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Surprise! Transcript

Surprise! is the second webisode of Season 3 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


The webisode starts off with Harley having Katana and Bumblebee gathered on her bed, briefing them on a mission. She explains that she needs some help sneaking into Batgirl's dorm room, in order to hide a surprise birthday present. Unsure, Katana explains that Batgirl's birthday's 6 months away. Harley exclaims that's why it's a surprise jumping up and down on her bed.

At her dorm room, Batgirl is just exiting and dials in a security code into the door's control panel, in order to lock it. The three girls watching from Harley's bedroom, then begin to take action, with Bumblebee utilizing one of her gadgets to override the door controls. The girls then enter, with Harley beginning to gloat about beating Batgirl's security system, just before being beat by a swinging Bat-pendulum and getting bashed against one of Batgirl's bookcases.

After getting knocked down, Bumblebee suggests they just place the present on Batgirl's bed and make a hasty retreat. However Katana accidently steps on a secret pressure plate, activating 2 walls of turrets, shooting out Batarangs. The girls quickly duck for cover with Harley, hiding behind an office chair. Katana manages to use her sword to deflect some of the oncoming batarangs, however Bumblebee gets caught in the crossfire, shrinking and accidently landing on top of a spinning Batarang, before allowing it to smash into a wall.

The three girls quickly regroup together underneath Batgirl's desk, waiting for the Batarangs to clear. Bumblebee, concerned asks whether they could just get out there, but Harley reminds her they still have to deliver Batgirl's present. Harley hops into Batgirl's bed, in order to plant her present, however by doing so she accidently activates another trap, with the ceiling beginning to close in on her. Katana and Bumblebee manage to rescue her just in the nick of time, just as Batgirl arrives back.

As the girls try to quickly find a hiding place, another trap activates from the ceiling, with metal arms extending and grabbing the three of them, causing Harley to drop her present. The three get contained in a bubble, as Batgirl walks in while talking to her friend over the phone. Batgirl then notices the present, surprised at it's delivery and then leaving. Harley then congratulates them on pulling it off, when Bumblebee asks how they'll get down. The girls begin trying to get out, but end up having to call for Batgirl.




  • Harley Quinn uses the phrase "your mission, if you choose to be missioning", which is a reference to the phrase "your mission, should you choose to accept it" from the Mission Impossible series.


  • This episode was listed as the sixth webisode of season 3 on YouTube.
  • This episode was titled "Surprise" on YouTube.