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[theme song playing]
[alarm beeping]
[reporter] ...and in this morning's headlines, our beloved hero is at it again...
That's right, Supergirl saved Metropolis yesterday, trouncing a squadron of deep space invaders
as they attempted to enslave us all...
[British reporter] ...after such a trying ordeal, it was all thanks to Supergirl that the orphans were saved.
In other news, Supergirl...
[overlapping reporter] ...Metropolis's Ballistic Miss, Supergirl.
[crowd chanting] Supergirl.
Um, Kara?
I tell ya, Babsie, everything's coming up Danvers.
After months of,
"Superman, Superman, you're so cool," people are finally giving Supergirl the respect she deserves.
Yo, Kara.
Way to kill it in Chemistry.
Ha. See?
Everyone's finally seeing the real--
[Mr. Chapin] Kara Danvers!
To the principal's office, now!
This is it, Danvers.
This time you've gone too far!
And I don't mean your spelling.
Okay, first of all,
I didn't do this.
And second of all, I know
Chapin has two "P"s, right?
It does not have two "P"s!
You stole the roof off my convertible.
You threw the bell from the tower in the pool.
You TP'd my house.
And you even flipped our beloved Lady Justice statue upside-down!
[laughs] That last one's super funny and totally something I'd do, but I didn't.
And I didn't do any of that stuff.
Seriously, Mr. Chapin,
I'm one of the good guys!
"Ever since arriving at Smallville High...
Hey, hey, wait!
...Kara Danvers has displayed antisocial tendencies.
[Kara] Wait a second.
This weekend's incident leaves us no choice but to... expel her."
Somehow, you destroyed the entire gym at your old school, Danvers.
That wasn't me!
I was framed!
[sighs] I'm suspending you for a week.
A Week!?
Get it together or you'll find yourself expelled from your second school.
...and there I was, surrounded by a completely demolished gym.
What did you do?
What could I do?
They already decided
I was the bad guy.
Take your son and leave.
Yes sir.
So then I was like, fine, whatever.
And... [scoffs] then I got expelled.
Well, I for one totally and completely believe you, one thousand and one percent!
Thanks, Babs.
Well, maybe Kara Danvers' rep is in ruins, but at least people still love Supergirl.
[long gasp]
Kara, what did you do?
Whoa... Supergirl's a bad guy?
I can't believe it.
[woman 1] She's just a super-powered juvenile delinquent!
[woman 2] And here I thought
Supergirl was one of the good guys.
How could they think that was me?
I don't spell that bad.
It wasn't me, Babs.
No, no, of course not.
I believe you one thousand and one--
[news reporter] This just in.
Supergirl strikes again!
This time ripping the entire roof off the world-famous Taj Mahal.
Wow, Kara, you're fast.
[Kara groans]
First Smallville High, then Metropolis High, now this!
Come on, Babs.
Someone's out there trying to frame me and I won't let it happen.
Not again.
China, then India...
If my calculations are correct, then you'll strike next in--
Babs! Seriously!
It wasn't me!
Well, whoever it is that definitely isn't you will strike next in...
How'd you figure that out?
Science. Math. I dunno.
My word, never seen anything like it.
[woman] That's 'er!
She threw our beloved
Stonehenge in the river!
Me? I just got here.
[crowd mutters and growls]
Saw her do it with me own two eyes, I did!
I know where you're going to strike next!
Where I'm going to strike next?
[giggles] Look!
[Supergirl] What is going on?
[people growling]
Smotret! Smotret!
[gasps] Supergirl!!
[men muttering]
[Supergirl groans]
Seriously, Babs?!
[Supergirl groans]
[Batgirl] Hey! It's just like when you flipped
Lady Justice at school!
[Supergirl] Just stop it, will you?
[people growling]
Gah! It wasn't me!
None of it was me!
Someone is trying to make me look like a bad guy!
And I'll prove it by being a good guy.
[Bizarro yells]
Me. Am. Bizarro.
Me going to mess up whole world and Ugly Me no can stop me!
[groaning in pain]
Okay, I believe you now.
Wait? You've got one too?
What do you mean, "too"?
Well, Bizarro's a nemesis
I face pretty often.
He's basically a weird-looking version of me, and, unlike you, I...
You know... defeated him.
If your Bizarro's like my Bizarro, she should be the exact opposite of you.
You know, smart and pretty?
Is that all you got on these freaks?
Yeah, there's not much to Bizarros.
They're big, weird monsters that look like us and destroy things for no reason.
Kara Danvers destroyed the gym!
[girl] She'll be expelled for sure!
Why would she do something so bad?
[boy] 'Cause Kara Danvers is a bad guy, or I mean girl.
You know what I mean.
Bizarro got
Kara Danvers expelled from Smallville High!
She made everyone hate me there, and if I don't stop her, she'll make everyone hate Supergirl all over the world!
[laptop keys clicking]
[Clark] Yeah, uh-huh, you're burning my minutes here.
Next target...
But you know what
I'm not buying?
If Bizarro's the opposite of you, why isn't she super weak?
And how come she can fly?
The real question is, where--
See? She's angry and violent.
[breathing heavily]
You're angry and violent.
Stay out of me way,
Ugly Me!
See, now that's opposite.
[both growling]
Yup. That, too.
[breathing heavily]
Okay, she's three for three.
Say hi to space, sucka!
Yeah, I guess that works.
Let Bizarro destroy!
[grunts] Not a chance.
You may have destroyed my gym, but you ain't gonna destroy my city!
[angry muttering]
Supergirl's at it again!
Worst villain since Starro!
[angry crowd muttering]
Don't listen to them.
You can still stop her!
What's the point?
It's Smallville all over again.
I always take the blame, no matter how hard I try.
[Batgirl grunts]
[panting] Come on.
Isn't there something you can try even harder with?
One last superpower in your arsenal?
Well... there's one thing.
Clark told me about it.
[sniffling] It's called... a Super Flare.
It uses all the solar energy in my cells, concentrating all my Kryptonian strength into one powerful blast.
But when it's done,
I'll be left powerless for who knows how long.
Oh. Yikes.
[woman yelps]
[crowd screams]
[boy 1] Kara Danvers destroyed the gym!
[boy 2] Why would she do something so bad?
[boy 3] 'Cause Kara Danvers is a bad guy.
...a bad guy...
...a bad guy [echoes]
You know what? Fine.
That monster has ruined
Kara Danvers' rep forever, and all because
I wouldn't stick up for myself.
Well now, I'm gonna lay it all on the line... for Supergirl!
[Supergirl] Hey, Ugly Me!
You no learn, huh?
Me learn you.
Did it work?
Did I beat her?
[breathing heavily]
[Batgirl] Nope!
I did!
Aw, don't feel bad, villain.
No one escapes Batgirl.
[crying] No, that not it.
Bizarro Supergirl want to be great villain.
Now Bizarro Superman keep getting glory.
"Bizarro Superman so great.
Bizarro Superman so evil."
[sobs] Me just want to prove me bad, too.
Oh, please! Do you believe this baloney Supergi-- Huh?
Okay see, that is not opposite.
See? I'm back in school,
Supergirl's back in favor, and we both got our reputations back.
And dumb cousins not on front page.
[theme music playing]