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Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2 Transcript

Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2 is the fourth webisode of Season 3 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


The webisode starts off in Lena Luthor's lab, where she's taking out a new type of Kryptomite from the creation chamber; a red one. She uses some pliers to gently pick it up, with it struggling and moving, trying to get free. Lena remarks how hasty it is, as she drops it onto a lab desk, readying a laser. At Super Hero High, the Save-The-Day-Alarm has gone off.

A collection of students, lead by Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and Batgirl race out the doors of Super Hero High. When they arrive, they find a large group of green Kryptomites making trouble in the city and attacking the citizens. As the heroes begin to take action, Supergirl falls again, feeling woozy due to the effects of the Kryptomites. Wonder Woman catches her before she hits the ground and asks Batgirl to take over as leader while she goes and takes Supergirl away from the Kryptomites. Batgirl then races into battle, tossing a batarang at one of the Kryptomites, shattering it into pieces.

Flash does the same, by racing into one, with Cyborg, Bumblebee and Harley smashing further Kryptomites. However it then begins to rain and they notice that the rain causes them to multiply into smaller Kryptomites. Bumblebee ponders how their going to stop the Kryptomites, as Ivy and Frost notice the chemical properties of the Kryptomites and race off to the lab at Super Hero High. Flash speeding around smashing the Kryptomites, then heads into the Capes and Cowls Café, to assist Batgirl.

Steve Trevor's using his mop to try and keep the Kryptomites away from him, just as Flash hops over the counter with a bin, racing around the café and collecting all of them inside. Just as Steve Trevor thanks Flash, he begins to get incredibly angry, due to a new Red Kryptomites influence. Batgirl notices how the different colours of the Kryptomites effect people in different ways. Outside Frost and Ivy return to the scene, with a new formula that will help to stop the Kryptomites. The two then hand the rest of the heroes, the formula and they start squirting.

The formula works and the students are able to put an end to the Kryptomites, with Cyborg bunching them together and throwing them in Batgirl's remote holding cell, with citizens cheering, just as Harley is seen cuddling up to a piece of shrivelled red Kryptomite.





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