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The Invinci-Bros is a group of superheroes in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise that, alongside the Super Hero Girls, serve the purpose of defending the city of Metropolis from villains.



Green Lantern

Main Article: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (G2)

Hal Jordan is the second-in-command and the acting leader of The Invinci-Bros since Steve left for Military Academy. He is also a fellow Green Lantern alongside Jessica Cruz.


Main Article: Hawkman (G2)

Hawkman is probably the strongest of the group because he has a big, muscular body. He can also fly to places.

The Flash

Main Article: The Flash (G2)

The Flash is the fastest among the group. He can travel through one place to another in just milliseconds. He also has the ability to recover quickly.

Green Arrow

Main Article: Green Arrow

Green Arrow has excellent hand-eye coordination, mainly because he is an archer. He is also skilled in sword combat.


Main Article: Aqualad

Aqualad is the youngest member of the Invinci-Bros. He is also an Atlantean, which means he can breathe underwater. His power is very useful when he is close to a water source.

Recurring Members

Blue Beetle

Former Members

Steve Trevor

Main Article: Steve Trevor (G2)

He was the leader of The Invinci-Bros, despite having no superpowers at all. However, he does have military tactics that he learned from the Military Academy.


  • Green Arrow, Aqualad and Hawkman are the only team members that do not have a counterpart in the original webseries.