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I am more than okay! I am fabulous!
~ Diana Prince

#TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire are the fifty-first and fifty-second episodes of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls as well as its season finale.


Part 1[]

A books appears entitled "Lo! A Tale of Princesses and Dragons," with Barbara, wearing a bard costume, serenading the origins of the fair in the background. Kara interrupts her as she was annoyed from her fancy singing. Jess, dressed like an elven ranger, and Karen, dressed like a fairy, come in, as Jess tells that Zee and Diana are running late. At the fair, Kara decides to order some turkey wings from a stall owned by Ember, a human who can transform into a dragon. Ember suddenly follows a girl who was dressed up as a princess. As she was about to eat her, Kara calls her for a second batch. As Kara left, Ember tells to herself that she is dying to eat a real princess instead of girls dressing like ones. Suddenly, Ember smells what she recognizes as the smell of a "true princess" when she sees Zee wearing a very beautiful dress. Zee tells Diana, who is wearing a tradition Themysciran princess vestment, that she doesn't look like a princess, though Diana really is a princess, ironically speaking. Diana states that a princess is much more than just clothes but rather being responsible and acting as a leader.

Diana criticizes that the fair isn't authentic as it should be, but chooses to go along with the others, being prompted by Babs. Babs sees some weapons and a sword located at a blacksmith tent, claiming it is authentic, but Diana disagrees. She then tries to make the sword sharper, which she did. But as she spins the sword, it cuts through a rope, causing the side of the tent to fall over Ember. The episode shifts to Falconer where he attempts to impress a small crowd with his pet, Lady Hawk. However, Diana interferes with his act, saying that he is a fool and that his hawk doesn't follow him. She tells Lady Hawk to flee, causing Falconer to be upset. Below Zee, Ember tries to grab her until Lady Hawk comes right back at her. Zee blames her for ruining the act.

They went to the mud pit, as Zee becomes disgusted about it. Diana tells that there is also pig filth in it, threatening Zee and her dress. When a small bit of mud stains her dress, she freaks out, dropping Ember into the pit in the process. Afterward, the girls are watching a jousting event, in the stands (with Kara looking rather bloated). Zee uses her magic to remove the stain, surprising Karen which she tells her not to use it in public. The announcer tells that the contestants shall be fighting for a maiden. Zee becomes delighted to be one, which makes the contestants to admire her and fight for her attention. Yet again, Diana criticizes the way they fought, making Zee to lose her temper. As one of them throws a pink rose to her, instead Diana catches it, saying that it was her reflexes. All of this made Zee angry and tells Diana that she just wanted to be a princess for a day, since the latter is a princess for 317 years. Unfortunately, they part ways as Zee begins to privately mock Diana's criticism in a corner. But she becomes sad as she just wanted to be a princess for a day. However, Ember takes advantage as she corners her in the form of a dragon. Zee becomes scared as she was about to scream, but Part 1 had already ended.

Part 2[]

Ember ties up and gagges Zee, so she won't scream for help. Kara arrives to order more turkey wings and is in shock seeing what is happening. Ember throws a turkey at Kara and flies with Zee to a tower. When Ember is about to eat Zee, Kara, Supergirl arrives with Batgirl, Green Lantern and Bumblebee (the three wearing a mix of their superhero suits and their costumes) to save Zee, Ember then throws the four out of the four using fire magic powers. Supergirl falls on a rental vestments tent and is now wearing a viking costume, she can't fight against Ember's magic but Bumblebee spots a mace so Supergirl decides to use it.

At the tower, Ember ties Zee in a chair and prepares to eat her, until Supergirl punches her away with her mace, Ember flies back and fights the heroines in the jousting arena. The Super Hero Girls' attacks are not enough to defeat Ember, Green Lantern tries to rescue Zee with her ring but Ember makes a rope of fire to stop it. She then creates others thing with fire, such as giant snakes and bats, due to this, the tower Zee is stuck in catches on fire. Seeing a water tank near by, Green Lantern breakes it to put the fire out, but it catches on fire again 3 seconds later with Ember's magic, to the girls' horror. Ember puts the Super Hero Girls in a fire cage that is immune to their powers and flies back to the tower. To Zee's fear, Ember is ready to eat her and licks her, but to Ember's disgust, Zee doesn't taste like a princess, to Zee's annoyance. This makes Ember realizes is not the "true princess" she smelled in the fair, she smells it again and looks on the arena and sees Wonder Woman, the true princess the former smelled before. Ember, like Zee, thinks Diana doesn't look like a princess, but knows she is and attacks her.

