DC Super Hero Girls Wikia

Speaker Dialogue
[Car beeps.]
Jessica Cruz Guess who got her mom's car for the week!
Barbara Gordon Whoa! You got your mom's van back?! But I thought you lost your driving privileges after the incident with Giganta.
Jessica Cruz I spent my entire savings getting it fixed up and promised I would not let it get a single scratch. So, now I'm back in the road.
Barbara Gordon Sweet!! Thanks, Jess!
Jessica Cruz No prob' you know, carpooling is great for the environment and--
[Barbara Gordon touches things.]
Jessica Cruz What-- What are you doing?
Barbara Gordon Which button releases the grappling hook?
Jessica Cruz Babs, it's just a van.
Barbara Gordon What?!? You didn't put in grappling hooks?! Come on, Jess! That's the first thing you do in a car like this. I put grappling hooks on my first bike when I was five. FIVE, Jess!
Jessica Cruz Please don't play with the car buttons.
[Barbara Gordon snatches the hook.]
Karen Beecher LOOK OUT LOOK OUT! Check your blinds back! LOOK OUT LOOK OUT! We're getting hit!!! AAH!
[All cars beep.]
Karen Beecher What's the speed limit around here? ... A SQUIRREL!!
Diana Prince Turn right here. Now keep straight. You cannot rely on this inferior technology, Jessica, now after 15 paces head South.
Jessica Cruz What?? Diana, I-- [gasps] AAH!!!
[Crash building.]
Diana Prince Impressive skill! Have you ever considered chariot racing? And STOP!
[Jessica Cruz's car stops.]
[Time-skip. Metropolis High School.]
Diana Prince See? Much better. See you tomorrow, Jessica.
[Jessica Cruz groans.]
Zee Zatara Ooh, jazz. Can you take it?
Kara Danvers Ugh, no way are we listening to that.
[Rock music plays.]
Kara Danvers AH, YEAH, HERE WE GO!
Diana Prince Why do we not try classical?
[Classical music plays.]
Zee Zatara No. Jazz!
Kara Danvers Ugh, METAL!!
Diana Prince Classical.
Zee Zatara Jazz!
Kara Danvers METAL!
Diana Prince Classical!
[Superhero girls argue. Superhero girls gasp and throw the piece at the superhero girls.]
Zee Zatara JESS, LOOK OUT!
[Car stops.]
Jessica Cruz Whoo! That was close.
[Car crashes.]
Jessica Cruz THAT'S IT!!!!! EVERYONE OUT!!!!
[Superhero girls get off.]
[Car beeps.]
Barbara Gordon TA-DA!
Jessica Cruz You fixed it! I can't believe it, you guys are the best! Thank you SO much! Now, who's up for a ride?
Superhero Girls YEAH!!!
Barbara Gordon Better check the transmission!
Karen Beecher Do you even have gas?
Zee Zatara What gear are you in?
Kara Danvers Are we there yet?
Jessica Cruz Ugh!