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This article is about Superman (G2). For the generation one version, see Superman (G1).

Superman (also known as Kal-El and Clark Kent) is a supporting character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is Supergirl's cousin and a recognized and beloved superhero in Metropolis.


  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Heat Vision
  • Freeze Breath
  • Super Speed
  • X-ray Vision
  • Healing Factor
  • Invulnerability (Bulletproof)


Superman, also known as Clark Kent & Kal-El, son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van was raised on Krypton just like Supergirl. When Krypton is collapsing, Jor-El sends Supergirl to watch over him, and eventually his egotism and showboating somewhat justify the ire of Kara, who is chronologically older but less aged and experienced only because she spent years adrift in space in hypersleep as Clark beat her to the planet Earth. In time, he eventually developed his powers and became Superman, everyone's beloved hero.

Depiction in the series

Season one

Superman is hinted at in the episode "Adventures In Bunnysitting", where one of the children at a birthday party calls Supergirl's outfit a "Superman costume" and later calls her "Superman's sister", both times making Supergirl respond angrily.

In the episode "Super Who?," after hearing about Superman on the radio when she wakes up and on her way to school, seeing him on billboards, bus ads, posters, and on the front page of the Daily Planetoid newspaper, she confronts Lois Lane about it. Lois says it's a "legitimate story", and Kara insists that there are "way more important stories out there than Superman", and that there's "a better hero with all the same powers as Superman but even awesomer": Supergirl. Lois dismisses the idea as a "retread." A montage of Supergirl and Superman performing heroic deeds plays, with Superman getting all the front-page headlines and most of the admiration from the public. She confronts Superman about it, but Superman tells her that "being a real hero takes time and experience," and that he has the experience since he's an adult. She reminds him he was Superboy "last summer," and he tells her that "it was two summers ago," and that she's not ready to be a hero. Kara attacks him a fight ensues, causing a lot of destruction around Metropolis. Kara cuts some pipes with her heat rays, and they hit a switch that triggers a chemical spill. The chemicals spill into a dumpster and turn into a corrosive rampaging monster. Lois Lane confronts the monster and calls Superman for help. While the crowd cheers for Superman, Bumblebee tells Supergirl that the monster is "twenty quintillion times more corrosive than sulfuric acid" and if Superman hits it Metropolis will be destroyed. Right as Superman throws a punch at the monster, Supergirl whisks it up into the atmosphere and breaks it up with her heat vision. Unaware of her deed, the crowd continues to cheer for Superman. The team enthusiastically acknowledges that Kara saved the day, even though Superman got the glory.

He reappears in the episode "The Good The Bad and the Bizarre" as Clark Kent. When Supergirl has no choice but to call him, he tells her that he faced his Bizzaro nemesis that unlike her Bizzaro, he defeated him. He explains Bizzaros are a "bunch of creatures who destroy things for no reason" just before Supergirl and Batgirl face off with Supergirl's Bizzaro.

In "Power Surge," he sees Supergirl (disguised as Powergirl) and rushes out of the Kent house to Metropolis to see her. He knows it is really Supergirl and try to expose her to the world. Just then, Supergirl lies that she as Powergirl is from Earth-2. He then plays along with Kara's new "Power Girl" identity and the improvised alternate-universe origin and gives her the credit for that.

In "Ally Cat," as appears to be captured by Lex Luthor along with the Invicibros. When the Super Hero Girls and Catwoman enter Lex's lair with Lex showing them the captured heroes, Supergirl started to laugh at Superman when he is in a kryptonite cell, which causes him to say "shut up, doofus." Lex then puts the girls in their cells with Supergirl in her own kryptonite cell, which causes him to laugh at her. When the girls and Catwoman foiled Lex's plan, he is still trapped with the Invicibros.

In Season Two

In "Double Danvers", he appears to tell Supergirl about periwinkle kryptonite. When he asks if Kara gave kryptonite to Bizarro, she hangs up on him.

Depiction in shorts

In the short "Equal Tights," when Superman has had praise from the news, Green Lantern (Hal) tries to impress his hero, Superman, with his heroic prowess, which started to annoy him every time he tries to save him, so he tricked him into believing that he is hit by a kryptonite ray and tells him to reverse time like he did, and which he did and he finally relaxed.


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