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Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is a crossover that was announced on 2021 DC Kids Fandome. It was released 24 May 2022 on DVD and on 28 May 2022 on Cartoon Network (in the United States) and Teletoon (in Canada). It is slated to be released on June 28 on HBO Max.

This is the 4th crossover between TTG and SHG - the first was the episode "Superhero Feud" in May 2020, followed by the 4-episode arc "Space House" in May 2021, and the "Exchange Students" comic in January 2022. In all cases the Titans are the first franchise billed.

Official Description

With the help of an ancient Kryptonian power, Lex Luthor unites the world’s Super-Villains to capture all of Earth’s Super Heroes, until … only the DC Super Hero Girls are left to stop the Legion of Doom. Our heroes must cross dimensions to rescue their fellow Super Heroes from the Phantom Zone, but a fortuitous wrong turn leads them to Titans Tower – where they find much-needed allies in the Teen Titans. The young Super Heroes discover their combined strength – and usual comic relief – are essential to save the day in this blockbuster event!


It all started in Jump City at the Titans Tower. Teen Titans: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven are getting too excited for new TV and movie shelves has arrived, but the shelf is starting to shake, but they find the way to stop the shaking before the crash. Beast Boy has found a strange crystal on the floor he put the crystal on the shelf using it as bookend they can the movie and favorite show. But suddenly Control Freak appears on the screen, he announced that he has a surprise for them he can join them to watch movie it's called: ”Super Hero Team Crossover Event!” Robin didn't know what to do so he and his friends have decided to watch the Superhero Crossover movie Control Freak. So they did.

In Metropolis the Superhero Girls appears: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Zatanna and Green Lantern aka Jessica Cruz have came to save the day and the stop the runaway train against the Supervillains: Catwoman, Giganta, Poison Ivy, Livewire and Star Sapphire they came to stop them. First Supergirl got Catwoman, Wonder Woman battle Star Sapphire, Zatanna got Giganta using her Magic. Suddenly Harley Quinn came to knock her off the runaway train. Batgirl was shocking her best friend knock her and Green Lantern came to save her. Batgirl stop her best friend Harleen Quinzel as Harley Quinn all the since ”Nightmare in Gotham ” she told her Zatanna is her friend and she told her friends are not supervillains not like them. Green Lantern told Zatanna she's okay but her eyes turn turn blue she's was angry (since her dark power has returned since ”Living the Nightmare ” and ”Happy Birthday Zee ”.) She's thinking Harley did on purpose and her eyes back to normal she's quickly calmed. And Superheroes captured the villains before since into the jail and runaway train stop. But then a strange purple lights and cloud came out of nowhere and Supervillains has been a escape Superhero Girls are shocking. Meanwhile at Sweet Justice Diana, Barbara, Kara, Karen, Zee and Jessica have told her friends. Hal Jordan, Barry, Carter and Garth since all the other villains has been disappeared including Solomon Grundy, The Riddler, Toyman and Cheetah. But Garth have told them nothing happened to the bad guys around since I caught this week. But he didn't instead he help his neighbor for his lost cat. Barbara and her friends has decided to they can solve the mystery but Hal told them meant to say is ”they” solve the mystery. But girls the refuse they trapped the boys and they run off.

Later in the swamp the biggest fortress called of The Hall of Doom home the owner of LexCorp and now he is leader his own army called: Legion of Doom. They told them he began to thinking to finally get rid of Superheroes and can ruled the world once and for all but Harley joining them as the temporary member his group. He told them searching to remain the planet of Krypton since it was destroyed he found the strange amulet with crystals known as The Amulet of Cythonna. Grundy disrespected he thought the amulet the trinket from cereal box and they began to laugh. But Lex use the crystal to send Grundy away into the realm called Phantom Zone and he throws the crystal to send Grundy back. So told them he used the crystals to get rid of Superheroes to send them away to Phantom Zone using his own traps.

Meanwhile back in the secret hideout Jessica using her ring to show them the map has been spot. Bumblebee show her friends look her computer to find out to supervillains has been disappeared they listen to it's voices only one word ”Cythonna”. Kara didn't realize and she's know Cythonna the goddess of darkness and suffering. She told them a story many years ago she ran the show on Krypton for centuries, she's was going to destroyed Krypton and until, one day her brother, Rao the god of sun and other stuff he trapped her in an amulet and chucked and banished her into space forever. She told them every kids are told wish upon a shooting star they were told to behave it could be Cythonna coming to get them.

