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This article is about The Joker (G2). For the generation one version, see The Joker (G1).

The Joker is Batman's archenemy, Harley Quinn's boyfriend and partner in crime, and the main antagonist of the two-part Halloween special Nightmare in Gotham.

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  • His outfit is almost similar to his LEGO incarnation from the film, The LEGO Batman Movie.
  • Podcaster and comedian Jeremiah Watkins took a pic of himself dressing as the late Heath Ledger's portrayal in 2016 before lending a voice role.[1]
  • This is the third version of The Joker to be a teenager, the first and second young versions of the Joker are Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska of the superhero-noir TV Series Gotham.
  • This is one of the few incarnations of the Joker that isn't abusive towards Harley Quinn, in fact since his debut he treats her like his closest ally instead of mistreating her and waiting for her to escape.
  • According to Batgirl, he likely manipulated her in order to have a pawn that will do whatever he wants.
  • His plan to blow up Gotham City mirrors the same plan of Bane and Talia Al Ghul of The Dark Knight: Rises.
  • Before his physical appearance in "Nightmare in Gotham" he was mentioned in "Hate Triangle", "Gotham Con", "Frenemies", "BabsGirl", Weird Science, he made a reference in "DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power", a cameo as punching bag in "Sucker Punch" and in "The Warrior and the Jester", his laugh is heard.


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