DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Super Hero High School.

Amanda: ...Frost. Hero of the Month.
Cheetah: Frost is Hero of the Month? Before me?! I can't even.

Scene: Super Hero High School's Hallway.

Bumblebee: Save The Day alarm!
Cheetah: Outta my way! I got this one!

Scene: Capes and Cowls Cafe. Harley Quinn, in a thief disguise, arrests Steve Trevor.

Steve Trevor: Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey!
Harley Quinn: Gimme all your monies! And throw in a side of kale chips.

Cheetah I'll save you, peasant!
Harley Quinn Oh, right in the moneymaker! I surrender!
Cheetah Go, thief, and never thieve again.
Wonder Woman Hey! No one messes with my friend, Steve Trevor, and gets away with it! Harley?
Harley Quinn It was the conniving cat's idea!
Cheetah Fear not, citizens! Cheetah's here!
Supergirl Wow. How did Cheetah get here so fast?
Batgirl A remote?
Cheetah My remote! I mean, the remote that I've never seen before! Batgirl, I bet if you pushed that green button this strange robot that I did not build would release me! Hey! Wait! Watch me save the day! Come on! Solomon Grundy is attacking the senior center. Come on!
Lady Shiva Yeah, yeah.
Hawkgirl Whatever.
Starfire We do not believe you, The Cheetah.
Cheetah Really? It wasn't even me this time! Fine! I'll save the day myself.
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday. Solomon Grundy just want to recite poem for senior center open mike night.
Cheetah All right, go on. I'll get you next time. Can't be a Hero of the Month without an audience, anyway.