Later, at Metropolis Fair Pier all citizens has been attack Giganta, The Cheetah and Toyman. The Flash and Green Arrow has arrived just in time for stop them instead, Giganta throws the crystals and sending them away into Phantom Zone. Giganta announces all the citizens for no Superheroes has dumb enough to face the Legion of Doom. Then Poison Ivy and Star Sapphire throw crystal and send Katana away. Catwoman and Harley Quinn throws the another crystal and send Blue Beetle away. Now Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan tried to stop The Riddler and Toyman. The Riddler throws the crystal at him and send him away. And finally only 2 Superheroes are left is Hawkman and Aqualad are sending them away by Livewire and Solomon Grundy. They grab the tree and park bench and he freaking out since Mr. Goodberry's Cat got out again. He call Superhero Girls and warn them. He told then on the phone supervillains got Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow inducing Katana and Blue Beetle too. They called themselves the Legions of Doom. Supergirl told him where are he. He told her at park they're have to save them before it's too late and they both sending away Phantom Zone and completely vanished. Diana told her team to the park and quickly transformation into the Superhero.

They arrived in park just in time Green Lantern saw Hawkman's mace which means they all gone. Zatanna saw a strange object, Jessica using magnifying glass the object it's made of Kryptonian. Supergirl didn't realize that thing sent their friends away to the Phantom Zone it was Cythonna. Wonder Woman need a plan they going to figure out how to get their friends out Phantom Zone and bring them back home. Batgirl confused to find the Legion of Doom. Kara has decided to get help she fly off to visiting his cousin Clark Kent who can translate.

At his apartment she's tried to explain to him for Legion of Doom and Cythonna to using the Kryptonian magic to send her friends to the Phantom Zone. She show the ball made of Cythonna. He told her there no such thing as Kryptonian magic or Cythonna. But Cythonna is a fairy tale. She told him if wasn't joke but she's was telling the truth, he told her her friends are just off goofing around somewhere. So Clank has sent Kara it's was time to leave and left door closed Kara fell very angry. Clark quickly using his ear calling to unknown and she knows about the Phantom Zone.

Meanwhile in Phantom Zone Aqualad, Hawkman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Hal, Blue Beetle and Katana are trapped and Aqualad playing a little game of guessing game are not a breadbox but superheroes didn't like at all. But The Flash comfort Hal but he ran an hour out in all directions. He told him noting he tried using his ring it can't to penetrate the darkness. The Flash he stuck there. Aquaman still playing guessing game it's was breadbox all the time but they still like it and they began to very annoyed.

Back in their hideout, Diana look at Hawkman's mace she fell so sad. In flashback in Themyscira young Diana training her weapon by her Mother, Queen Hippolyta when she fall and she failed and she tried apologies her. But Hippolyta refused the apologies and she told her ”sorry” will not shield her from a vengeful enemy. Nor will it shield those who follow her. She felt pretty bad for her failure. Back in present day look up her friends photo frames on the wall. Barbara came and told her about the Legion of Doom and Harleen. They did found their secret identity has been exposed for change her ways. She comforted her Harleen is not evil. She knows who her are and yet has done nothing about it. She makes her feel better and she'll find the way to makes friend of Harleen again. Kara arrived fell so angry but Clark didn't get translate the sphere and she's know the place can translate the sphere.

