#TheBeeStandsAlone is the forty-fourth short of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts that was released online.


During a game of Dodgeball, Babs is shown to be the first one out and apologize to Diana for being out. Diana then gives a heroic speech as it looks like the other team are consist of Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Selina Kyle, and Barbara Ann Minerva. Unfortunately, Diana throws the dodgeball on her side of the ground, resulting in her being out, with the coach not accepting any explanation and telling Babs to leave the court, leaving Karen with two other members who were out within a few seconds.

As Karen sees herself alone with the other team, Diana gives her advice of dodging the balls, which she manage to do due to her small stature and easily dodge all the balls thrown by Leslie, Selina, and Barbi. However, Doris decides to end this and throw a powerful using her superhuman strength. Realizing she can't dodge Diana told Karen to face her fear, leaving her to decide to stand her ground and take the hit, however instead of falling after being hit by the ball, Karen manage to take the force and able to bounce it back to the others, resulting of them being hit by the ball multiplying times and falling down on the ground, leaving Karen and the last one standing and winning the game, With Diana congratulating her and told her she mistook her advice of facing her fear of the ball.



  • This title of episode is reference to The Winner Stands Alone.
  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "Taco Tuesday" on its original release date.


  • Coach, Barbie, and Diana are left uncredited for unknown reasons.


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