice, the Super Hero Girls were celebrating after their recent success from their mission. However, they, along with the Titans, were captured and stuck inside a TV and are prompted to play Family Feud, all caused by Control Freak to see who is the best superhero team in the universe.


As the Super Hero Girls and the Titans celebrate their victories after defeating their enemies, they both get sucked inside their TVs, thanks to Control Freak. They end up in a void where everyone greets them happily, except for Robin and Batgirl. The two argue that their team will get themselves out of the TV. At one point, the other Titans are convinced the Super Hero Girls will save the day, much to Robin's annoyance.

As Robin and Batgirl continue to argue whichever is best, such as their gadgets, their teams, or birds and bats, Control Freak comes in, saying he gathered both teams to play Family Feud to determine which team is the greatest superhero team in the universe.

The game starts as Wonder Woman and Robin face off. The latter complains saying the Titans have already done this, but Control Freak replies the network loves it so they agreed to do it again. For the first question, he asks what is the best superpower. Wonder Woman first answers wisdom, giving her the top answer. During that round, the girls were doing so well, getting the next 4 answers right, and Bumblebee is left. Unfortunately, she gets it wrong, giving the Titans a chance to steal their points. The team huddles for an answer and they quickly get "laser eyes" as their answer. Apparently, Robin answers other than what the team agreed on, saying that hard work and dedication will make one a better superhero. Albeit true, his answer is wrong, leaving his teammates angry at him, while the Girls get 92 points from that round. When laser eyes was on the board, Starfire literally shoots at Robin using her laser eyes.

The next round gathers Supergirl and Beast Boy to the podium. Control Freak asks what is the most tragic origin story of a superhero, as Beast Boy has already come up with an answer. There were three people walking in a park when they've stepped on radioactive poop, turning them into the Poop Patrol with poop-themed superpowers. Unfortunately, his answer didn't make it to the board. Supergirl then answers her home planet being destroyed. Just like the previous round, she claims the top answer. As Control Freak says that the Girls get to control the round, Starfire asks Raven if they are superheroes, and if they are girls, which for their case, is. Before Batgirl could think of an origin story since there are plenty, Starfire and Raven both move to their side, and the latter answers "being raised by a demon." Robin notices them switching sides, and Raven's answer is correct. Starfire also has a tragic story. She mentions her sister, Blackfire, banishing her to Earth from Tamaran where she should have been ruling there, in the most aggressive and vengeful way. Her answer completes the board, giving the Girls a total of 192 points (a perfect 100 from the second round.)

Robin fixes his gloves as he is nervous the team would no longer become the best superhero team in the universe, despite his teammates who care nothing about winning and just wanted to have fun. He reassures himself that he would win as boys against girls, till he finds Beast Boy and Cyborg move to the other side while the two wear wigs of Wonder Woman's hair. He calls them traitors. Control Freak announces that it is the final question to determine the best superhero team in the universe. He calls Green Lantern and Robin, again. He asks what is the most evil of all evil plans. Green Lantern answers "stealing a bunch of cakes," grabbing her team the top answer, again. Robin comments the whole thing isn't real, until a comic strip appears and the announcer says it is real. Wonder Woman answers "raising the price of milk," which still surprises Robin being unrealistic, till another comic strip appears with the announcer saying that Robin is wrong. Batgirl says "finding Batman a wife." Her answer is also correct, making Robin wonder if it is real. As usual, a comic strip appears, and the announcer says that it is real. Only one answer remains on the board, and if the Super Hero Girls get this right, they win. Beast Boy answers "stepping on dog poop,' which was his answer in the last round. Again, his answer is incorrect, giving Robin a chance to steal all of their points in the third round, although the Girls would win already since there are not enough points to score higher than them. Robin answers "mind-control," applauding for himself for a good answer. Unfortunately, he gets a strike, which gives the win for the Girls. However, Control Freak laughs at him as he gives the missing answer on the board. The last answer was "staging an elaborate Family Feud cross-over episode to boost ratings and subsequently distracting the two greatest super hero teams by tricking them into a competition with each other while Control Freak destroys them both with his giant robot." As such, he activates his robot using all of the equipment in the game stage. Control Freak then grabs his remote to trap them inside the robot. Batgirl and Robin, however, manage to escape with their grappling hooks, while the others beg for help. But instead of immediately freeing them, they continued to compete with each other that one of them will save the day. So they tried to swing to the robot, but as they go higher, they gained so much momentum that made them tied up with each other. Control Freak laughs at them saying they're making the situation too easy for him. The two realize that they needed to work together to save both of their teams. Unfortunately, they weren't able to swing hard enough to hit him, and instead misses their only shot at saving the day. As what is seems as hope is lost, the Poop Patrol swooped by, thereby confirming Beast Boy's made-up stories. As the others were saved, Cyborg exclaims that they were saved by the greatest superhero team in the universe of all time. Everyone rejoices for them, while Robin calls them stupid.




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  • DC Fandome announced the episode along with Batgirl Meets Batman episode.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Family Feud.
  • Although this is considered a crossover special, it will be treated as a Teen Titans Go! episode.
  • Irony: At one point of the episode, Zatanna says she wants to be on television, but ironically she is on television, in a cartoon, technically.
  • This was going to be the 300th episode of TTG. However, it was later switched out for "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition".
  • The Titans interacted again to Jessica Cruz and Bumblebee since "Tween Titans."
  • In a 10-second advertisement for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, followed by generation one webisodes, the DC Super Hero Girls generation two watched the Titans as Robin tells the viewer that the movie was released. Also, "The Late Batsby" short premiered alongside the movie.
  • Batgirl and Robin's rivalry is shown in this episode, despite the two being from different universes.
    • This gag started way back when Babs was just a child wanting to be Batman's sidekick but was taken by Robin, and therefore increasing her hatred against him. This all happened as a flashback in "From Bat To Worse."
  • This episode, along with "Awesome Aunt Antiope", has been pulled numerous times from its original airdate.
  • Amy Wolfram, who wrote this episode, was a writer for season 5 of the original 2015 webseries.
  • Alexander Polinksy, who voices Control Freak, is also voicing The Penguin.
  • This is the first crossover for the series, and the first with another cartoon from DC Entertainment.
  • Beast Boy calling Bumblebee, "Bumbles" is a reference to the TTG version of Bumblebee during her temporary stay with the Teen Titans.


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