They fly into the North Pole of Arctic Circle and they arrived in crystal like fortress called Fortress of Solitude. Suddenly Superman came stop them and now there are more Supermen surrounded them Jessica told her confusedly how many the last sons of Krypton have. She told them if Supermen was make of robot guards. They have no choice they have to fight robots and completely destroyed and they won quickly but Kara found the case of Krytonians' crystals to using it for defeat Cythonna and her amulet. Bumblebee will agrees complete culture stored the crystals to Phantom Zone. But then Superman has arrived but Batgirl thought it was another robot. But he is the real Superman he told her put the crystals back, but Kara refused she tried to tell him once again he won't believe her. He believe her and he told her he knew Lex Luthor is behind the Legion of Doom and they're sending heroes to the Phantom Zone. Using The Amulet of Cythonna. He brought Batman, Aquaman but Zatanna still fell her love of him since The Aquaman Cometh. And finally another Green Lantern aka John Stewart. The Superhero known as Justice League. Batgirl really excited the Justice League has a cool name. Aquaman he wanted to called themselves the Super Friends but got out-voted. Zatanna fell loved at him and snaps she told them appreciate the concern. They want handling themselves. Jessica told her friend John who help train her on Oa. She was top of her class but John cut her off. Batgirl is happy to see Batman again to tell them how they saved Gotham from The Joker and his friends. He told her ”Not this time”. Superman told them the league already has a plan. Supergirl told him her friends are the ones in trouble. They on their way and make them move. They beginning to brawl expect Zatanna and Aquaman still fell in love each other. Clark told her to stay down he was trying to protect her, but Kara refuses they began to ram at themselves. Wonder Woman has enough she told them to stop brawling. She told him they want to help them to Legion of Doom and free their friends. Superman agreed. Supergirl told him about Cythonna. He told her there no such thing as Cythonna he said that again. The ancient science that amulet uses may be deadly or evil. Superman has makes a choice for Wonder Woman to defer them or her friends. She choose Justice League her friends gasps she throws the case and give to him back.

Back in the Hall of Doom, Catwoman, The Riddler, The Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Livewire, Giganta, Toyman, Poison Ivy Harley and Star Sapphire watching on screen the superheroes been captured with X's on it. But only Wonder Woman and her friends, Batman and Superman still on it they plan has been succeeded. Expect Harley , she began getting really worried about her Best friend. Meanwhile Lex Luthor brought the Amulet, Cythonna appears as the ghost she is so pleased she want restore her true form she's want to free in her prison since Lex leaves and she beginning to her plan the amulet crystal begin to crack.

Back in the secret base her friends refuse since Wonder Woman defer the league. Diana was snapped and yelled them she fear no fear, her friends began to shocking. She told Kara she's decided to talking over her place as the temporary leader. and she's good bye her friends and she's left Sweet Justice. She look her phone who text her ”Daily Planet. 10 Minutes. Don't Tell Anymore!!” Kara still mad at her and Barbara tell her to good news she use her backpack she got data crystals she's swiped his cousin's crystals all the time she's fooled him. Kara fell happy.

At the top Daily Planet, Wonder Woman waiting patiently and Superman and Batman arrived who told her texts was Batman he told her to join them as the temporary member of Justice League but she belong to her team. Batman show her a vase since she's battle hydra, lassoing the minotaur and riding pegasus. Superman is up to her if Lex wins without super heroes was be lost.

Back in the base Supergirl and her friends watching a message for uncle Jor-El who give his son a message about Amulet of Cythonna. They begin to bored and complain. Bumblebee using her laptop for data crystal and download to fixed the problem. She's start to forward the message but Batgirl thought her dad was mushy, and finally her uncle explain about Krypton's lead ancient historian about the Amulet of Cythonna something far more sinister the essence of the Goddess of Darkness. For eons ago Cythonna has imprisoned and floated away through the cosmos to try for figured out how to free her. She feeds on the Kryptonian's souls and turning them into evil like Luthor and the Legion of Doom. Her souls to become a servants and turning evil. Batgirl realize Lex wasn't using Cythonna it was Cythonna using him all the time. Jor-El told his son as message and Cythonna has all the soul she will free from her prison. She will create a new Kryptonian vessel and reclaim the universe forever till the message end. They have warn league and Wonder Woman before it's too late. Back in Jump City Teen Titans and Control Freak paused the movie and they interrupted Control Freak but they like it they beginning to argue they told him they met Super Hero Girls bunch of times. they knows their ratings they beginning to sing their song called: Don't Crossover My Heart, Teen Titans and Super Hero Girls a alleys and best friends. They share their lunch Wonder Woman give a ketchup and Robin give a mayo they begin to brawl. Supergirl and Starfire drawing their were born from planets, Wonder Woman fell love in Robin instead she love in with Beast Boy but Raven got very crossed and Control Freak tell stop singing and continue the watch crossover movie event.