Wonder Woman manages to counterattack Ember's powers and ties her up in her Lasso of Truth. But Ember transforms in a gigantic dragon, to everyone's horror. Ember blastes fire on Wonder Woman, leaving her hurt. This attack hits the tower, breaking it making Zee falls out and lends near the mud pit. Wonder Woman is vulnerable and about to get eaten by Ember, when Zee spots a crroked nail on the other side of the pit, although not wanting to get her dress with mud, she realizes its the only way to save her friend. She crawls to the nail and uses the nail to ungagg herself, and says her backwords magic spells to shock Ember for while, also to clean herself from the mud and transform into Princess Zatanna. Ember complains, stating princess should be helpless and weak, but Wonder Woman shouts princess are actually strong and powerful, Zatanna then gives Wonder Woman a knight armor, saying princess are fabulous as well.

Riding a horse, Wonder Woman fights Ember, but is still no use, Zatanna then gives her a magical lance. With this, Wonder Woman is finally able to kill Ember, which transforms the dragon in dust, and releasing the other Super Hero Girls. The heroines then shout in victory. While leaving the fair, Babs' song of the fair is interrupted again, Zee takes the book and uses her magic to change the history of the book. The girls are leaving, Diana and Zee are still arguing about what being a princess is like, Kara is still eating turkey wings and Karen sees on the book a pgae that shows the Super Hero Girls' defeating Ember, creating a new story and a new concept about princesses. The book closes, ending the episode.




  • A Tale of Bold


  • The girls wore some medieval costumes that resembled the following people:
    • Batgirl - Bard
    • Wonder Woman - Themyscirean Princess; Medieval Knight (in Part 2)
    • Jessica Cruz - Elven Ranger
    • Zatanna - Princess
    • Bumblebee - Fairy Princess
    • Supergirl - Viking (in Part 2)
  • This episode, along with "Fantastic Beasts and How To Mind Them" and other episodes, was featured in a TV commercial called Wonder Sundays for Cartoon Network US.
  • This is the last episode aired in 2020.
    • This is also aired after Christmas in the US.
  • This episode premiered on Canadian television on a Friday, December 18, 2021 instead of regular Sunday premieres.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 1990 NBC sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Additionally, Diana's costume resembles that of Hippolyta's outfit.
  • Also, Jess's elven ranger outfit shares similarities to Robin Hood's costume.
  • Bumblebee's appearance somehow resembles to Tinkerbell from the 1904 play, Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie
  • The falconer calls his falcon "Lady Hawk", in reference to the 1985 film, Ladyhawke.
  • When Ember unleashes all her power, growing into a bigger dragon, this could be a reference to Maleficent in the 1959 film, Sleeping Beauty.
  • During the battle, Jess surfs on a shield while simultaneously shooting arrows, imitating Legolas in the film of The Two Towers.



  • In Part 1, When Diana is walking in the other direction of the bleachers, she is shown to wear flats but before the fair, Diana is seen wearing sandals instead.
  • In Part 2, there were some scenes where Jess's eyes appear to be glowing green. However, in the majority of both episodes, her eyes are brown even if she was glowing anyway. Some of these scenes include:
    • When she was shooting arrows towards the water tank; and
    • When she was saving Zatanna at the tower.
  • In Part 2, some scenes had Jess’s hair with her brown streaks. Strangely, in others her hair had her green streaks.
  • In Part 1, some scenes had Jess with her earrings. Strangely, in others She appears without them.
  • In Part 1, Kara's overindulgence on turkey legs left her lethargic and fat. By the beginning of Part 2, she returned to normal with no explanation.


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