#TheCommute is the fifty-first short of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts that was released online on YouTube.


Barbara is watching a television program when a news report about a fire at the Metropolis Pier catches her attention. She dons her Batgirl suit and races to the scene of the crime, only to find that her scooter has a flat tire.

Batgirl attempts to ride the bus but does not have any change with her. She is then inspired by a street performer to perform music to earn money, which she is ultimately given after several failed attempts. Batgirl immediately catches the next bus, arriving at the scene after a long, crowded ride.

Unfortunately, she arrives to see the last of the fires being extinguished by Supergirl, who greets her with "What took you so long?" before flying away. Hearing an explosion in the background, Batgirl begins another attempt to earn money for a bus fare, this time by washing car windshields.



  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "Purse Scratcher" on its original release date.
  • Footage of Batgirl suiting up is reused from "Sweet Justice."
  • Although this short premiered in 2020, it was produced in 2019 according to the end credits.


  • Supergirl is uncredited for unknown reasons.


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