Lex began to fix amulet as the decoy Cythonna watching him his trap are set for Justice League arrived. she begin to hypnosis him and control him and crystal began to crack again. Cythonna feel stronger by the second for Legion's evil, she shall be free in no time. Super Hero Girls searching for Diana high and low and no sign of her. Text was Superman, Batman, Aquaman and John the one give her text all the time. They regroup in Sweet Justice. Superman, Batman, Aquaman John, and Diana flying from the sky and located for Lex and destroyed crystal. They have arrived in Hall of Doom just in time. Batman grab amulet and destroyed and Lex told him it was a fake he throws the crystal and send Batman into the Phantom Zone. They begin to start battle they didn't realize Legion was a holograms and Lex trapped Superman into green box made of Kryptonite and Legions throw crystals send Aquaman and John Stewart too. Harley Quinn began to grab Diana and quickly into the secret door to help her escape because Harley have no choice she told her She warn her friends save the day before it's too late. Diana realize feeling breaking her team and feeling betrayed. She pushed her to escape close the floor she quickly faking Diana has been send her away. Harley ran to warn Barbara and fast.

Back in Phantom Zone, the other Superheroes was very surprised they saw Batman, Aquaman and John Stewart too they the Legion of Doom took them down too since Aqualad couldn't believe they shouldn't call them Super Friends and Hal Jordan couldn't believe he should member of Green Lantern like John so which one who's really the best. But John and Aquaman confused.

Meanwhile back in base Supergirl and her friends has been hurtful and guilty after they mad at Diana there's was their fault. They have to trust her decision. Likely Supergirl told them she dumped them and they getting to give up. Batgirl find the way Diana with her and Harley Quinn alone. Zatanna fell very angry about her and Harley. Batgirl told them they didn't know them yet and Diana and she already know about Harley Quinn and Harleen Quinzel are just same person all alone. Zatanna mad at her Batgirl knows her best friend was villains all the time she didn't tell them. Batgirl telling the truth told her was ex-best friend. Zatanna got very angry and lost control the dark magic and turning blue again, she yelled at her since Harley Quinn threw her off the runaway train but it's was all Harley's Fault. Jessica told her quickly to calmed her down. But she's was worrying about she'll lost the control her power. They just give up and go home.

Meanwhile at the Metropolis city, Lex Luthor give a announcement to citizens he want his introduced his friends known as The Legion of Doom all the citizens was frightened inducing Mr. Chapin, Alfred Pennyworth, Shane O'Shaughnessy and Mitchell Mayo since Working Stiff and he rehired and jump at him scared at him they announced they going taking over the world. Karen saw the news she realized Lex and Legions are going taking over she's must warn her friends. And he use the Amulet of Cythonna she snap into the moon the words appears ”Boo!” the citizens began to panicked and their thinking Lex is a fraud they give 24 hours and 59 minutes to meet their demands and they got rid of Superheroes at the end villains began evil laugh until announcement end.

At the building Barbara fell so sad with or without Diana if could be unprotected the city suddenly Harleen came by to quit the Legion of Doom and betrayed her which means Harleen and Harley was no longer a villain. She told her she decided to make her better. and she's told her about Diana she have to explain. Karen call her they have a emergency meeting at Metropolis Junkyard. Barbara and Harleen began to rush and hurry. Zatanna, Jessica, and Supergirl has arrived at Junkyard for Bumblebee. And Supergirl and Zatanna didn't realize it's Batgirl brought Harley she told her she's did that purpose and they still don't trust her and Green Lantern told them to stop arguing and Bumblebee has arrived who give them faked call and she announcement the superheroes is who they are she told them to be quiet and listen the Justice League may have made a big mistake by underestimating the Legion of Doom and they getting ready to stand down the bad guys once and for all and Harleen couldn't go but she's have to choice to make with Batgirl or villains it's up to her and she's gone. Bumblebee show the message from Diana before get their leader back.

Later, Diana has returned to Themyscira she was going to ready to face her mother Hippolyta she told her about failure she decided returned to Themyscira as a punishment and turned blue for the rest of her life. Her mother told her to her daughter's eyes with tears and telling her never cry and give her a hug and she told her about failure it was them they all fail she's the one who her failure all alone but she's brought a surprise visitors. It was Batgirl, Supergirl, Zatanna, Jessica and Bumblebee they reunited her and they give big hug and together again. Supergirl thanks to her best friends they'll take it here. Hippolyta smile happily and she walks away. They returned to Metropolis and fly all away home and save the day.

