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The Guardians of the Universe are a group of one-time characters in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. They are the founders and leaders of the Green Lantern Corps.

Depiction in the series[]

In The Green Room, The Guardians called in a disciplinary hearing when Jessica is called in due to her violated Green Lantern code, which Kilowog revealed via video recording that last Tuesday, A Large Purple Alien arrived in Metropilis and using it sonic blast to destroy the city and almost harm thousands of lives and when Jessica arrived at the scene, instead of stopping it, she instead aided the alien.

Throughout the episode, as Hal (representing Jessica as her Peer Advocate) tried to help Jessica with witness, The Guardians only heard negative feedbacks of Jessica's action, which would lead them to find her guilty and may strip her of her ring. However, when Hal called in the Large Purple Alien, who Jessica revealed to be named Kongulon and is also a Giddalorpian Officer and revealed the events of Last Tuesday, The Guardians then decide to change their verdict to not guilty and agreed to read all the reports that she and future Green Lanterns would write in order for something like this never happening again, and to tell Jessica not to mention this to the Blue Lanterns.

Episode Appearances[]


  • From left to right, the Guardians that appeared in that episode are Zalla, Herupa Hando Hu, Ganthet, Dennap and Kada Sal.