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Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, is a villain in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is a student at Metropolis High School and the main antagonist of the episodes "Emperor Penguin", and "Cruz Control."

Depiction in the series[]

Penguin is known as a crime lord in the school, known to get things that seem to be impossible to obtain. When someone is unable to pay for the items, he has someone to do a job for them and upon getting the job done, he also blackmails people into doing jobs for him in order to keep their secret safe.


Penguin is a cunning, selfish, sly student that is willing to blackmail others into doing his bidding. He is also Power Hungry.

Episode Appearances[]


  • The way Penguin is seen with a pencil in his mouth is similar to his DC counterpart where he is seen with a cigarette holder in his mouth.
  • His appearance was taken from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Also, another one of his wardrobe changes is that he wears a fedora instead of a top hat
  • He also appears to be eloquent in his speech which alludes to previous interpretations of the character saying such things as “Fine Feathered Friend," “Knee-socked Nincompoop,” ”Costumed Cockroach,“ and "Cowled Cretin."
  • In the episode "The Warrior and the Jester" it is revealed that he along with Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and Poison Ivy fought against Batman in Gotham City.
  • His voice is most likely based on the Danny DeVito version of The Penguin from the 1992 Tim Burton film, Batman Returns.


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