Back in the Hall of Doom, they watch the Speaker of Nations give them a terrible news without the superheroes the world will be doomed by Legion of Doom. They celebrate their plan has been success and Lex's return to his lair and Cythonna have enough to being partnership she hypothesis him again before she'll wants for her new Kryptonian body. He showed her Superman stuck in the box of Kryptonite. She told him she needed the world's strongest Krypoynian. She's want Kara's strength instead. But she have another plan to destroyed Superman and Supergirl.

Back in base in Sweet Justice Bumblebee install the data crystal to find way to the Phantom Zone to rescue their friends. She can create their own dimensional portal for different world. They use Cythonna's crystal to sucks up in Phantom Zone they can find a way in and they can find a way out and out Amulet and her plan will work. She decided to travel Phantom Zone using Zatanna's dark magic. Kara hears a voice of Cythonna she's appears came out of nowhere and Kara step on at Hall of Doom and she told her she want to come for her cousin Clark. Diana told her Kara she'll okay. But she can't go with them. She'll have to stand Cythonna alone and save Clark and his life is at stake. But she told her they rescue their friends and Kara have no choice to save Clark and she fly off. Diana told her Supergirl will meet them there and it's ready to go for Phantom Zone Express Zatanna use dark magic get her once last time. They fly so fast across the dimensions and Dark Zees began to taughting and picking they call her a monster, a freak, a nothing, a nobody, a phoney and since her mom left and she's tell dark Zees to stop picking her she accidentally land into different dimensions.

Instead they in the Phantom Zone, it's was Jump City and Zatanna did them she's lost control of dark magic again. Bumblebee comfort her shall find the way get to Phantom Zone and find other Superheroes. Batgirl look at the other Superheroes, it's was Teen Titans the one who brawling the cheese and machos. Cyborg and Beast Boy recognize and Starfire is happy to see them again expect Robin and Raven. Back on the real world they interrupted Control Freak once again they're already been crossed over and no one told them and continue the movie once more and Raven saw him he up to something Later back on screen Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Batgirl, Jessica and Bumblebee from different world they didn't know them since Superhero Feud and Space House. Robin told them they know them as Teen Titans. Jessica told them he mean Tween Titans, they did have babysitting them once. Robin told her did not looks like Tween Titans by mistake. Bumblebee told the girls didn't realize they land the wrong dimensions and Zatanna felt so hurtful and mess up after she's accidentally use her dark magic after Dark Zees bullying her and Raven follows her. Wonder Woman appreciate the Titans the gravity of their mission to fixed the problem and they face a crisis of catastrophic proportions. Robin so glad ask for help and Titans agreed. Bumblebee also need couple of spare computer parts for her laptop and they go Phantom Zone and save friends.

So Bumblebee and Cyborg can fixing her computer, he told her when she can upgrade a computer need a racing stripes. Then Batgirl watch Beast Boy shapeshifting into the cat, a fairy armadillo, an aye-aye, and Chengdu yak she told him the yaks have four stomachs he decided to give it a try. Batgirl found leftover blueberry muffin under the couch and he ate it and the four stomachs begin to digestion really so hard and he ran into the bathroom. Then Green Lantern makes friend of Starfire and she talking the cats and good advice. And finally Robin and Wonder Woman talk about the leadership and save his world and he showed her his mug and it's said: ”World's Greatest Superhero Team Leader”. She told him he brought the mug and she using her Lasso of Truth to telling the truth.

Later that night, in outside of the Tower, Zee have been felt pretty bad and she's lost control her magic and Raven came to cheer her up she told her they have a bonehead for mess her team, it was her fault they stuck there. Raven told her she messed up the spells it happens all the time. she told Raven she part of her, a dark part, she always been frightened of it and scaring everyone because of her. Raven told her she's has dark magic too but she's Raven, daughter of Trigon, demonic overload of all he surveys and she's scares at her. At the end they beginning to laugh each other.

Later, Cyborg and Bumblebee has completely fixing the computer with racing stripes on it. Green Lantern told her computer will be working, she just need to power the external V-drive and AAA battery like the one in a TV remote. Cyborg begin to freaked out and panicked and hide the TV remote control. They have find battery for the computer and they searching.

