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The Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes from Teen Titans Go! (2013-present). They consist of members Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven. Their leader is Robin.





Main article: Robin (Dick Grayson) (Teen Titans Go!)

He is a teenager and a leader of the team who has a huge crazy crush on his teammate Starfire. His determination to be the best at everything makes him a decent (but mostly annoying and crazy) leader. No powers, but his fighting skills still help out.


Main article: Starfire (Teen Titans Go!)

A teenage alien princess from Tamaran. She is the nice but naïve addition to the team. But don't make Starfire mad, she can get pretty violent with her eye beams, starbolts, and such.


Main article: Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

His computer-enhanced body gives him an edge over non-cybernetic people, but his laziness kinda nullifies his usefulness in a fight and happens to be Beast Boy's best bud.


Main article: Raven (Teen Titans Go!)

Her half-demon side contributes to her dark personality. Anything that slightly agitates or mocks her is either banished to another dimension or crushed by a giant, demonic black fist. Though she can be dark, she is a sucker for anything Pretty Pretty Pegasus and is known to have a soft spot for her crush and fellow teammate Beast Boy.

Beast Boy[]

Main article: Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)

Overall, Beast Boy's lack of interest in actually being a hero is a setback to his job (of being a hero), but he still contributes his animal-changing powers, occasionally at least and maintains his active crush on Raven. He is Cyborg's best friend and also Raven's love interest.



  • Their only appearance is in crossovers.