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[theme song playing]
♪ When super me
Becomes super we ♪
♪ Suddenly, magically
Pretty automatically ♪
♪ Crushing it side by side ♪
♪ Look out, world
We're Super Hero Girls ♪
♪ Now that we're together
Gonna get that super life! ♪
♪ Wow! ♪
[glass shattering]
-[people screaming]
[metal clinking]
Everyone, pair up.
[teeth chattering]
[alarm blaring]
Again. Pair up.
[teeth chattering] No.
[siren wailing]
Now… Oh.
What if we try mixing up the teams a little?
An excellent suggestion. Batgirl, you're with Green Arrow. Zatanna, Aqualad. Green Lantern, Flash. Supergirl, boy Green Lantern. That leaves…
-Bumblebee and Hawkman.
[all screaming]
[bell ringing]
Eep! Oh! [gasps]
[all groaning]
Aw! Who's that?
A bowl of fruit.
Nah-uh. I've seen a guy draw a girl like that before. In the fifth scene of Just Before Dusk, Aiden sketched Caitlyn because emojis weren't capturing how he felt and--
It's a bowl of fruit.
Let me see!
Aw! Carter. Are you in love? OMG, you're in love, aren't you! Admit it!
I can smell romance a mile away, Carter!
Admit it! You're in love!
You gotta tell me who she is!
Her name is Princess Chay-Ara.
And I was her true love…
Prince Khufu.
[Karen gasps]
You're a prince?
[Carter] Was a prince.
Also been a knight. And a gunslinger. A spell was put on us. It's our destiny to be reincarnated over and over and over.
Always finding each other.
And always… [clears throat] Falling into a love that surpasses death.
[sighs] Oh.
That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.
[grunts] Maybe. Somehow, I've had this creepy feeling that it always ends badly.
So where is she now?
Have you found her in this life yet?
What's your wedding theme gonna be?
Can I be a bridesmaid?
I need you two to be together, like, right now!
It could take a lifetime to find her. But believe me,
I'll search this world to its end until--
Oh, geez! There she is!
Wait, what?
Reincarnation. You don't always remember past lives. I didn't remember four lives ago.
She was so mad.
See? It always ends badly.
Not this time.
[keypad clacking]
[breathes deeply]
Her name is Shiera Sanders. [thuds] Here are 17 of her social media accounts.
Wow. Pretty creepy, Karen.
Ooh, and she's in a band! How cool!
She works at Big Boiger, off on Wednesdays. Ooh, and she loves the Metropolis Generals.
You're gonna make me do things I don't want to do, aren't you?
I don't want to do this.
Come on, we're next.
[brakes squeal]
[Shiera over speaker] Welcome to Big Boiger, how mayo I help you?
[tires screeching]
Okay, forget what happened earlier.
This is the real romance.
If "real romance" means going to jail for trespassing.
Here. Get her attention with this. I'll tell you exactly what to say. Wooing a girl under her bedroom window never fails. Trust me, it's in every good fan-fiction ever.
[inhales deeply, grunts]
-[glass shattering]
Who's out there?!
You're gonna pay for that window, creep!
[whistle blows]
[crowd cheering]
[exhales deeply]
[doorbell ringing]
I don't know. This is a bridge too far.
It's from Just Before Dusk 4. Now, get in there!
Oh, no.
Oh, no!
No. No, no, no, mo.
[Shiera grunts loudly]
Hey, watch it, creep.
[breathing heavily]
Well? When's the wedding?
She hates me.
She'll hate me forever. Like, for this lifetime and every one after.
No! There's got to be another way.
Ooh, I know. When she goes outside after the show, I'll push her in front of the bus so you can save her!
You know what? You're right.
I've got a bus schedule on my phone.
No. About another way. I've ruined my chances with Shiera for this lifetime.
But maybe, just maybe, I can at least be her friend.
Oh. It's you.
I know. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. You just… You remind me of someone I used to know. And I wanted to talk to you, but… [sighs] I'll leave you alone now.
[Shiera sighs] Wait.
You wanna talk to me?
[chuckles] How about tomorrow? Bessolo Bistro. 8:00.
Bessolo Bistro. 8:00.
Uh, what just happened?
I got a date!
Everything's perfect.
Everything's perfect!
[both] Everything's perfect! Everything's perfect!
[alarm blaring]
[glass shattering]
[exhales deeply]
I can't believe this is finally happening. Ooh, I'm so excited!
At least one of us is.
You'll do great.
You're on of the best conversationalists I know.
What the--
[Hawkman squawking]
That sword, Nth metal, like my mace. I'd bet my life on it.
We'll have to take him in the sky.
What are we waiting for… partner?
[Hath-Set laughing]
Surprised to see me, Khufu?
That depends. Who are you?
-[swords clashing]
-[both grunting]
You know this guy?
It's him.
I remember now.
The reason it always ends badly.
An evil sorcerer.
Leader of the rebellion.
He used that cursed weapon to overthrow our kingdom, dooming Chay-Ara and me to this endless cycle. We live. We die. We find each other. And he destroys us. Over and over and over.
Best. Plot twist. Ever!
[Hawkman yells]
And now, Khufu, I shall fulfill the curse once more, and the magic of the gods will be mine to keep.
How I carve the rush of pure power that comes from destroying true love.
Ooh, you're so mean!
Prepare for your next life, Khufu.
Now… where is she? Show me Chay-Ara so I may grind your love to dust.
Um, we haven't even had a date yet.
What? I'm early.
Hmm, yeah, kinda.
So you haven't fallen into the love that surpasses death?
'Fraid not.
Well, this is just great! I guess I'll be on my way then! Take your time, Khufu! But mark my words, you will fall in love with her. And when you do, I shall return and your doomed destiny will once again be fulfilled!
She's still there, Carter!
It's not too late!
[line ringing]
No, no, no, no, you have to go in!
Don't worry about that Hath-Set guy, me and the girls will take care of him.
Thanks for your help, Karen.
But she's waiting for you!
You can't leave her there like this or you'll never get the chance to love her!
It's the only way I can love her.