Meanwhile back in Hall of Doom, Catwoman and Star Sapphire chatting Luthor the first order of business as rulers of the world and his eyes turning pink and still hypothesis and members of Legion was something wrong about him. When Supergirl arrived to stop Lex and Legions to tell them where's Superman is. The Legions attacks her and Cythonna command them to stop they got hypothesis. Cythonna take Kara and talk and she's believes her and she's hall be required a strong new Kryptonian body just like Superman or Supergirl. She told her to join her she can show the universe the true meaning of power. Supergirl refused instead she trapped her with into Kryptonite, she's have choose to make submit or he dies. She told her she'll give her some time to think about it.

Back in the Jump City Raven told Zee about not having dark thoughts, it's about embracing those thoughts as part of who she are. Zee was still worried she do embrace them and lost control or hurt someone else. Raven told her she's be surprised what darkness can do, if she give it a chance and Zee start to feeling much better. Later, back inside the Tower, they ran from the creature and they found the battery and Bumblebee restore computer with data crystal for Phantom Zone. And Zatanna and Raven has arrived just in time. They ready to go Phantom Zone and it's time to leave. Robin saw Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire fighting and brawl for remote. Wonder Woman thanks and appreciate him the offer. But this is their fight. Zatanna give Raven a hug and saying thank her and good bye they will see them again. Zatanna using her new power of dark magic since Raven taught her and they fly off into the Phantom Zone.

Inside Kryptonite Superman told her and warn her and Supergirl began to snapped she told him and he so much better than her. Superman told her he not better than her, not by a long shot. He comfort her, he's always such a jerk to her, he telling her the truth since Kara got here for the first time. He was so excited. He thought, finally someone else who will understand how lonely use to be super. Supergirl realize her friends are family and she's was wrong about him. His friends Batman got a serious issues and she's told him he jealous of his friends instead he jealous of her strength. She told him he way stronger than her and she felt much, much better.

Later back in Phantom Zone all the superheroes have a enough, they can't in Phantom Zone, they have to find a way out. Aquaman having playing a game of Guessing game again and answers is. Aqualad told them it was Breadbox and Aquaman give on noggins his head. And finally Super Hero Girls has arrived came to rescue just in time. And it's time to defeat Cythonna and her followers once and for all.

Once again back in Hall of Doom, Cythonna and Legion of Doom the battle is ready and amulet has been destroyed and Superheroes rise up and battle started begin. Superheroes girls, Superhero boys, Justice League, Katana and Blue Beetle join the battle. Bumblebee knock the Toyman with robot and returned to Hawkman his mace. Batgirl fighting against the Riddler once more and she's told Batman and he knows about the Joker and she did him about she defeat Bane once. And Batman didn't know how to beat for first time and she makes confused. Wonder Woman battle against Cheetah and Catwoman. And Solomon Grundy charging at Green Lantern Hal and John. They knock him down Jessica join them against Grundy. Zatanna caught Giganta using her magic and Lex Luthor it's going to trapped her. Suddenly Harley Quinn has arrived to knocked him and save her life. Batgirl couldn't believe her eyes Harley Quinn has close her side and she joined the battle and Zatanna thanks her to save her life and she's was wrong about her all along.

Meanwhile Supergirl was trying her X-ray vision but Kryptonite messing up and she's didn't realized Cythonna is free after superheroes from Phantom Zone the Amulet of Cythonna has been destroyed. Superman open quickly the Kryptonite before Cythonna comes back. She's no choice she told she give up and Cythonna into Kara's body and control her and Lex and Legions has defeated and hypothesis wear off Hal put the last villains tied them Wonder Woman and her friends confused where Supergirl or Superman. But suddenly Cythonna appears inside Kara's body and control. But Wonder Woman didn't know what to do, first Hal and the others get Legions to safety. They'll stay here take care of Cythonna and saving Kara. They begin to fight she zapped at Wonder Woman, then Zatanna, then Batgirl and Green Lantern and she's was going to hit Bumblebee and tell her to stop. Kara hears her voice. Inside Kara's body she in Lazarus Pits she standing against Cythonna never been this strange. Kara call her happy place and started fight at her and crash into her room.

