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"Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1" is the twenty-first webisode in the fourth season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and eighty-sixth webisode overall. It was released on June 7, 2018.


After foiling Akili's & Margot's plan of stealing Lena's stuff from her Warehouse, Wonder Woman and the others notice that Starfire is feeling depressed. Starfire then informs them that back home on Tamaran it's time for the Tamaran dance, which she won't be a part of since she's on earth. Katana then came up with the idea of having a dance at superhero High to make Starfire feel happy, which will also help Wonder Woman and Supergirl since they never had school dances where they came from either.

The next day, as Katana told Wonder Woman and Supergirl that the first thing need for dance is find the right fabric to make dresses, Wonder Woman respond by saying they need to learn how to dance for a dance, which Crazy Quilt overhead and agreed to help them learn how to dance. At the auditorium crazy quilt begin to give them the first dance lesson, which involve spitting someone unfortunately both Supergirl and Wonder Woman accidentally spinning Flash and Cyborg too fast due to their superhuman strength, with Beast Boy turning into a porcupine , fearing what would Katana do to him. At Starfire's room Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Katana informed her that they are going to have a Tamaranean Dance at the school, which makes Starfire very happy as she also want to invite Blackfire and some of the students at Korugar Academy attend the dance too.

That night as the students are having a the dance, Blackfire, Lobos and the some other students at Korugar Academy arrived, with Blackfire shooting in energy blast at Starfire, indicate that they didn't want to attend the dance to dance but intended to fight instead.



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Other titles in lauguage[]

Language Title Translation
Japan タマラネンダンスクラブパート1 Neon Tamaranean Lights Part 1