TheLateBatsby DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts

TheLateBatsby DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts

#TheLateBatsby is a theatrical short that first appeared during screenings of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. It is directed by Lauren Faust and Jennifer Kluska.


Batgirl is annoyed when her friends, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee, face the villain Mr. Freeze without her. She has to wait for her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, to fall asleep so she can sneak out of the house and join the fight.



  • The title is a pun to the novel The Great Gatsby.
  • This short was adapted from the Super Best Friends Forever short "Time Waits for No Girl."
  • Zatanna, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee are the three characters that don't have their speaking roles.
  • This is the only short related to the DC Super Hero Girls television series to originally be released theatrically. It is also the only G2 short released in 2018.


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