Bumblebee saw Kara fighting Inside of her because of Cythonna, Batman didn't what to do he brought a case and Superman try to tell him and he's still got serious issues. Kara are still fighting at Cythonna in her room and Cythonna fight back and the crash into the high school Kara fight back again and Cythonna again and finally she toss into the Sweet Justice. Cythonna are ready finished this. Diana and her friends calling her and Cythonna control her again and she toss her and Batman using batarang make Kryptonite it's only way to save Supergirl and stop Cythonna and Wonder Woman told him to stand down she throws her sword and drop batarang. And Wonder Woman and her friends calling Kara once more and tell her keep fighting, back Kara's body, Cythonna has finally to finished her once and for all. Suddenly her friends appears and tell her keep fighting and never give up she grab in her pocket and Superman feeling weak from Kryptonite and told her and Clark appears he told he believe in her he always have and Kara grab crystal out of pocket and she trapped into the crystal again and Supergirl are free and sending her away into the dimensions using Zee's magic and Cythonna is finally gone and the world is saved. They have hug her to saving the world and accept Harley Quinn in their team and she hereby she's official member of Superhero Girls and she done being the villain and she's did the right thing.

At Sweet Justice, Kara, Diana, Barbara, Karen, Jessica, Zee and Harleen has celebrating to save the world from the hand of Cythonna and Lex and his Legion. Babs looks at her phone it was Batman it's about Robin to become a Nightwing start to picking her and Harleen become her new sidekick. Diana told her to thanks for Justice League and I agreed to be reserve member. Her true place is here.

Back in the Jump City Teen Titans are still concern with Control Freak before the end Cyborg shocking the denouement and still keep watch one last time. Jessica question at Zee for where did she send Cythonna crystal away she's using her dark magic part of her, she figured let it decide. Titans were shocking and Raven didn't realized the crystal has land into the Jump City. The crystal using the TV shelves all the time. She know what he up to Control Freak or maybe Cythonna. Suddenly Cythonna appears out of Control Freak and surprised them. She's the one who complimented Robin and the others. And Cythonna have decided to the crystal back instead. Titans have get rid of crystal they playing catch the crystal and Cythonna tried to stop and Raven using the portal and banished Cythonna and the crystal for good. Beast Boy want going to do the TV's completely crooked. Robin question Raven where did send Cythonna and the crystal go. Raven told him, somewhere Robin shocked.

The Crystal flying through the different dimensions it crash in the Hall of Justice in Justice League 1970s, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Robin who find the crystal of Cythonna they watch Justice League computer it came to crossover dimension and They saw Teen Titans brawling with Cheese and machos again and we're shocking in horror and Batman cover Robins eyes Wonder Woman has decided to going to be hard pass from the Super Friends, until the movie ends.




  • DC Fandome revealed a sneak peek clip along with "Nightmare in Gotham".
  • This is the third time the Super Hero Girls and the Teen Titans encountered each other.
  • Since Cyborg thought Wonder Woman was joking, it is very similar to The New Original Wonder Woman when a officer called Wonder Woman a joker.
  • This film marks the G2 debut appearance of the villain group, Legion of Doom.
  • Lilly Aspell does not reprise her role as Young Diana due to puberty. The role goes to Grey Griffin.
  • In the trailer, Jessica calling the Titans "Tween" is a very callback to the DCSHG episode that involves her and Karen babysitting the tween counterparts of the Titans in their own universe.
  • Phil LaMarr reprises his role as John Stewart from Justice League animated while Fred Tatasciore reprises his role as Jor-El from Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.
  • This is Nicole Sullivan's last time to voice Supergirl before leaving the show.
  • Zee loses control over her power just like Raven.
  • This makes it the first appearance of Justice League.
  • Barbara finally tells her other teammates that Harley Quinn is Harleen.
  • This plot is similar to Sweet Justice in which both characters quit and split up. Plus, the same line "what being a superhero means".
  • Everyone in the world now knows that Lex Luthor is evil.
  • Harley Quinn quits the Super Villain Girls and now the seventh member of the Super Hero Girls.
  • Wonder Woman joins the Justice League as a reserve member.
  • Superman and Batman show Wonder Woman about the vase she fighting the minotaur and if they would look like Ferdinand from the movie titled above.
  • Wonder Woman and her friends are ready to Phantom Zone and Batgirl saying ”All aboard The Phantom Zone Express”. Just the words for the movie of The Polar Express.
  • In the Spanish-American version, while the girls are listening to Jor-El's hologram, Kara comments that the Kryptonians' breeding methods were horrible, alluding to the Man of Steel movie, in which newborns were artificially modified to be assigned to predetermined tasks.


  • Don't Crossover My Heart


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